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Bobby Jindal – President 2012? Indian Louisiana governor’s stage is set!

With America’s first ever black president, there’s hope for ethnic minorities in the US to step forward. Bobby Jindal is one such man – the present governor of Louisiana is the youngest in the country and won with 88% votes. Bobby Jindal was touted to be John McCain’s running mate, before the position was taken by Sarah Palin (was it his dark skin? or did he turn down Mccain’s propsal?). Anyway, that has changed.

The republicans are now desperate to prove to the people of America that they hated Obama because of his radical ideas, not because they’re racist. What better way to do that than by nominating a successful, qualified and educated dark-skinned Indian governor for 2012?

Jindal with wife and son
Jindal with wife and son

Advantage Jindal: With all the heat around muslims and the cloud of “Who’s the real Barack Hussein Obama” all through this election campaign, Jindal, originally a Hindu who converted into Catholicism in school, will avoid that.

Who is Bobby Jindal?

You can read the entire biography at wikipedia, I’ll jump to the interesting bits.

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (pronounced “Jend All” in Louisiana) was born in the US to Indian parents, completed schooling at 17, was accepted by Harvard Medical School, but decided to go into politics and received a master’s degree in politics as a Rhodes scholar from New College, Oxford. Worked at Mckinsey and Company, advised fortune 500 companies. Got married in 1996 to present wife Supriya Jolly and has three children – Shaan Robert, Slade Ryan and Selia Elizabeth.

Jindal 2012?

Jindal or Palin, none have the charisma or the broad appeal of a Clinton, Bush or Obama. But hey, I thought the same way about Obama when he was fighting Hillary!

Will Bobby Jindal emerge with a ticket for 2012, or will he still be some governor vouching for a place in the senate?

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

92 replies on “Bobby Jindal – President 2012? Indian Louisiana governor’s stage is set!”

I voted for Jindal and I regret it. He has no chance to win again in LA since he screwed over the state government employees. He might as well run for President and I hope he gets his ass kicked by someone other than Obama in the primaries. Jindal is booksmart with no clue how to apply his knowledge to the real world. He is nothing more than a puppet who takes credit for others people’s ideas, just like he did at Public Health. He did nothing but take credit for things implemented by the previous Public Health head. And by the way maybe the state would have some money if you didnt take a huge crew with you just to show up, take pictures to make it look like you actually did something other than pose for a picture and then leave everywhere you go.

Bobby – you have to step up to the plate for us in 2012. McCain is a great guy, a true American hero. But we need some new blood. America obviously wants change, but as a Catholic-Republican, we need to hold onto our values at the same time. YOU ARE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE! 2012 baby – I’ll be right behind you!

Add another accomplishment to his resume. He personally delivered his latest child. I forget the circumstances. It may be that they were at home in a storm.

Please run for president in 2012! We really need to show the world that the reason we didn’t vote for Obama was not because of race. It was because of his far left ideology! We need you to run– and pick Connie Rice as your running mate. That would be a wonderful ticket!

I’m torn between Jindal 2012 or 2016 but I would definately like to see him run. He may decide to wait to avoid running against Obama if that happens. Jindal would still only be 45 by then and would be through two terms as Governor. If he made a conscious decision not to run with McCain, it was a wise decision, as it turns out.

I’m not as enthused about a Palin/Jindal 2012 ticket as some. I really like Palin but I’m not sure she could carry a ticket. Personally, I see her as more of a “worker bee” and think she would be great as an “Energy Czar” or even Secretary of Homeland Security. She’s a smart decision-maker and has lots of tenacity.

Now, if the GOP had a stronger candidate in 2012, Jindal would be a good VP choice, but again it all depends on how Obama’s first term goes.

Time will tell.

Please, Governor Jindal, run for president! It would make me very sad to lose you as a governor, but to have you as President!!! WOW!! YOu have to save our country!

jindal in 2012! he will organize the right, while appealing to the middle. the left will attack his faith, call he a ‘creationist’, but with is incredible record healthcare, education, and reform, he will easily beat them back. he is smarter then obama could ever hope to be and will be ready to take on his chicago-style machine. after the jindal movement takes down palin and romney, he will then turn to 4 star general david h. petraeus to be his running mate, cementing foreign policy as a strength to go with jindal’s mastery of domestic policy.

jindal will show the country that he is younger, smarter, and better capable and bringing reform to america, and the great general petraeus will humiliate lame vice president biden.

