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HP Compaq releases the cq 50 139wm – Cheap n cool! My reviews

HP Compaq CQ-50 139WM laptop was released today for a ridiculous price of 298 dollars with Walmart (remember Walmart? the No.1 company in the world according to Forbes).

The HP Compaq CQ-50-139WM has some cool features for its price. – 2GB RAM, 2 Gigahertz AMD or Intel Celeron or an AMD Processor and a whopping 5400 RPM 160 GB of hard disk. You can’t ask for more at this price. The credit crunch has done its bit of good for some of us. The graphics card is not that great, so if you’re a gamer, well mate, this one’s not exactly for you as it uses shared memory. The screen is 15.4 inches (standard for a laptop computer) but it uses HP bright tech, so you wouldn’t struggle figuring out what’s written, in daylight.

Another sort of drawback with the HP Compaq CQ-50 139WM is Vista Home – Doesn’t give you features as good as Vista Business or Vista ultimate, but hey! Look at the price! What’s more, UNlike every other laptop out there in this price range, this has a DVD writer, so now you can store your data on DVDs if you find the 160 gigs of hard drive too little <pun intended>. It has wireless lan, a built in microphone for chatters and 3 USB ports. Battery – Here we come to something that most people need. It’s a 6 cell Lithium battery which should comfortably give you a 2-3 hours backup.

All in all, a great machine for its price. With the Compaq HP branding, you couldn’t have asked for more this Christmas. But hey, if you’re looking to buy for yourself, might as well wait for the Boxing day, when prices will be slashed further. I think the HP Compaq CQ series – 50 139WM is good for you if you use the Internet, word processors, basic graphics, email, or other non-graphics card intensive programs. If you want to play games, I’m afraid you’ll have to shell out more than the $298.00. The speed of this laptop computer won’t be great because it uses an AMD or Intel Celeron processor (bad when compared to Centrino and others), but believe me, if you’re a basic user and have been thinking of buying, rush to Walmart this Saturday for this only all Saturday deal. This has good possibility of entering the “sold out” list in the first few hours.

My review: 8 out of 10

Did you find my review useful? Please comment. Thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Walmart link:

Updated Compaq CQ 50 139WM specs:

Intel Celeron Processor 575
2.00 GHz, 667MHz FSB, 1MB Cache
2048MB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
Expandable up to 3072MB with 2 accessible memory slots
15.4″ Diagonal WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen (1280 x 800) Display
Viewing is enhanced with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (shared) with up to 765MB Total Available Graphics Memory
160GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive (SATA)
Store all of your digital media on this expansive drive
Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic with Service Pack 1
Makes your computing experience more efficient, more secure and more fun
SuperMulti 8X DVDR/RW drive
With double-layer support
Additional Features
HP Imprint finish & Integrated Microphone
Multimedia Drive – with Double Layer Support
Display – 1
Network Card – Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
Wireless Option – 802.11b/g WLAN, Audio – Altec Lansing
Fax/Modem – High speed 56k modem
Keyboard – 101-key compatible
Pointing Device – Touch Pad with Touch Pad with dedicated vertical and horizontal Scroll Up/Down pad
External Notebook Ports: 3 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0
1 Headphone out
1 microphone-in
1 VGA (15-pin)
1 RJ-11 (modem)
1 RJ -45 (LAN)
Security – Kensington MicroSaver lock slot
Power-on password
Accepts 3rd party security lock devices
Power – 65W AC Adapter
6-Cell Lithium-Ion battery
Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008 (including 60 days complimentary live update)
HP Help & Support Center
HP PC Recovery (SoftThinks Restore Solution)
HP Wireless Home Network Setup
HP Total Care Advisor
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Office 2007 Student and Teacher Edition: 60 Day Trial Version
HP Smart Web Printing
HP PhotoSmart Essentials
Muvee autoProducer, Cyberlink DVD Suite
Adobe Acrobat Reader
HP Games powered by Wild Tangent

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This is a Saturday only “in store” deal. The sale starts at 8 AM. Minimum 10 per store.

So, you can’t just “rush to the store for this” as you recommend in your posting.

I was looking to buy a laptop for quite sometime. I think I’ll go for this. What about music? I use Goldwave and some other music programs on my desktop. Do you think the Compaq cq 50 139wm will support those applications?

Cali, sound based applications rely only on your processor. Not even your sound card when it comes to operations like adding echos, reverbs, doppler effect etc. Sound card is only for output of sound.

