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Obama cries on TV – Gets millions of sympathy votes. But is it fair?

Just hours before the country goes to vote, images of Barack Obama shedding tears while talking about his grandmother – Madelyn Dunham, who died peacefuly in her sleep, swept the Intenet.

Obama crying after his grandmother passed away. She was 86
Obama crying after his grandmother passed away. She was 86

Millions of sentimental people will vote for Barack Obama today because of that.
I felt bad for him myself. He was sad talking about his grandmother. It makes sense! She was featured and talked about on every major 2008 US election covering website. He had taken a break from his campaign and visited her earlier because she wasn’t well.

But should a future US president be seen CRYING tears on TV?

A person who cannot control his emotions, is he fit to lead the most powerful nation?

Will he think from his heart when it comes to punishing the guilty?

The next US president needs to be strong, should have the ability to leave his emotions aside when it comes to decision making and separating the wrong from the right. Most often for leaders, there is no middle path – it’s either right or wrong.

Does Barack Obama have it him to be the next president? From being a hardcore supporter of Obama, today I feel my reservations.

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

29 replies on “Obama cries on TV – Gets millions of sympathy votes. But is it fair?”

Well, you’re right, he’s bound to get sympathy votes.. but crying on TV has given him those.. so good for him..

Who cares.. when it comes to decision making for America, t’ll be him and a his entire team taking decisions. However, we knew from day 1 that he doesn’t know how to say NO..

Its not a question of fair or unfair.

The simple fact is that someone (don’t think of Obama as a presidential candidate for a moment) got emotional while talking about his grandmother who passed away recently. I don’t think thats a crime. Most of us would have reacted the same way.

Now, thinking of this as a stunt to gain sympathy votes would actually be stupid simply because:

1. Firstly, he did not cry on any election related issue. For example, if he would have cried for the families of martyrs of the Iraq war, then it would have made sense.

2. Secondly, everyone knows about the cheap practices that politicians often use to gain votes. Obama would be the last person to take the risk of hinting voters that he is trying to gain sympathy votes because it may actually turn out opposite. Specially after how solid and mature he has acted all through his campaign.

3. Thirdly, voters are expected to be sane enough to understand that someone crying for his dead grandmother does not guarantee a great President. 🙂

anant sandhu,

he was not crying for votes. just think of he emotions he is dealing with. representing his cultre, being a father, having his integrity questioned and then on top of everyting else his grandma dies. I am sure he would have liked for her to have lived long enough to see him become the president. Yet he drives on.

You appear to be heartless. how will you act when you mom, dad or grandmother passes and you have to deal with it in the public.

No one is going to vote for Barack Obama because his grandma died…

They’ll vote for him because he is the better candidate, and believe he will take this country in the right direction.

I will be so pleased when this is all over this evening, and all this crap can come to a close on the world wide waste of time…

Sometimes I wish Al Gore had never invented the internet.

I apologize anat. the very nature of your question threw me off and I did not read your comment all the way through…sorry

I guess that I am a litle tired of all the attacks on Obama. He has not been around long enough to merit critizism for his past deeds. Instead, they try to Peg him for his associations and everyone knows someone who has issues in their past. then to question a man of God. To demonize Reverend Wright because of his beliefs. Further, to pick choice words and disregard the entire context of his sermons and only to get at Obams. Mark my words when the election is over so will the media coverage and issues with Reverend Wright.
Obama has done everything right,,,graduated from college. On to a top law school–Harvard. Does anyone know anyone personally who got into Harvard? He got married BEFORE having children out of wedlock. Then he got elected to office and we all know the rest.

McCain was involved with financial scandal and he wants to fix the economy and catch crooks. His wife was involved with a scandal where she abused drugs while on a humanatarian aid mission. She was supposed to be helping the poor receive medical treatment and had doctors on her team provide prescription drugs she was addicted to. Total abuse of authority. Her and John just need to go somewhere and be quiet.