Jindal/Petraeus 2012 : Real Change for America

Wasn’t asked and would have turned him down if had been (which IS why he wasn’t asked, McCain knew that from the get go).

I’d like to see Bobby on the ticket as VP next go around, possibly with Gingrich, then step up in 2020 to the top spot. That would give him a term and a half as Governor then eight years a Vice President before taking the Presidency for eight years. He could get a lot done in those twenty plus years of public service before retirement (and head of the UN or something…).

Jindal is a wise choice and McCain should have pressed to have him on the ticket. I agree with Traffic Cop Timmy, 2016 might be a better time for him, depending on how Obama does. Jindal is a fresh face the only problem I see with him is the exorcism he performed; but, that is a minor technicality. I think it would be a major political mistake for a Palin/Jindal 2012 ticket, no disrespect, but his intelligence would overshadow her and if things went wrong then he would be the scapegoat and ruin his future chances or would take a serious amount of time to repair the damage.

There are several VERY iffy statements in your post.

Republicans have never needed to “prove” that they are not racist. Putting aside the logical IMPOSSIBILITY of proving a negative, if you understood the history of both parties, you’d think twice before placing that insult on Republicans.

Secondly, advancements among minorities can occur in millions of other ways besides becoming President.

Black Americans in inner cities are suffering in poverty, high crime neighborhoods, lousy schools, and a 70% out-of-wedlock birthrate. Those are facts. Are they better off now that an infanticide supporting man is in the Oval Office? No, hardly.

Third, there may be very good reasons why “heat” is placed on Muslims. Might have something to do with the 12,000+ terrorist attacks inflicted by Muslims since 9/11/01.

Jindal is the perfect person to send the idiot obama packing. He’s young and a good speaker, he could beat obama at his own game.

Attn: B D B: I also am a big admirer of Bobby Jindal. Here is a group I have learned about. The Governor spends the money collected by “Friends” to help this-and-that in Louisiana. ((As far as I can tell, he does NOT spend the money aggrandizing his own profile the way you-know-who does. )) Friends of Bobby Jindal: P. O. Box 86258, Baron Rouge, Louisiana 70879. Joan/Sunday evening

Will you all still like him to run if he was Hindu (like his parents) and his name was ‘Piyush'(original name) ?

It doesn’t make any difference in the name or the color of the skin. It’ s his political views that matters.
I like JC Watts from OK or Lt Col Allen West of Fl. Don’t know if they would run for a higher office.
Right now Gov. Jindal has my vote.

I agree that Jindal would be a fantastic pick, however, I think we need to see how Obama does first. If he does well then it will be near impossible to budge him out of the White House. If things go sour, well, we should GO FOR IT. I hope Republicans learned from the Obama ground game that we need to START NOW! He worked on campaigning for YEARS..he knew exactly what he was doing.

Jindal/ Steele 20012 0r 2016?

The positive in Obama being elected is that we now get Bobby in 2012 instead of 2016!! Let’s get this done people!

Arjun, I like your page but I have to disagree with a couple of your assumptions and agree with some of the previous posts. Sarah Palin was of course chosen to try and steal away some disgruntled Hillary Clinton pumas. To my knowledge, Jindal was never offered the VP spot. Also, Jindal’s dark skin is not a liability (as demonstrated by Obama’s presidential victory as well as Jindal’s gubernatorial victory in the deep South). Finally, there is no evidence that the Republicans are desperate to prove that they are not racist simply because they ran a campaign against the most liberal member of the Senate who happens to be black. Please, give Americans and Republicans more credit in the future.

I do however agree with you that Governor Bobby Jindal is a remarkable man! His actions during Hurricane Katrina prior to him becoming Louisiana’s governor were incredible and were just another demonstration of his phenominal leadership skills. In fact, everything that I’ve seen and read of this man suggests that he’ll be a political superstar and in my mind he’s the future of the Republican party.

In my humble opinion, he’ll be on the ticket by 2016 or sooner depending on how Obama’s first term goes. When he does run, I’ll be doing everything I can in my home state of Washington to help him get elected.

