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Samsung SGH i900 Omnia – Worst of the lot!

I hate Phones 4u

I happend to be amongst the unfortunate few who mistakenly entered the Phones 4u outlet in Victoria Street, London. Had broken my Nokia N95 the previous day and I for some reason thought it’s better to talk to the idiots at Phones 4u rather than o2.

Anyway, the following happened at PHONES 4U:

1. They offered me the Samsung i900 Omnia on a 45 pounds per month, 18 month contract for free.

2. After sitting there for an hour, the gentleman found that it wasn’t free on a 45 per month contract, and I’ll have to go with the £75 per month contract. Had no option and desperately needed a phone, so I agreed.

3. The guy at the till said the contract has a 14 day “peace of mind” guarantee and if you’re not happy, we’ll change your contract or phone or both. I was pretty impressed at that stage to be honest.

4. The worst phone on earth as I call it – The Samsung i900 Omnia hung with a blank screen for 13 times in the first two days of using it. I checked a few forums and message boards online and found that to be a pretty common problem.

5. Went back to Phones4u and asked for a change of handset. i wanted the Blackberry Bold or Nokia E71 this time. For me, the most important thing is email, and having read some very good reviews about Samsung Omnia’s email connectivity on Windows mobile 6.1, I thought it might be ok, but it’s really a piece of crap.

6. Anway, people at Phones 4u then tell me that because mine was an existing contract on O2, they cannot change my plan, which was by now £75 plus £10 insurance plus £7.50 an internet usage bolt on = £92.50 per month.

7. With no option left, the gentleman at the till this time (surprisingly, not a single person from last time was present) offered the Blackberry Bold and I agreed. Another 45 mins to do some stupid paperwork and I was told that Blackberry Bold wasn’t available on existing contracts!! WHAT?? I said.. but then having no other option left at all in stead of the Nokia N95 or N96, i returned home with a new Samsung Omnia i900.

Samsung Omnia - Worst of all
Samsung Omnia - Worst of all

8. Here’s why you don’t need a Samsung Omnia:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system: Contrary to my expectations, the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 really sucks. You can’t get most windows mobile applications on it, almost everything that you get on IPhone, you don’t get here. Not even Youtube, Google talk or any decent games.
  • The unbelievably bad touch screen system: If you’ve happened to lay your hands on the Apple iPhone, you’d have seen screen gliding past on your touch, or photos enlarging on taking two fingers away from each other etc. Forget all that, 99% when you’re trying to get past the scroller on the Samsung i900 Omnia, you’ll end up mis-cliking a few links and spend the next 5 mins closing those windows. Of all the touch screen phones I’ve used including the LGs, I rate the Samsung Omnia – WORST!
  • No Good Battery life: Despite all claims that it has a good battery life, I have to charge the phone 2 times a day when all i do is take 3 incoming calls.
  • Unbelievable unlocking mechanism and lack of hundreds of options: If you don’t want to make hundreds of calls while the phone’s in your pocket, the only option you have is to lock it with a 4 digit pin, which is a pain to unlock with this touch phone 50 times in one hour. Plus you’d expect some basic options like auto-connect to your wireless network etc, which don’t exist and that’s when I haven’t veen explored the phone properly.
  • Samsung – please stick to TVs or something: With this level of competition and this quality of a phone, I don’t see why Samsung bother at all anyway.
  • Oh did I mention connectivity? 2 out of 5 times people reach my voicemail despite my phone being on. ha ha.. I’m adopting laughter therepy – You know when you are really mad at something but can’t do anything about it? Just laugh it off and pay all your money to these suckers!

Final word: Go for iPhone (it doesn’t have video recording or MMS texting or text forwarding or Bluetooth file transfer but a super set of applications and compatibility), any of the Nokias or one of the Blackberry models, but never never never go for the Samsung Omnia and NEVER go to Phones 4u.

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

32 replies on “Samsung SGH i900 Omnia – Worst of the lot!”

I beg to differ from you. You might have had all the problems, but dont just take a swipe at the phone.
Its email capabilities, touch screen functions are excellent. There is no need to use the lock with pin code if u only want to lock the touch screen, I wonder if you got so disappointed that you did not bother to explore the functions.