And as I’ve mentioned above, the processor is a Celeron. You will be able to run all these apps, but don’t expect too much when it comes to speed. This is a low end processor for basic users.

This was great I think u hit all my “?’s” so I think I will b at walmart first thing!!!! Thanks so much!!!

I am looking for a laptop for my wife and she really enjoys taking pics. This laptop would be used primarily to download pics from her Nikon D50, will this handle it? Sounds like the HD is plenty big enough, I am just concerned about the processor.

Can a celeron processor handle Adobe Photoshop Elements? I am not sure if I shoudl buy this. I want to use the laptop for uploading and eidting photos of my kids, ipod music and web surfing. Would this be a good fit? Thanks!

Hi Michelle, I’m a designer myself. This laptop will be able to support Photoshop (although it’ll take some time opening). Editing etc wouldn’t be a problem. I suggest you go for it. Don’t expect it to be lightening fast, but it’ll serve your purpose. ๐Ÿ™‚

my 17 year old wants a laptop for college next year…do you think this is a good buy or should i get her a more powerful Dell. i’m just wondering since you said speed is an issue.

I’m looking at this as a Christmas present for my daughter who will be starting college next year. I’m not exactly sure of all the software and applications she’ll need for her college work, but do you believe this computer would meet the needs well?


Mico, for college students, this should definitely be enough, but I hope your 17 year old doesn’t mind that he/she can’t play games on it that other guys can. If you’ve got a better budget, I suggest you go for a Dell with a Centrino processor and at least 256 mb of dedicated video ram.

Sara, same for you, this will support everything from a Word processor to Internet. That’s what you really need in college, but nevertheless, if you can put your hands on something that has dedicated video memory with an Intel Centrino processor, you’ll make your kid happier in the long run (as that supports games and better apps).

If you have a limited budget, go for this. It’s not bad at all for this price.

I think I’ll keep an eye our for some Dell specials – sounds like that might be the better route. But THANK YOU for the advice! You’re a wealth of knowlege about this!

Karl, I read an article on a news website that said it has a DVD RW (reader/writer). However, it’s impossible to find accurate information. When you do go to Walmart – please check that it has a DVD RW and not just a DVD R. I reckon it has a DVD writer, but that’s what just one news site says. I’m taking their word for it. Will keep you updated though.

You mentioned its not the greatest for games…what about online games like you’d find on shockwave or msn or others like that…just simple games

I watch a lot of videos and tv shows via internet sites, will this computer processor be fast enough to play these videos and shows with out stuttering?

Definitely Jackie, videos are a no-issue. The laptop is pretty advanced no doubt. Only hi end games will suffer. Some will not play and other will have flickery screens. Videos, DVDs, CDs, etc is cool.

I’m wondering if this would work for playing World of Warcraft? That’s about the only game that I do play that requires decent graphics.

I was wanting to use this with a soft wear called Design Studio to be used with a Cricut Die cuttung system. But, can you tell me if this computer has Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista 32 bit version. Processor speed of 800 Mhr, Ram 512 MB, Hard drive of 100MB, USB port 1.1 and a display resolution setting of 1024X768 or higher. I am only going to use this lap top for this Soft wear. If this won’t work for me can you point me in the right way. All I have is MAC’s and they won’t work for this soft wear. Thank you for all your help.

Sharon, it has all that you’ve written… Although I don’t personally know about Design Studio, but the this laptop covers much more that the minimum requirements. All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey There Cafearjun,

Seems Like You Maybe Work At A Wal-Mart ?? Why Is Everything Up In The Air ABout The CPU, I Have Read Anything From AMD Duel Core 3 Megs Mem, Down To Celeron
2.0MhZ….160HDA, And Shared Graphics……..Any 1394 IEEE Ports ?? And How Many USB 2.0 ?? And It Will Come With 802.XX Compliant Card Installed ? any Room For Expansion ?? Can You Pull Out The HDA And Put In One With The XP O/S ?? Or IS Motheboard Not Compatible ??

Return Policy Is 90 Days ? And No Online Ordering?

Peace And Harmony,
Thank A Lot !

Say I were to buy one, what kind of upgrading options do I have available? I know the RAM is upgradable, but what about the processor and graphics?

It is a bit worrisome that this is a Wal-Mart only model. And Vista Home? Is it Home Basic or Home Premium? Anyone know if you could downgrade to Windows XP?

I’m going to check this out at the store on Friday to at least find the specs, which is what I presume you did? I could not find any specs online. Even checked out the HP website; all they have is the CQ50Z “series”, so it’s really difficult to compare for value.

