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Vinita Nair – My favorite TV Anchor

Posted on: April 9, 2009

Here’s what one of my friends has to say about Vinita Nair:

Hi all, I am a big fan of Vinita nair. Being an early waker, I rarely miss her morning shows. She co-anchors the widely seen World News Now and America This Morning on ABC every day. Basically from Colleyville, Texas she is doing a fabulous job. Having finished her graduation in Texas with a degree in Journalism, she moved on to anchoring and reporting in the print media. She worked with KWGN – TV and KOLN/KGIN-TV in Lincoln and WYCC-TV, Nebraska prior to working in ABC. She has written for ‘Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine’ and was a reporter for Talk Radio News in Washington D.C. She dedicated herself on reporting on multitude of topics like Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigation and the school shootings at Bailey, Colorado.  She has also anchored daily morning and afternoon newscasts.  

Hot Vinita Nair

Hot Vinita Nair

Her stint at ABC network is commendable. She worked on live coverage and news briefs for the ABC’s digital network. In ABC News, she co-anchors with Jeremy. Both have the best chemistry I feel that has made the reporting lively. ABC News President David Westin was pleased by her willingness to expand her role in the ABC network. 

She has showed her versatility as an anchor, journalist and reporter with wide applause from all quarters of the print media. Very attractive, disciplined and has great sense of humour. 

Sometimes when I am unable to watch her shows, I simply record it. Her diction and demeanour in reporting are truly outstanding.

29 Responses to "Vinita Nair – My favorite TV Anchor"

Yep, Vinita Nair is a beautiful woman. Look at her eyes and she has nice white teeth.

vanita is the hottest anchor on the planet! bar none

not just the hottest anchor on the planet, but all of the universe

she is so beautiful wow! a knockout!

She isn’t very good at reporting tho, seems very, very out of touch. Misses extremely obvious things, I laugh when I see her co-anchor looking dumbfounded at her, with that look of “you really didn’t understand that?”.

saw her for the first time this morning, she is georgous.

he just looks at her that way b/c he cant believe he is that lucky to be sitting next to her!!

She married a white guy. Why? Indian guys are not good looking enough for you?

Mexican, her husband is a Mexican, not white.

@IwishIwaswhite: Stop trolling. You’re obviously white lol. And Monita is married to some Indian guy.

Anyway… the pics of her on the Internet suck. That pic above does not do her justice at all. She’s so pretty on TV.


Get your facts straight… she married and Indian man named Osman in a traditional Indian wedding.

shes gotta be the hottest anchor on tv and needs to go primetime

I just love watching her, she is too funny… I am up at all hours of the night and this is the only channel that I watch and Iappreciate their sense of humor…

Absolutely adorable . (plus hot legs. physical as well as mental beauty)

This newswoman is the hottest woman on television, let alone as a new anchor. Her spontaneous,conversational ability is unbeatable. She has the capacity to cause people to watch the “news” because she is presenting it. Makes my television viewing Much more enjoyable: She has a lucky, lucky, husband!

Vinita married an Indian dude.

You are amazing. I finally got him to sit still in the mornings. He wakes at 2am. News comes here at 2:30, I am on point. He has to turn on the TV upstairs and downstairs. If he does not see ABC new before he goes to work, he has a bad day. However. I watch you all too. TOOO FUNNNY!!!!!! I like your new partner,teach him well girl. I take over when he leaves for work and I watch you until 5 am, better yet I listen.. WORLD NEWS NOW IS THE BOMB!!!!!!

vanita nair is the most most beautiful woman god has ever created

i always thought that ABC news is even better than CNN when delivering up to date news;”

There isn’t a better newsreader nationally. Drop dead georgeous. Absolutely stunning.

wow, yeah thats right she has one lucky husband. She is well rounded with everything Funny, Smart, Sexy, Professional (but not fake) thats really rare in the “news world” and she tells how she feels.. The asset i like most about her is that she isnt afraid to go out on a limb and put costumes on and dress and sing and do all kinda crazy things that i wouldnt even let my spouse see me do and she does it on live tv now thats great personality!! Really a blast to watch her and jeramy although i think he is on assignment..

oh yeah and some one said above that her pics dont do her justice and thats the truth she is way way more better looking on tv.. If i was the camra man i would pass out!

Hello my name is Joe Dunmore of Monee IL a Fan of Vinita Nair
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we will miss vinita

I get up during the night just to watch Vinita Nair, she’s wonderful. I’m so sad to see her go.

I always watch Vinita Nair every early mornings because I am working in graveyard shift. Also I always look forward to watch her on newsI admired her to being energentic and cheerful. She had good sense of humor. She made my day. I will miss her sorely. I wish her best of luck.

Did she get a new job?

What is she doing now?

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