The future of the Republican party is not nearly as gloomy as the mainstream media would have you think. As others here have noted, it would be very exciting to see Michael Steele or General Petraeus on a presidential ticket as well if they were indeed interested in the job.

Jindal is too smart to be willing to take the bottom of a ticket, especially with Palin. Just review his resume and hers. He has more substantive experience AND education.

Additionally, Jindal refused the Assistant position of the Louisiana University system when he was offered it and stuck to his guns of wanting to be the head.

He knows he is smarter than Palin. There is just no way he would accept being at the bottom of the ticket with her.

I forgot to add, when I say review his resume I also mean, he was in charge of more people.

Alaska only has 700,000 people in the whole state. The complications that arise as you scale the population greater are different. So, Palin is not as substantive a person as would be a Governor with a state that has a larger population. Most major cities have more people in them than the whole of Alaska.

Jindal/Petraeus ’12 would be amazing and the left couldn’t do anything to stop it. (unless of course Obama manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat and runs his term like Clinton and not Carter. In that case ’16)

Please take Piyush! Pres, V.Pres, who cares as long as you get him out of LA! Just be careful, as he seems to prefer anywhere to the place he was elected to govern. Chances are he’ll end up spending all his time touring the world than living in D.C.

Dear Tsfiles and Andrew,

The point in contention here is not what I think about the Republicans – whether Republicans are racist or not, what matters is what majority of the population thinks.

During the campaign, episodes like Sarah Palin addressing a group of people, who were later interviewed, and said “Obama is a terrorist, he should go back to the Muslims” (check my other post and watch the video Plus the Obama buck story, along with others have introduced a sentiment where people need to be specifically told “Republicans are not racist”.

Jindal with a ticket might be a good idea.

I know that Bobby Jindal will run for President in 2012. He did not want to get his name out as VP, he wants America to know him as a great leader, of a great state. He doesn’t want to be second in command. He wants to prove to America what he is capable of by running Louisiana, and all of it’s problems, and show that he is perfectly capable of running this great country! He has no interest in taking a seat in Senate either.

Jindal, Huckabee, Palin and smiley man Romney–have had it, the Dems are locked in for eight years and it is going to be a fine eight years….Namaste to all and have fun.

Dear cafearjun

I think Andrew’s point was, look at history. In actuality it was the southern democrats like Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace and Arkansas Gov. Orval Fabus that emboldened and lengthened the separate but equal laws under the platform of State’s Rights.
Society has also forgotten that it was the democrats who held to segregation and tried over time to lay the blame at the feet of the Republicans. In actuality the Republican Party was begun by Pres. Lincoln to keep the union together and end slavery. Those that want to re-write history and change the facts are the same one’s assuming that all the folks making those racists comments during the election were registered Republicans. They might have been, but they might have been men and women who are registered democrats who see race as a barrier to the top office in the nation.

Bobby Jindal as the next leader of the GOP would be a good thing for a party that has lost is original intents of lower taxes, fiscal conservatism, strong defense, and smaller gov’t.

Bobby Jindal 2012!

Republicans, we just lost a very devastating race but we cannot give up. We MUST get excited about 2012 and start campaigning, I believe that is the only way we are going to win in 2012.

I believe Bobby Jindal would be a great nominee! He knows what it is like to be an American, his parents came from India so his mother could seek better college opportunities. He was not born into politics, he had to work his way up from being an average Joe. He became a member of the United States House of Representatives from Louisiana’s 1st congressional district, re-elected to Congress in the 2006 election with 88 percent of the vote, and became governor of Louisiana. What an accomplishment!!! He knows what it is like to be an average American and what people want and that is why I believe he would be an amazing president.

Not only would Bobby be the first Indian-American president he would be the first youngest president, first Roman Catholic Republican president, and the first president born in the state of Louisiana! ( Zachary Taylor was only a Louisiana resident, born in Virginia)

I will be a first time voter in 2012 and Bobby Jindal has my vote! (Obama you might have won the youth vote in 08 but Bobby is taking it back!)

He is a true conservative! I am excited about Jindal in 2012. I think God has a plan and the Republican party was falling apart. We had a moderate running on our ticket. We need to find our principles again. Obama won on a conservative issue TAX CUTS! We all know that aint gonna happen in the next 4 years!