I am in school online at phoenix and sometimes we have to look at digital videos online. Will this computer allow me to do that? Is it wireless where I can use it anywhere say like in my back yard? Can you burn cds as well or is it just for dvds?

I do alot w/Adobe Illustrator. I have alot of graphics on my system at one time. It sounds like this may take forever to open an eps file in Adobe. Also, what type of programs are installed on this system? Microsoft office or anything like that?

I wanted to make sure I’m clear about the camera. Does it have a built in camera? If not, will I be able hook a camera to this system? Also, you mentioned about the speed. Does it take minutes to respond or just a few seconds?

I know zilcho about this (or any other) laptop – but my husband keeps mentioning something about “dual core”. Does this have “dual core”? Does that really matter?

I have a need for a system that support streaming video without delay (business related). You’ve mentioned that it may take some time to access certain apps/features. Can this system handle streaming video?

I have a need for a system that support streaming video without delay (business related). You’ve mentioned that it may take some time to access certain apps/features. Can this system handle streaming video?

I’m wondering if it has a firewire card. I got a mini-dv last christmas and I found out I could transfer and edit videos to a computer and then post on YouTube…I wonder if this laptop would be able to handle that stuff? My laptop now doesn’t have a Firewire card/port (1394).

Wild Wizard, nah, I don’t work with Walmart, but I love the store and was personally interested in this one, so blogged about it.

You’re right, even I’ve read about some different configurations, but the one mentioned in this post is definitely the Celeron for $298.00. In the post, I’ve given the link to Walmart where they’ve displayed it.

It will definitely work with Microsoft Windows XP, but you’ll have to do a manual install. I don’t think they’ll give you an option of choosing which one you want.

This is a Saturday only deal, and I’m not too sure about the return policy I’m afraid.

Josh, processor and graphics card will be non-upgradable. Different motherboards support different processors and mostly all shared graphics cards are built into the motherboard.

Dan400man – you’re right, I got the specs from a Walmart employee and most likely they’re accurate. You will have to manually downgrade to XP, I don’t think Walmart will give you that option.

Lisa, if you use Illustrator, I suggest you look for a better processor. The Celeron processor is the biggest disadvantage of this Compaq CQ50 139WM. It comes preloaded with Vista Home basic edition, Microsoft Works and Microsoft Office 2007 (60 day trial).

Tracy, no one’s mentioned anything about a camera. So, most probably it doesn’t have a built in camera, in which case you can buy an extrernal USB camera for as low as 20 dollars. Speed will depend on the application or program, but it’s slower than most other processors out there.

Roni – the Intel dual core is a better processor (by definition means 2 processors in a computer). This one is not a dual core, it’s much slower and a bit older than that (technology wise). And yes, it does matter. As I’ve said – this laptop is good for a budget conscious basic user – no fancy games or designing etc.

Chad, I wouldn’t recommend this for businesses. It will support streaming video, but there might be some delays here and there depending on the software you’re using for streaming video. If that’s something you don’t do very often, I guess you’ll do with this Compaq cq 50 series. But is that’s something you do regularly, better go for a better processor – a Centrino, dual core etc.

Can you give out what you know for specs? Also I am not very computer savy…could you explain the differences in processors. And one last thing will a person need to be in line well in advance of 8am on Saturday or not?

Cali, Celeron processors are usually the weakest amongst ones available in this day n age. This is a Celeron – very cheap and that’s why Compaq has been able to offer this price. That been said, it’s not bad for a basic user with 2GB RAM, 160 gb hdd 5400 rpm.

As you know, this is a special credit crunch offer for people solely concerned about the price.

You bet! If you go to your nearest store at its opening time, you’ll miss it (quite likely). That’s how much interest there is on the Internet. Better queue up ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for your knowledge. I am a basic user…I think. I use the computer for the internet, no gaming at all. I also use it to enhance and mess with photos, I like burning slideshows, and of course the occasional xmas or family letter. I love the price and am hopeful this is the right laptop for me.
Forgive me for asking but i really do not know what a processor does. I know I am dumb right!!!
I bought a refurbished computer last April it was 1 GB and 60 hard drive…6 months later it crashed. $600 was the cost so you can imagine my hesitation in purchasing another for the same price. I just wanted a computer to perform the above tasks and no one would say here you go this is what you need. They always want to sell bigger and better and more than I am willing to pay. So hopefully this one will do the trick. At least I am not out much of it crashes. Do you know what kind of warranty it will have?
Thanks for all of your help. I have read all of the posts and you are most helpful!!!