Sorry you’re wrong. The touch screen is appallingly bad – compared with an iPAQ I had it is totally unresponsive, has lost alignment and cannot be realigned – and there are a hunderd other things wrong with this phone. I’ve had mine for months and it gets more and more annoying

I would absolutely agree.
A friend gave me his when he upgraded to an iPhone (after only about 4 weeks of ownership and out of horrific frustration.)

To sum it up, its like having a nail in your foot. You CAN walk, but its a painful experience.

I started using this when I trashed my last phone….and it really is the absolute worst phone I have ever owned.
You cannot change the phone language!
It has 2 separate memory locations and one of them cannot be accessed without the massive samsung software package….which doesn’t actually work. – So far I have in fact failed to access the memory location where pictures and music are stored. I have to manually transfer things within the phone to the memory I CAN access, then back up from there.

It has the worst touchscreen I have ever used, the phone locks itself during calls making entering extra numbers (for extensions or automated systems) a trial, the phone book is convoluted and poorly thought out.

The only saving grace is its camera, which IS good, sadly, its a pain to get the pictures off.

I in fact have reverted to an old SE Cybershot I had kicking around because this was so horrible and hard to use.

This is just an anti-Samsung person who most likely never even touched the phone. If you really did still own the phone, you are even a worse person. Your review clearly shows you stretching the truth – charging the battery 2x a day when all you do is take 3 calls???!!! Give me a break. My Omnia battery lasts for 2 days (more than 3 calls per day, at least 30mins worth of surfing the web either via WLAN or GPRS, and playing the MP3s for at least an hour.

As for applications on WM6.1, you can get ANY WM application and install it via Active Sync (you connect the phone to your PC if the installation file is a .exe, or you can directly install programs with .CAB installation files). This guy just looked at the phone and then said “ABRACADABRA, install on my phone now!” and when nothing happened, he gave up. Sure the touchscreen is not as good as the iPhones, but it is better than all the others.

ALL: Disregard the original post above because it is not true and the fact that that guy is an idiot.

I know this is a necro post, yadayadayada. You are wrong, dude. Did Samsung pay you to come on here and make your post? I have had all of the above stated problems, as well as any others. This phone does not alert me when I receive emails, sends people to my voicemail when my phone is charged and powered on (wtf????). Don’t even get me started on the 2.5 pixel icons that I am supposed to be able to “touch”. I could go on and on, but there are only so many hours a day that I can devote to refuting the claims of an obviously biased IDIOT. Yes, I said it. YOU are the IDIOT. I am with vorizon and still have a few months before I’m eligible to get another phone, so I am stuck with this steaming piece of crap till October if I don’t die in a fiery car wreck just trying to make a phone call. F–k… me…

I totally agree you. I have to charge my fone continuously. 10-15 mins of talk will deprive ur handset battery. you will never receive an email alert. the picture quality is worst as 1.3 MP. seldom gets switched off automatically.

i just wish to throw the fone to samsung boss head.. crap i spend my 28,000 rs on it. Bullshit man..

I bet you’d have never expected me to approve your silly comment, but hey! This is a democratic blog and without acceptance of criticism, it’d be pretty futile.

For your info, I, unfortunately am still using the Samsung “worst phone ever” Omnia and every bit of what I’ve written in the post above is still bloody true.

I do charge the battery 2 times a day, lest it dies in the middle of something important.

Have you seriously tried using the internet on this joke? Believe me people, it’s a pain. Links don’t click, thanks to the worst ever touch screen and neither is there a proper zooming in and out system. Seriously! When you compare the internet access on Omnia to iPhone, you just wouldn’t believe your eyes. If iPhone takes 10 seconds to open a page, Omnia takes 1 minute and this is not exaggerating.

Windows Mobile 6.1 – hahahaha.. Mr techie seems to have found the mantra to install apps and is really delighted. Were you using LG CU500V before? How can you even remotely find the applications on windows 6.1 good? Is there a chat app? Any decent GPRS app? NO sir.. My recommendation: If you’ve been using a really bad phone with no features, perhaps you’ll live with the Omnia but anyone who has seen the G1, iPhone, N73, Blackberry Bold or any of the new phones, will know how bad the Samgung Omnia is.


Connectivity: Believe it or not!!! I receive at least 3 voicemails when my phone is on and showing a good signal. Thats how bad the connectivity is.


Read more reviews, check out other phones, compare the market. It’s just not worth it.