Jindal can restore our party! We need young and new leaders that are not afraid to say Reaganism is not dead. Obama ran on it and won. Over 60% polled think they are getting a tax cut. They are going to have a rude awakening. Clinton raised taxes 20 days after being sworn in. I give Obama 10 days.

Jindal/Palin 2012 You Betcha!!!!

Two of my kids will be in college and first time voters in 2012. They are BOTh ready to campaign and work to get Bobby Jindal elected! The rest of our family, including extended family across the US is in as well. Let’s get going Republicans! We must start now.

Perhaps we can encourage Jindal to learn from Obama. Mr. Jindal, do you have a book out? Please write one as soon as possible! Obama knew what he was doing! He started years ago and BOOM, had it all together! We can do it too!

Two of my kids will be in college and first time voters in 2012. They are BOTh ready to campaign and work to get Bobby Jindal elected! The rest of our family, including extended family across the US is in as well. Let’s get going Republicans! We must start now.

Perhaps we can encourage Jindal to learn from Obama. Mr. Jindal, do you have a book out? Please write one as soon as possible! Obama knew what he was doing! He started years ago and BOOM, had it all together! We can do it too!

Bobby is taking the youth vote back!
Don’t worry I believe Mr. Jindal does know what he is doing. McCain interviewed him before Palin; I think he declined because he does not want to be second he wants to be 1st.
Let’s start campaigning now!

Remember the GOP 2008 campaign was for “Joe The Plumber”, Jindal sure doesn’t look like a “Joe The Plumber”…

Jindal will have a better chance to become president as a Democrat than as a Republican.

The Republican party ran a campaign for “Hockey moms”, “Walmart moms”, “Real America”, “Joe six packs”, “Joe the plumber” all of those are epithets to describe Whites.

I love Jindal, but the Republican party is not really that inclusive anymore and the Republican leadership is not even hiding it.

I am “Joe The Plumber” lol

Despite his intellectual pedigree and education, Jindal signed into law an ordinance that permits the teaching of creationism in Louisiana classrooms. One should be cautious of such leaders who push the agenda of their chosen religious beliefs. After all, would we endorse leaders who sanction the teaching of witch craft as science? This country desperately needs leaders who work to preserve the principles of separation between church and state that are enshrined in our constitution. Only then will our country be truly inclusive of every American citizen, irrespective of whether they decide to be proud of their ethnic heritage (me) or abandon their roots in favor of political expediency (Jindal).

Joe, If your really Joe, the Republican Party needs Jindal. I think the Demos knew they could pull a fast one with the first African-American or first female knowing they could win office. McCain picked Sarah, they are trying to change and Jindal would help.

Rohit Pappu, excuse me but religion plays a big role in this country. I think creationism should be able to be taught in public schools Darwinism is. Our GREAT country was founded on religion and look where it got us Freedom, Prosperity, and Liberty. China no religion look at them, USSR Stalin, Nazi Germany Hitler, and Socialist Italy Benito. Yeah let’s separate church and state great idea. Just because somebody believes something doesn’t mean he/she can’t run this great country, wouldn’t that be inequality? Something this country has fought against since its beginning. We all are entitled to our own beliefs and morals. We live in America for a reason FREEDOM! If you don’t like it leave, go to China. Church and state separated, no church even better for you, don’t try to destroy this wonderful country hundreds of people have fought and even sacrificed their lives for. Again everybody is entitled to their OWN beliefs and morals just not yours!
And that’s why I am proud to say I am an American!
Jindal 2012!

Rohit Pappu

As you can see intellectialism and rational thought are dead in the new republicans. Joe the plumber is the new Jim Crow.

Rohit Pappu
Thank you so much for you post — which is an attempt at a return to sanity — as evidenced by our election of Barack Obama to be the 44th president of a nation on the brink of disaster, brought to the precipice by the votes of the
very same looters who cannot seem to stop peppering the blogosphere and the airwaves with their hate-filled rhetoric against everything that is decent and humane.
It is clear that the lynch-mob that inhabits the low-income, minimally educated, anti-immigrant, anti-black anti-education swath of the American South is not going away anytime soon.
In ever-smaller numbers, but with increasingly radical rhetoric– laced with the usual dab of hate and poison — it is training a new generation in its technique of irrational, uninformed, xenophobic and sadly ungrammatical debate.
But never fear, the rational, the educated and the hard-working inhabitants of “fake” America, are used to cleaning up their messes.
My vote for education and intellectualism in 2012!