Hey thanks a ton..I so want to go out and buy this lappie coz I am handicapped without 1 @ present.. thanks for the review…will let u know if i actually get it tomm.. regards

Cafe can it handle these two applications, this is what my son wants to run on it? Thanks

Can it handles a lego game with the following system recommendations?:
Pentium 4 or AMD athlon 2.4 ghz +
512 MB ram +
128 MB 3d graphics w/ vertex shader/pixel shader

and how about software for Stop motion animation
requirements Pent 500 mhz or higher cpu
USB 2.0 port
windows comp sound card
16 bit color display adapter
cdrom drive
200 mb free hd space
128 mb ram min (268 suggested)
microsoft windows for windows movie maker (older so it recommends Me or XP) is that compatible to vista


This guy definitely works for Walmart. This is a very interesting marketing strategy on the part of the store.

oh and also, like if i watch stuff off of youtube and other similar places, will it stall and take forever to load properly?


>refurbished computer last April
>it was 1 GB and 60 hard drive
>6 months later it crashed. $600 was the cost

It didn’t come with a 1 year warranty? Ugghhh.
Without knowing *all* the specs, but still, with 1GB RAM & 60GB HD, a refurb @$600 was a rip-off. Especially if it was a desktop. Lappie, still expensive for a refurb.


This lappie’s processor is lower than the Pentium 4 or AMD athlon 2.4 ghz requirement. But the 2GB RAM *might* make up for it, seeing that the requirement there is 512MB. Video: Hard to say, even though the requirement is 128MB and the lappie has 768MB, but this is shared memory, and that’s always a crapshoot in my book.

Depending on the return policy (THE BIGGIE), you might want to (try to) pick one up tomorrow, load your software, and trial run it.

BTW, this will, by no means, be the killer laptop deal of the season. Given the economy, this year’s Christmas shopping season is expected to net some *very* good deals. Frankly, I’ve gotten too old to stand outside of stores for several pre-dawn hours just to hope that I’ll be in line early enough to get a hot deal. For those that just don’t need the processor power, this Walmart lappie *might* be a good deal.

hate to be off the subject a little, but what do you think about this dell mini laptop for $378 compared to the Compaq offered by Walmart tomorrow?

1GB DDR2 at 533MHz
4GB Solid State Drive
No Camera Option
My Accessories
My Service
Also Includes
Intelยฎ Atom Processorยฎ N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache)
Glossy 8.9 inch LED display (1024X600)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950
Wireless 802.11g Mini Card
32WHr Battery (4 cell)

Michael, the configuration is not that great. It’s expensive compared to the one in this article, because it’s tiny. If size matters to you and want to go for an 8.9 inch screen, then go for it. Your one’s really for businessmen who need to check their emails and Word documents. Not much more. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

Cali, sorry for the late reply – Processor is the brain of the computer – A good processor can run better applications faster. A slow processor will take long to open programs, take time in every aspect of it’s running. I think this one’s for you Cali. About warranty, I guess you’ll have a standard International dfor 1 year and options of buying more. All come with power cords (luckily) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lbrennan, a six cell batteryit usually lasts just over 2 hours..

Kanan – All the best getting it tomorrow! Expect a good queue there.. ๐Ÿ™‚

JMC – The first program you’ve listed requires a 2.4 Ghz and this is a 2 Ghz, so no, it can’t handle it. The second program, it can.. Ideally this one’s not really made for graphics..

Christophe – Tell this to Walmart people and tell them to pay me something. That’ll help the charity I contribute to.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nah, don’t work for them and am not getting paid for this.

You’re welcome Chad

Jacqui – Good question about the weight. Not in the specs and I’m not too sure, but looks avg weight in the pics, doesn’t it. Youtube etc will glide on this one, don’t worry about any internet website. Problem is when you want to run downloaded games or animation software. Movies, pics all cool.

Dan400MAN – You’re right, just let this Christmas be over, you’ll see rates never seen in our living memory, things should go really low.

Guys, please drop in a line tomorrow about your experience at Walmart. Hopefully someone will be able to get his/her hands on this one.. ๐Ÿ™‚

>refurbished computer last April
>it was 1 GB and 60 hard drive
>6 months later it crashed. $600 was the cost

It didnโ€™t come with a 1 year warranty? Ugghhh.
Without knowing *all* the specs, but still, with 1GB RAM & 60GB HD, a refurb @$600 was a rip-off. Especially if it was a desktop. Lappie, still expensive for a refurb.