Hi Cafearjun,… I can understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been using the Omnia for a good 1 month now. What you need to do is take some time to explore the phone. Agreed it is not as userfriendly as the Iphone but it is definitely more powerful. There are many sites out there that allow you to get the required softwares for your phone. You should also go update your ROM from Samsung’s site. The new rom which I am using (DZHJ1) helps heaps with the battery life. I also had to “charge” my phone pretty often during the day previously but now with the new ROM, the battery level seems stable and from this morning till now.. 6:33 in the evening… its still reading 100%. Amazing how a ROM can make such a difference but it does…. Learn to love your phone and it will love you back ! 🙂

I agree with the poster of this thread, the Omnia is the worst.. Batterylife, impossible touchscreen (f*ing hard to get the right number in your phone book, it seems to scroll by to fast everytime ending up calling the wrong person).

By the way, I saw a post claiming he/she could listen to MP3 at least an hour and calling the topic starter an idiot.. Why would you need that many gigs of memory if you can’t even listen to 100mb worth of mp3’s? Samsung should have thought it through better if you ask my opion.. Claiming the phone does everything you need and don’t need, but not saying it does it only for one hour a day max.. I can see the batterylife diminishing even when I don’t use it and the phone being on standby.. It says “standard battery” on the battery, if this is standard than there is supposed to be a better one? And if so, why don’t I have the better battery in my phone?!

ag shame poor guy got the short end of the stick. i’ve the htc and the nokias and the sony ericsson and none of them compare to the joy that i have had with the samsung omnia, thats not to say that i wasnt aprehensive at first as had a d500 a few years back and it gave me quite a few problems. so i was nervous at first but after using it for a while and getting used to the layout i can safely say that i wouldn’t swop it for any other phone in the world thank you very much, and my deepest sympathy for your issues.

I’ve got my Omnia a month ago and agree that its battery life is very awefull. sometimes it shows the battery is full but after 3 or 4 hours in standby mode it becomes off!you never could trust to the battery sign because could be a kind of trick.Totally I think it is completely wrong to choose samsung when there are lots of trustful brands of phone like Nokia HTC Imate Iphone. now I’m regretful of my shopping.

Can I just add to what CafeArjun has said – There might be some problem with the ROM as Adrian has pointed out.

But what good is a phone that is so slow that it cannot activate the phone receiving button in time, and my calls keep going to voicemail, when I keep pressing the “accept” button relentlessly. I’ll definitely post a video on that soon. Even when it’s switched on, showing signal, calls go to voicemail. What is it? A phone or piece of shit?

I hate Samsung Omnia. I’ll link to this post!

If I remember correctly Phones4U were recently reprimanded for mis-selling. It looks like they could have done the same to you. You may wish to take this up with OfCom or who ever their regulator is.

This is a good warning to all potential customers of Phone4U – stay away.

Agree with you- the Omnia is crap. Vodafone desperately tried to sell it to me, when i threatened to move to O2 for the iPhone. I kept it for 3 days and then returned it.

i dont know how to belive cos when i go on websites they say there so good and the apps work fine but i just bought an omnia off ebay for 250 cos they were 400 quid in vodafone. for some reason i thought and see if there where any down hills about the phone and what do i see this guy at the very top saying how crap it is. and i have to admit today when i wnt to t-mobile and the thing when it turns round was a little slow and didnt see that many down falls so that guy is just a liar. but because i was on it for about 5 minuets i cant really say its that good cos i wasnt on it for that long. but mine should be here in about a week so then i can tell u if its that bad. p.s. i didnt but it my mum did cos im only 13

>Is there a chat app?
Yes, there are many: mundu, Windows Live, Agile Mobile, IM+, etc. Google can help you find more.

>Any decent GPRS app?
Literally hundreds of applications use the GPRS data protocol to transfer information but since you don’t specify what kind of “GPRS app” you’re looking for it’s kind of hard to help you. Do you want something that keeps your stock prices up-to-date? Provides current currency exchange rates? Checks your Gmail over POP? Allows you to monitor your data usage? They’re all out there but asking for a “GPRS app” is a bit like asking for a Windows XP “internet thingy”. It’s meaningless.

>Have you seriously tried using the internet
>on this joke? ….If iPhone takes 10 seconds to
>open a page, Omnia takes 1 minute and this is
>not exaggerating.
Firstly, of course you are exaggerating. Secondly, have you tried any of the excellent 3rd party browsers out there? Most WM bloggers consider Opera and Opera Mini to provide one of the best browsing experiences available on the platform. Mobile Safari is excellent but so is Opera.