Wactching that video Bobby Jindal sucks makes me want to vote for him. I did research after watching that video and I can’t find anything to make me hate him all I can find is good. Thanks BOBBY JINDAL SUCKS I now know who to vote for in 2012.
Go Bobby.

To Newvoterin12:

Thank you for your response, which while unintelligible was passionate. America is a free country and the founding fathers intended it to be that way. We seem to agree on this precept. That freedom and its gifts are grossly trampled upon when leaders take it upon themselves to further their religious beliefs through legislation and executive orders. While there is much to admire in Mr. Jindal, a fellow Indian American, he has unfortunately and willingly become an idealogical captive of the religious right wing within the GOP.

On another note, I do find it interesting that the GOP is pushing Mr. Jindal as their new Messiah. After all, he is dark-skinned, well-spoken, has a “funny name”, is skinny, is well-educated, and is obviously quite smart (it does take talent to pass off as a Catholic, when you were raised a Hindu Brahmin). Within the new GOP, innovation and photocopying seem to be synonymous.

You have my best regards and hopes for a better future.

I think that Bobby Jindal is really handsome and charismatic!!
I would vote for him any day. What makes him really likeable is his views and the way he expresses himself. He’s so down to earth and all for the common people. It’s just what the Republican party needs.

Thank you for responding Arjun. I realize that you were not saying that the United States or Republicans are racist. The points that I was making was that I have not seen anything to suggest that “The Republicans are now desperate to prove to the people of America that they hated Obama because of his radical ideas, not because they’re racist.” Of course there were a few incidents such as the Obama dollar but they were the exception rather than the rule. By the way, the Obama dollar incident happened in my back yard in Monroe, WA and it was indeed embarrasing.

That being said, I don’t think we really have a quarrel. I think it would be a very good idea for the Republican party to run as many qualified and articulate ethnic minorities as possible for public office. It certainly couldn’t hurt in trying to bring more ethnic minorities onto the fold or the Republican party.

I ‘ll be heartly very glad if i ‘ll see bobby as the “president 2012”.
Coz by a good change of a big nation can effect the smaller one, and if that change ‘ll come by an indian for America then all indian ‘ll feel proud for that.

Go for some best Bobby!!!

I can’t believe people are rallying this man to run for president in 2012. With this recession we’re in, don’t any of you care about where our jobs are going AND who are taking our IT jobs — the technologies we Americans innovated? These corporations allow these Indians to come here and steal our jobs. Whites and Blacks that have built this country for centuries (not years or decades) have seen their jobs lost because of them. So, why would we want to invite them over here to run our government?

Jindal has an unbelievable shot at victory in 2012. Obama’s stimulus is a joke, obama’s tax on gas and coal made in the US will bankrupt this country, and making a bailout will destroy his approval rating. It’s going to be Jimmy Carter part 2 and he’s not lowering taxes he’s raising them. Jindal has one huge problem though getting the nomination. States that he will win in the primaries Florida( assuming both Jeb Bush or Charlie Crist don’t run), Texas, NY, California, most of east coast states, and any state with a high catholic or indian population. Yet the first two states always make the biggest deal Iowa and NH now I believe they should change them to Florida and Ohio simple because they are the two biggest swing states. His biggest problem is the south, but yet that should be divided by mike huckabee and mark sandford. Now when it comes to VP. I would advise him to pick Senator and soon to be governor Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Simple because they’ll gather both the Indian vote and women vote and still be able to hold the South. Now all Jindal has to say is when obama compares him to Bush all he has to say is I am not Bush and he wins.

Charles……I like the strategy you laid out. You sound like a smart and motivated individual. I hope you are one of the grass roots volunteers! Remeber, that’s how Obama won…each person sprinting to the finish line! Our family and frinds are really trying to support him, in the name of COUNTRY, but he continues to shock us every day! It seems that daily we hear more and more supporters of him regretting their vote.

Jindal/ ??? 2012

We are watching General Patraius as well!

Im watching this guy (Bobby Jindal) now on abc news…and he sounds soooooooooooo FAKE!! its crazy!! i dont believe anything that just came out of his mouth. This guy better not embaress himself and run in 2012.

