Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens on beach – only I have the pictures!

I’ve already had 3 people asking me if I knew that Vanessa Hudgens’ and Bobby Bones’ vacation pics on the beach are out. Huh! Are they?? So I did some research and found this. Yeah, yeah, fine, these are not the ones you’re looking for, but it’s something.. init? (in a british accent)

Bobby and Vanessa are the newest and hottest celebrity couples with both supposedly seen together on vacation on a beach. Vanessa Hudgens, who started off with Disney pictures shot to fame, where Bobby Bones strated off as a radio jockey and turned actor later. You can bet you’ll be hearing a lot more about Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens in times to come.

How did it all start?

Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens met on the sets of the movie Bandland where they’re acting opposite each other. Guess things might have got on well and they found a few intimate moments together!! eh? (if these pics are real and if the guy’s Bobby Bones)

I’m not sure if these are the pics, you can tell me if these aren’t and I’ll find and post new ones.. πŸ˜€

I guess this is just something celebrities do purposely. They leak out rumours that they’re going out.. and then one day you hear about their intimate pics and videos. It forms the breaking news and the next thing we know, we have another couple being followed by the paparazzi 24×7. And then cleverly, they plan a breakup a few months down the line.. what do you get then? News! MASALA!! More GOSSIP! If you are a wannabe famous personality, all you gotta do is – try your best to find a popular person in your family tree, business contacts, friend of friends.. anyone.. make sure they’re single and then be seen holding that star in a public appearance. You’ve gotta make sure though that it seems you guys were trying to hide! Bingo! You’ll be a star overnight! Ok, that was your “super tip of the day” (my first ever).

I’m struggling to find pics or videos of Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens but I want ’em. Does anyone know where to look?

Breaking News – Threats to shut my blog down!!

After i posted this, I’ve been receiving threats from various people, including someone with a gmail id (haha and they expect me to believe a word they’re saying) claiming to be an intern at Disney (where Vanessa Hudgens started off) and asking me to remove this post. identifying herself as Andrea Smith, the person refuses to mail me from her official ID, so I can take that as an official warning.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit more important since this has happened. Imagine seized because of a false report!! That should be some publicity and I’m sure I’ll make it into Disney for a voiceover on one of their new animated movies.. and who knows, maybe Vanessa and Arjun is the next REAL celebrity couple. πŸ˜‰

BTW, this post was based on some links taken from Google news about Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens’ making out pics.

Food for thought? Do you think it’s Vanessa Hudgens herself mailing me? Maybe she hates Bobby Bones so much that the thought of them making out repulses her??

Who wants that Email Id?