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Arjun seeks answers, and today he might have got some!

What to blog about?
What to blog about?

I’ve been blogging about almost anything under the sun, but today I’ve made a conscious decision to stick to things close to my heart – and that’s technology, business and startups. I’m going to create this into a blog that focuses on technical breakthroughs, the Internet and computing in general, on the assumption that my posts will still get the same amount of traffic 🙂 On the 4th day of starting, ths blog had 257 hits. Now compare that to a new website!

Hey but wait a minute! What will I write on my company’s blog if I write about technlogy, internet and the likes here? Bad idea.. Go on Arjun, you still haven’t any anwers foundeth! :((

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

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