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Fellow racer’s mistake lets Lewis Hamilton win F1 championship in Sao Paulo!

Lewis Hamilton has today become Formula One champion and the youngest F1 champion ever at the age of 23 years. He won the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo just a few hours ago.

Lewis Hamilton with British flag after win today
Lewis Hamilton with British flag after win today

Here are a number of observations I’d like to make about this.

  1. Lewis Hamilton was in exactly the same position this time last year on the same track. He needed only to come fifth in the final Grand Prix race in order to win the championship and would have become the youngest winner at age 22. I remember the excitement worldwide. It was a “dead cert” win. I couldn’t watch the race last year and wasn’t worried as I knew he would win. So mouths were left wide open when he lost. I recall thinking I had heard the newsreader on BBC news wrong when the results came in. The world was in shock and it the worst luck that he had encountered gearbox problems and not finished in a championship position. Räikkönen won that one.
  2. Today’s Grand Prix had a nail biting finish. Lewis was in exactly the same position, needing only to come fifth in order to win the F1 championship. This year everyone was more cautious and concerned about him winning after many commentators realized Hamilton seems to buckle under pressure. And right they were too. Everyone was at the edge of their seats as it seemed that Lewis was going to come sixth in the race today. Our heart’s were almost broken for a second time.
  3. Would Lewis Hamilton have lost once again if not for the mistake of a fellow racer? I watched the race this year. It seems to me that if Toyota had called in their racer, German guy Timo Glock, for a change of tyres then the German may not have started falling back because he was still on dry tyres when he should have been switched to wet wheels. This gave Lewis the opportunity to overtake him on the penultimate corner and get into fith position – talk about on the wire –  just a kilometer before the finish line of the Brazilian Grand Prix he would have lost the the championship for the second year running. Do we think that there are real issues with Hamilton or just the work of Lady Luck that put’s him in these predicaments?

Point is that Lewis WON – yippee!! The British can be proud of their ninth Formula One champion in twelve years : ) and even more so knowing that Hamilton has reached greatness from humble beginnings. May be even more so as he is the first black formula one champion. But Brazilian Felippe Massa is another one to look out for in the future.

3 replies on “Fellow racer’s mistake lets Lewis Hamilton win F1 championship in Sao Paulo!”

I too had my breath almost on hold during the finish. Hamilton, I must say was lucky that the error was made. Ironical, how last year he was almost there and that tragedy happened. 2nd time lucky!! 🙂

Hamilton won the 2008 Driver’s Championship! What a race… The Interlagos 71-Track circuit at Sao Palo, Brazil is the most exciting race of the year!

Rain at the beginning, then sun, then rain at the end.

Better luck next time for Massa.

Yea was exciting but……. It wasnt a mistake by glock, he took a risk not stopping for wet tyres when every one else ahead of him did. If Glock had stopped for tyres as well, he wouldn’t have been ahead.

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