So soon we look for a new president. Geez this dude Obama hasn’t been in office for a blink of an eye and we are pushing for Jindal? Wow I think Obama has trashed his future reelection hopes with the bs he syas. He talks too much bs. Bad sign. On the one side of his mouth he says no new spending (ear marks) then out of the other he proposes a whole farm full of pork. Ithink we have an epidemic of lying politicians.

I would love to see Bobby Jindal be our next president. I hope he runs! He has good ideas and wants to save money! He is a hard worker and has already come so far! Please run for president in 2012 Bobby! We will need someone as smart and driven as you to help us clean up the mess our government is getting us into right now!

Don’t worry tunara, being a great speaker doesn’t make you a great president! It is the track record of this young man one needs to pay attention to. His speaking in prime time will come around! He is VERY impressive, even CNN is saying it is hard to hold a candle to his intellect! Don’t forget some of Clinton’s speeches back in the day! BTW, I voted for Obama and am just not impressed with what he has done so far. ESPECIALLy this closing of Guantanamo. Keep your eye on this Jindal, he is one to watch.

Yea! Right! Elect another Repub. to finish off America. Bobby Jindal needs to savor the moment of being Governor. Thanks to Mike Fosters endorsement. Song and dance man. Hasnt America spoken. Obama is our President. Give the man a chance. You Repubs, you Repubs, first there was Sara now its Bobby. Where’s Joe? Can’t he be Vice President or somethhing.

jessie, this is just a civil discussion. A discussion about who we are watching and paying attention to! There is no need to add rudeness here. Yes, Obama is my president as well and I voted FOR HIM! It is however, our country and we need to watch all of our leaders closely and honestly. I refuse to attack either Palin or Obama personally. It is however, my responsibility to pay close attention to what is happening in DC. and stay informed for future decisions. I simply say, I am an independent and very impressed w/this young man, Jindal.

ok i like how all these people are on here talkin bout how bobby jindal is this and that ….he does not have anything thing on obama he has a long way to go before he can stand next to our current pres. and im from baton rouge btw. and live here now. and has lived in other states and sen how things or suppose to be done, not just i dont trust bobby as far as i could throw him. and i like how everyones talking all great about the man bout were throwing dirt on obama about being muslim which he never was when this man was a hindu not even christian..not that i really care but oh its ok for him tho but not obama… people or soo full of bullshit and did you see how big of a fool he made his self look like on tv lmao the man does have fire but in the wrong places he would never be pres….wake up people wake up. Why are people in my home state so dumb and full of rebal pride….you guys never surprise me lol wake up louisiana NO jindal for pres

When 2012 comes around and the good old usa is 20 Trillion dolllars in debt and were in full blown hyperinflation because of obama. We will be in desperate need of Leadership So here i am in Idaho And I just cant wait to start campaigning for Bobby Jindal Lets take back America Jindal in 2012. Please Please


AND SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







BOBBY IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It won’t be enough for us to just vote this time around, EVERYONE needs to get involved. Our country is sinking. Even Obama’s supporters are seeing the dangers in his policies and agenda. I have met at least 10 people THIS week alone that regret their vote! I love this country and for the first time, our family, kids and all, are getting involved! Mr. Jindal, WRITE A BOOK! The country needs to learn more about you!

Mr. Jindal’s point of President Obama spending more than the Iraq war is illogical and nonsensical. Anybody remember Mr Rumsfield saying the war won’t cost American taxpayers more than 50 million because of the oil revenues that Iraq will be able to reimburse American taxpayers. How did that work for you at 10 billion a month that we as taxpayers ended up spending outside of the USA due to Mr. Bush. At least the spending President Obama is doing goes towards our economy and not towards a country that we will never get back.

Does anybody seriously take Bobby Jindal at his word when he says the Rebublican response to the “State of the Union” was a joke. He was the joke. His response was a total disaster as was displayed and admitted on FOX, and CNN.

I will glady vote for Jindal in 2012 and do hope to see him run against Obama. If anyone were to help our declining economy, democrat or republican, Jindal would be a great hope. In fact, did you know Louisiana is the ONLY state to have their unemployment rates go down during this recession? Louisiana isn’t the richest state, yes, but Jindal is willing to work with the people to succeed. He knows what it would take to fix our broken economy.

