Alexei Cherepanov, 19, future Ranger dies mysteriously in Russia!

This is shocking. He was doing so well!!

He would have soon been amongst the New York rangers, and today he is no more. Alexei Cherepanov collapsed mysteriously on a bench during towards the finish of Continental Hockey League (KHL) game of Avangard Omsk and died minutes later.

Sources say that Alexei Cherepanov crashed into Jaromir Jagr of Chekhov Vityaz around the eithteenth minute of the game during change of line. Alexei Cherepanov’s heart stopped working suddenly. The head coach of Omsk, Wayne said that doctors tried resusitating Alexei Cherepanov’s heart but couldn’t.

Alexei Cherepanov developed heart problems soon after running into another player during a line change. “He was a great kid,”  Jay Grossman, Alexei Cherepanov’s agent told the TSN. “He had a great smile and was an outstanding player with a great future on and off the ice. It’s both shocking and devastating news for all of us.”

It’s heard that the New York rangers expressed their shock at Alexei Cherepanov’s death. Why wouldn’t they? They must’ve all talked about Alexei joining the team and what not.

Sather, the voice for New York Rangers was seen commenting on Cherepanov’s death.  “Alexei was intelligent, enegitic and had a great future”, Sather was quited saying.

Alexei ranked second out of the 14 games with seven assists and 5 goals for Omsk this season.

The 19 year old was 6 feet and 1 inche in height nad weighed 187 lb. Alexei Cherepanov had appeared in a whopping one hundred and six Russian super league or KHL matches for the team Omsk (full Avangard Omsk). Alexei Cherepanov had scored 69 points with 40 goals and twenty nine assistances, which was great for any player of international standard. He had sixty one penaty minutes till date.

Alexei Cherepanov was born in Barnaul in Russia.  Cherepanov ranked 17th overall in the year 2007 and was the obvious choice for New York Rangers this year, to be inducted into the team via NHL.

Alexei Cherepanov will never be forgotten and he will continue to live in our thoughts as the next New York Ranger. His mysterious death is still to be investigated. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an inside job. It is a great loss to ice-hockey and our condolences go to his family and friends for this great loss.

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2 replies on “Alexei Cherepanov, 19, future Ranger dies mysteriously in Russia!”

The Cherepanov and Bourdon accidents are tragic, for their families and the NHL. The question is whether these accidents can be prevented in the future. Maybe better testing on the NHL’s part for the Cherepanov situation and educating the players (youngsters) on dangerous activities such as motorcycle etc… Just seems like more should/can be done to prevent tragedies like these from occuring in the future…. and it is ridiculous how the Rangers are seeking another pick to replace Cherepanov. My thoughts.

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