You should explore the world of 3rd party applications for Windows Mobile. The Omnia is a serious device with some great potential but if you don’t add anything to it you’re missing the point. Windows is a platform. Imagine buying a Windows XP laptop and complaining that it doesn’t open Excel files. People would ask “did you install Excel?” and you’d answer, “I don’t want to add any applications – it should just know what I want to do and then do it for me!”. The real world is tougher than that.

i have had the omnia for 2 weeks and battery life is very poor but i intend to upgrade the rom as many have mentioned the problem. it does crash and it can be slow to respond but i will not give up yet.
as with most m$ powered devices, it was released before it was ready and early buyers are paying.
I have installed many 3rd party apps including scientific and hardcore radio comms software and it performs well.
samsung need to get a live firmware update program installed at the factory if they want to throw products out before they are ready so we dont have the risks involved in manual flashing.
all the hardware functions well and i am very impressed with the audio video and wireless functions.
i may even be impressed with the tv out function if ever i find a place to buy the cable.
i have upgraded to this from the htc trinity and performance via firmware is no improvement. maybe samsung should have left htc to sort this out instead of being so macho about designing it themselves. htc manufacture this alongside all other pda phones and are clearly the leaders in the fiels.
ps. iphone is shit, no apps, poor connectivity, and is aimed at women, childeren and graphic designers, just like a mac.
pps. if the omnia was released with linux on board it would work first time, every time.

if u want tons and tons of features go with this phone…if u want a user friendly ipod to listen to music go with the iphone. had the omnia for about a month so far no problems!

thank you for your comments in the samsung omnia i900 i am having all the same problems you mentioned.

i thought i just had a bad model but vodaphone have sent ne a new handset and its still the same

To Cafearjun> If you can’t stand reading instruction manuals or hate thinking or using your brain then just buy a simple phone, yes a PHONE, not a SMARTPHONE, I think smartphones are too much for you. I’ve had this phone for 54 days now and love it more an more every day. At the beginning, yes, it is not easy to make this phone work the way you want, but PATIENCE PATIENCe will lead you where you want to go. After 7 days of reading the manual, googling ( and playing with the Omnia i900 I had it working for me the way I wanted it to work. NOT one single complain whatsoever. Omnia i900 way much better than the iphone with unlimitted applications out there to add to this phone. READ, READ, READ and it will make you smarter.

I’ve had my Omnia for just over 2 months now and it’s a joy to use. I got mine from dial a phone (on orange UK) and it already had some apps such as google maps, office mobile, and opera installed.

From reading different comments about this phone it seems most people who are having problems have bought through Vodaphone.

I find battery life is good (charge about 2 – 3 times a week with average usage) and the only issue i have with the phone is that it has crashed a few times since I got it (usually when trying untested apps though).

The hardest thing I found about getting used to this phone is that it is not a phone with apps installed …. it’s a pocket PC with a phone installed.

I agree upgrading the ROM can make a difference, I havent done yet myself (still reading up on how), as plenty of people have said this has changed the way they feel about using the phone.

I also second omniai900s post, there are just so many apps out there to enhance the way you can use this device (RemoteAmp and GRemote being my 2 most used).

Check out MoDaCo forums for plenty of topics from people using the omnia.

I got this phone in September from Fones4U. As of December, I have been back to using my old sony k800i because I am so sick of trying to work the Omnia. It also has lots of thing on it which i don’t understand or need… I just wanted a good camera on it! I even think my camera on the k800i is way better than the Omnia. The pictures have more colour to them, whereas the Omnia pictures just dont come out right 😦

It sometimes answers phonecalls itself, even if it is just sitting on a table so based on that i’m hoping that I might…. somehow…. be able to change to a sony c905 if ‘hopefully’ they dont have anymore omnias in stock or something – unlikely but I can live in hope.

Considering sending it to one of those ‘recycling’ companies online or selling it on ebay if worst comes to worst.

Otherwise ill be stuck with it until November 2010……aahh!! 😦

I had that 14 day guarantee and did take it back on the 13th day but the sales assistant made it sound sooooo good and that it would just take some time time to adjust to…..gutted 😦

Dont get this phone! or if u still want one ill sell u mine!:)

Samsung omnia is definitely very user unfriendly( or i can say horrible) in my opinion having using so many pda phones myself before(even now having three :x).