I would lilke to send you a 3 page letter outlining my suggestions for a new contract for America.
Can you send me your E-mail address?

i love Jindal, but I don’t think he is a natural born citizen. However, neither is obama. i would vote for Jindal in a heartbeat.

Please stop referring to Obama as Black he is not just black. His mother and entire family that raised him are white. Obams knew none (0) of his fathers family. He grew up around all white family.

So please call it what it really is and stop disassoicating his real ethnicity. Why are we as white or caucasion people continuing to do this.

We gladly say that we are Irish, Italian, Jewish, English, Australian, German, Polish, etc.

Why shouldn’t he be Polish and Black.

Serioulsy people get a grip.

We need the American Republic in 2012!


Considering the way things are in he USA, I think we should start a third party called the American Republic and elect as president Judah Ben Hur, Ambassador! Bush set the stage for Obama and Obama set the stage for the American Republic!
The presidential candidate for 2012 for the American Republic party is Judah Ben Hur, Ambassador to the American Republic.
Obama will finish his 4 years to make way for a new Republic!
The Son of The American Republic.


The Son of the American Republic is Judah Ben Hur, Ambassador of the American Republic and Presidential candidate for 2012 on the American Republic party ticket! The internet has all the data you need at this stage

Now that Obama has sold off the Republic to the elite, I really think that Judah Ben Hur Ambassador from the American Republic should run for President aganist Obama in 2012 on the American Republic party ticket..Its a better choice than anyone else… at least he won’t sell out Americans to the rich!
One very important point to make, is that when the government of America changes to the American Republic it will leave behind the oligarchy of men and women that have ruined the lives of so many Americans over the centuries. Judah Ben-Hur is a real person with a real name who is part of a change that is brewing in America to go up against the current system of government with more than just an idea. American’s have become complacent with those that know how to demoralize the poor and frighten the rest. They do not serve the public interest anymore, and will be replaced.
The American Armed Forces are becoming aware of Judah Ben Hur’s intent, and are interested to know more of the American Republic. Once the Manifesto is published next year, it will allow all those that are in despair to make a choice to either create a real change in America, or continue with the deceptive tactics used by Obama to fool the innocent and reward the business empire with the spoils of Americans.
Judah Ben Hur is the Ambassador to the American Republic and will if the people wish be the presidential candidate for the 2012 elections.
Ask those that are out of work, poor, sick, helpless, what they wish for? More taxes? More insult to their misery? More bills to pay? The current government under Obama are allowing the business leaders to continually rape and pillage the American people into a no win scenario.
The Obama government is not protecting the American people and will not as long as the current leaders are allowed to rein in government.
Thus a new government for the people and by the people will take place in 2012 without the consent of the current system of government and its business moguls. Once the American military makes its choice, change will be much easier for Americans.
Forget about those that wrap themselves in the flag and scream patriot, they are just doing that, wrapping themselves in a flag and nothing more.
Those that have are not the ones that complain, its those that have not, or almost have not are the ones that are in the millions and have the power to change the government. The Military is poorly paid and used for business interests rather than protecting the interests of the people of America.
So do you want to play a game…make your choice!

Dont get me wrong, i love sarah to death, and would proudly support her as the republican nominee to run against Obama ( it looks thats the way its going ) but my preference would be bobby, hey even better, Jindal and Palin in 2012. I prefer him because he was raised as a hindu and converted to catholicism. I believe that is the perfect dynamic for a strong conservative leader. Plus all the great work he has done in Louisianna since katrina and even more reciently the BP oil spill. Him and palin together would be an unstoppable freight train of conservative ideals and practices straight for washington!

Racism is kept alive by people like you who see race first and everything else second. The Democrats are the party of racism and have been since the 1860’s. They play the minorities in this nation in order to keep their hands on power and to line their own pockets. But be warned, the black community is waking up to your new form of slavery dems:

Gov. Jindal: As President of Platte County Missouri Pachyderm Club I would like to invite you to attend a meeting this year. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30-7:00 PM, just 8 miles south of MCI airport. We are one of the larget Pachyderm clubs in Missouri, representing Kansas City and the northern suburbs. We look forward to hearing from your representative.

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