Palin took 7 years to graduate from college and was pregnant when she was married, has a pregnant teen daughter. and she wants to compare to Obama? this crap is ridiculos

i’m sorry, but i completely disagree with anyone who says obama cannot control his emotions, and therefore might not make the best president after all. i would be concerned if he HADN’T cried, but certainly not because he did cry. This is the woman that raised him. I would think him to be quite heartless if he didn’t cry. And i respect him all the more for the fact that he did, because it must’ve run through his mind that he could be criticized for crying, but his grandmother was a very important figure in his life, and even though he knew there could be risks in letting his guard down in such a way, he stayed true to himself. i respect him because he is real, and he does not try to restrain himself from being who he is.

well…when it is all said and done it so happens that it is all said and done. Barack is leading this country into what it was always meant to be a shinny beacon of hope. One that we will not take for granted. This is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

I voted for Obama not because I was convienced that he will be a great President. I voted for Obama because Mc Cain is too old and i dont want a stupid soccer mom to be running the country that I live in.

I think the fact that he cried just shows he is human, it does not make him weak or less of a leader. It clearly shows how influential his grandmother was in his life. I am glad he won, hopefully we will see some changes for the better.

People usually cry when someone they love dies. I don’t want a robot for President, I want a human who feels. He seems both compassionate AND capable. She just died a few days ago, of course he’s going to cry!

I agree. I’m from England, but I saw him cry and I’m very glad he did. I think, if anything, it gained him more respect. I know I for one respect a man who is not afraid of crying than one who is.

His grandmother, who helped raise him, DIED.
I’d be worried if he didn’t cry.
That’s a terrible question to ask, of anyone, president or not.

Stating that a couple of public tears Obama shed will scoop millions of sentimental votes is like saying that Americans are so naive and prone to emotionality that at a time when this great nation is going through some of the most volatile times in history all they’ll take to voting booths is the image of Obama crying. On another note, emotionality is imperative, in conjunction with cognition, in making rational and healthy policy decisions. I suggest you do some reading on political psychology, especially how affect and cognition interact.

I agree with Dana if senator Obama did not show some emotion over his grandmother’s death the woman who practically raised him I would have lost my respect for him. I am happy that he won the election because I felt McCain was too old to be the president. Six months in the white would be the death of him and God forbid Palin would become our president.

Bush got teary eyed on camera too when talking about the people who have lost their lives defending this country. Did anyone criticize him because of that?

Sorry, but how do you figure that shedding a tear will necessarily adversely affect his decision making? There is no cause and effect here. If this were a time when an important decision had to be made, who’s to say he wouldn’t compose himself first before making a determination? Based on what you said, you simply don’t have enough information to justify your wavering confidence, even if your confidence was paper thin.

And agreeing with the latter comments, you definitely want someone with compassion or else human interest might be set aside. You certainly want mostly objectivity, but you absolutely need to factor in concern for people. Otherwise, he might decide to do things for other reasons, like economic ones. He might, for example, decide to ignore the elderly because they will pose a significant financial problem with regards to health care and social security. This most certainly would be heinous with regards to our society, but it would certainly ease the financial problems we’re going to face in both of those areas.

Bush is an idiot. Please do not even compare him with Obama.

No one should judge Obama, for crying, or not crying. Everyone has his or her own way of dealing with emotion.

It seems that when one tactic against Obama did not work, another one came along quickly. People just need to be honest with themselves and admit that maybe they are prejudice, instead of inventing all these stories and scare tactics.

The majority of the American people saw through the Republican crap, and voted with their intelligence.

Thank God we will now have a president who is intelligent. I got pretty fed up with people saying it was all rhetoric. So, he is intelligent, and can speak. Just because we haven’t had that in 8 years does not make it a negative today.

Barack Obama and John McCain are distant cousins! Believe it or not, Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis (a black man), are distant cousins of Obama and McCain!!

Here are the ancestry of Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis for the folks who don’t know:
Martha (a black woman)
Elizabeth Key (a African-European woman)
William Grinstead, Jr.
William Grinstead, III
John Grinstead
Jesse Grinstead
Jesse Grinstead, Jr.
Jesse Boles Grinstead
John Thomas Grinstead
Clara May Grinstead
Bonnie Bell Martin
Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis! Always remember old Gus.

Obama was only ten years old when the very last slave, Sylvester Magee passes away at age 130. Magee does not know how to read and his last words, “Lord Have Mercy.” That is a fitting end.

funny stuff..if Americans will vote 4 Barack bcuz he did cried…We all cry sometimes when death is involve…No one should think American presidents are more than just Humans.

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