The interesting thing about this phone is that (if u bother to which require time and effort) with the series of upgraded ROMS, increased 3rd party applications and users information released all these months, the phone has evolved rapidly in many areas for example battery life, touch screen response and userinterface etc.

Samsung is very lucky to remain in the competition as they are able to salvage omnia within this time frame( or omnia users is lucky that they bother to :p) and with Apple iphone, HTC touch diamond having problems of its own.

My advice is that for people who is highly keen on customizing,learning and upgrading their phone(which surprisingly omnia shows great potiential ) you will get yourself a true Iphone Killer but if your one of those people who dun want so much hassle and just want a simple easy to use phone,dun ever spend your money on the User

Had mine for nearly three months now, and the (extremely short) battery life is proving to be the killer for me

Yes it has plenty of features, but I daredn’t use any of them as the battery just won’t cope. I have to leave it synched to my PC all day to maintain a charge, and at weekends – when I rarely touch it – the battery is lucky to last 24 hours before discharging

As for upgrading the ROM to ‘fix’ the problem- the Samsung site refuses to believe the version number I give it to allow the process to start.

I’m afraid I’ve almost come to the end of my tether with it

I completely agree with each and every word you have said here. I have owned the phone for over 9 months now. I have tried to tweak it to make the performance better but no heed. But coming to think about it, its my mistake. Samsung dont have a reputition of making good phones, so I shouldnt have gone for this.

You wouldnt goto a tailor to get your shoes mended. Thats what I did. Samsung Omnia is a total piece of junk! worthless!

Get the iphone, it does lesser things but by God! it does them well! I got an iphone from work. The omnia is rotting away in my drawer as of last week.

Unbelievable, i have a omnia, all my life i had nokias, last ones with symbian os, yes winmo is different ofcourse, requires adaptation, after about 5 or 6 years with symbian phones… so it´s a new world that needs to be explored everything is different but saying that is the worst phone? i disagree everything works perfectly i find many more apps for winmo than for symbian with better graphics, about the battery my omnia lasts for about 2 days. the thing is that the first firmware had some bugs and the screen didnt wake up, now its fixed. about the iphone is a mediocre phone with a superb touch-screen my brother as a cheap nokia phone that does more than iphone, but without the touch-screen.

no really. this phone f***ing sucks i’m so pissed off right now. after deleting everything for the millionth time for memory just so my phone will work, it’s finally done or something. there’s nothing to erase all there is is music on a different part and it says my memory is full..f***ing piece of shit it’s so annoying

my vote is thumbs down, but i agree like most gadgets- you can hack and tweak to make it tolerable. i think enough people can show this type of divide, it proves there are improvements to be made. i scanned this page and i did not see anyone mention that if you are nazi about keeping the screen dim during calls (using the power button), you can talk all day and surf a bit, with some battery to spare. Epic battle though, thanks everyone. i am glad i read this and have toyed with my omnia before i loaded it up in to a clay pigeon thrower.

peace to you democratic bloggers!

I love the omnia.
Had to get used to it in the beginning but it was worth it.

Browser is fast.
Installed games
Upload/play music & videos without problems.
E-mail with multiple accounts.
Wi-fi is sweet.
Phone functions work properly.
Extra apps added, with almost no issues – if you do your homework on them before install.
Space… got more than 5 gig of music etc.
Battery live…. could be better but gives me no less than a day (Playing games, talking & surfing)
GPS – accurate to within 100meters and better (not brilliant satellite reception)

I honestly think that the poster and some of the other commenters either have bad batches or that they are disabled technology wise.

Samsung omnia – worst phone i have ever owned.

calls dont come through when phone is fully charged, on and working

phone battery DOES NOT LAST – fully charged over night – is dead by the following evening.

Touch screen – pathetic!!! buttons so small cant press the right ones messages end up a total shambles.

Pathetic phone – absolutely HATE it

Haha…. I never used an Omnia but a friend had it… And i fiddled with it sometimes… Its wasnt as terrible as u guys say… Touchwiz was young and not too well integrated into the winMo os
.. but twas still very usable….There wasnt much love for Samsung…. They’ve come a long way… Galaxies rule… (Samsung fan since my x450)

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