Soumya Vishwanathan – Wasted!

Living in London for the last 4 years, I don’t get Indian news as promptly as I used to.

Was going through People forever and came across Soumya Vishwanathan’s memorial.

My heart goes out to her family and friends for this loss. Such a shame that this still happens to women in Delhi.

On the 30th of Sept, Soumya was found dead under mysterious circumstance (as usual) while driving late at night. Police found Viswanathan’s body in her car at Nelson Mandela Marg, New Delhi, near Vasant Kunj.She was 27.

A senior police official stated that in search of concrete clues to solve the case, they were now checking the records of the toll bridge on NH-8 to find out about those who passed the bridge. He added that, in addition to a dummy run, recreating the events of the morning when Soumya was shot, they had drawn up a synchronised accident analysis for better understanding of the situation.

“We are trying to fix a motive to this killing. Once that is clear, the case will be solved. As of now, we haven’t ruled out anything, including a robbery attempt gone wrong,” said the official. He said the victim’s family and friends were still being questioned. “The family has been cooperative. We are taking their help to learn about Soumya’s personal life, anything which could have triggered this attack,” said the official.

A third witness has surfaced claiming to have seen the car after it rammed into the central verge of the road last Tuesday around 3.35 am. “Although, his testimony is similar to the other two, it corroborates our information regarding how the incident happened. However, the missing link remains the shooting which none of the witnesses have seen,” said the official. He added, “After reading about the incident in the news, more people having information about the incident are coming forward.”

Meanwhile, separate police teams for examining and analysing different aspects of the case have been formed who report to the DCP (south) HGS Dhaliwal. “This is to make sure the investigation is clear and nothing misses our eye. We are also seeking help from the public in helping us find anything that might be helpful for the investigations,” said the police official.

Soumya was returning to her residence in Vasant Kunj early morning on Tuesday when she was shot. Her car had rammed into the central verge after swerving sharply. It was initially considered a fatal accident until a bullet was recovered from her skull during the post mortem. After this, a case of murder was registered.

Read the complete news article at Times of India

Isn’t it really painful?

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