Skylar Deleon – Is he guilty?

Deleon, How did an actor become a murderer ?
Name: Skylar James Deleon
In limelight from:1994
Spouse: Jennifer Deleon (ex-wife)
Acting career: Skylar Deleon started off as an American child actor.
Arrested: August 16, 2005
Charged: Skylar Deleon charged with the murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks, a retired California couple.
Deleon’s father: Skylar’s father is a convicted drug dealer. Does that mean anything?
Background: Skylar Deleon started as a child actor in commercials. At the age of 14, Deleon appeared Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a tiny, no dialogue role, that aired on the 4th of May 1994. Skylar Deleon ‘s career as an actor wasn’t very successful as he had problems remembering lines.
As a marine: When Skyler was 20, he joined the US Marine Corps, but went into Unathorised Absense after 1 year and 3 months.
Accused of Thomas Hawks and Jackie Hawks’ killing: November 2004
Friend Machain Confessed: March 2005,  Deleon ‘s mate Machain confessed and was arrested along with Skylar, his wife and friend Keneddy.
Skylar Deleon still maintained that he was innocent: He continues to claim that the couple were killed because of a drug deal gone bad and that he wasn’t even present at the scene.
Friend Kennedy also claimed innocent.
Skylar Deleon, on investigation, charged for another crime: While in jail, convicted, Deleon was charged of instigating another prisoner to murder his father and cousin along with another charge of murdering John Jarvi of Anaheim in Mexico in 2003.
Attempted self murder: On the 10th of July, 2008, Deleon caused injury to his genital parts with a blade .
Jennifer (ex-wife) found guilty: Skylar ‘s ex-wife, was found guilty for 2 killings on the 17th of November, 2006, was therefore sentenced to 2 lifeterms of prison without parole.
Charge running:
Last month, on the 22nd of Sept 2008, selection of jury members started.
Trial underway today: Is Skylar Deleon guilty?
Thomas and Jackie Hawkes - Killed
Thomas and Jackie Hawkes – Killed

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