So it was a Dell Latitude D600
I bought it from USA laptops
I was 3 days out of the 6 month warranty and they would do nothing
So now you see why I am cautious and hesitant.
I live in te sticks and it is a blizzrd her so it is doubtful I will get to a Walmart tomorrow…I am bummed. I think this would have been the ticket for me and hey I wouldnt be out as much if it wasnt!!!

hey Cafearjun, do you know if the CQ50 has universal power, so that it can work overseas? most laptops do i think, just checking because it is a lower-end model.

Cali, I’m kind of a newbie to blogging.. can you tell me how you keep track of your comments on blogs? I mean, how do you find out that someone has replied?

Is there a tool to do that?


no, cafearjun, my question is very specific; maybe you don’t understand or don’t know. most portable consumer electronics these days come with “universal power,” which means that they can be plugged into an outlet in any country as long as you have the right prongs. Some items require a TRANSFORMER to change the power from, for example, the USA 110-120 power to the European 220-240 power. The adaptor that comes with the item is also key.

Hey cafearjun,
I am going to be going into college next year with an intent of entering computer information systems as my major. I am pretty sure this computer is going to be perfect for me, but I just wanted to make sure. It has all the specs I want, I am just worried about a program the university might say I need. Great Blog by the way, you are very helpful.

Cafearjun, wow it seems like your comments really helped! you say you dont work at walmart but i just ask a friend of mines that works there and she says 50 came in the store. You will see me there for sure! well i just wanted to ask you i know you said gaming is not good with the lappie but how about regular games like for kids on nickjr, disneychannel etc? thanks for your time!

Hey Wheelerdealer, I guess this should be ok for your uni. All the best with your uni. ๐Ÿ™‚ But you know, the time when all your mates play world of warcraft, you don’t want your computer to be a limitation. Do you?

Pistol, as I’ve said before, any of your Microsoft office apps will run on this. But if you want great speed, go for a centrino or better .. maybe dual core… if you need in once in a while, then this is good for you!

Clong585, are you American? Cause Americans are not very good with saying thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, it should work for basic games, but you don’t want to regret the slow frame rate later. So, if you’re interested in games at all, go for a centrino or dual core. ๐Ÿ™‚ all the best!

Oh cafearjun one more thing. the only reason why im buying this laptop is to burn and download music and pictures. A friend of mines said this lappie would not be the right one to do that. and how much music do you think it will hold?


Cafearjun- thanks for your insight and I called my local store and the manager told me the return policy is as follows:

15 days WITH receipt and all boxes, manuals, etc.

She added, ask for a gift receipt and then the warranty starts 15 days from Dec 25th!!

This should give anyone plenty of time to try it and see if it performs what they need it too.

Thank you very much for your response, I’m not a big gamer, so I guess I won’t have to worry too much about again!

hey cafearjun, will it burn cd’s and dvd’s? Is it good for gaming? Just kidding I have read every comment and this blog was just what I was looking for. Thank You so much for the info. I am buying this for my 7yr old son and 8yr old daughter, so it will be perfect for a few years I hope. Thanks again for all the info I can tell you don’t work there because if I ask an employee of walmart a question I get a blank stare. I will there bright and early. Good luck everyone!!!!! Jan

I just phoned up the local 24 hr Walmart and they go on sale at MIDNITE!

so tonight first i’m gonna hit up the club, then hit up the walmart, hahaha!

I thank you for your answers to all the folks (I read a bunch of them), because they answered all but one of my questions. Can you tell me how I transfer stuff from my Dell Latitude CPx to the Compaq? I have Windows XP and Office 2003 which I’d like to continue using. Thanks:
Silvertip, Dallas TX

I got one this morning…the lines were low at my store. My brother went for me. FYI this computer is sooooo nice and definetly a GREAT buy. It is very professional looking as well. Also something I didnt know is it has lightscribe as well. So excited and so glad I got one. Good luck to the rest of you!!!

Got one today. I got there at 07:05. I went in and stayed in line. They only had 40 units in store. I was number 17. I got 2 Units and I was out the door at 08:20.

I’m loving it!

Got one today. There was no lines, plenty of them stacked up in the back of the cashier waiting for people to pick them up. (it was 9amCT at the time)

Hey Cafearjun! Thanks for the info. I just bought one based on your review, but haven’t used it yet. Do you recommend any upgrades such as memory? I’d like any suggestion you may have. Thanks!


thanks for the tip on the gift receipt–going to do a return and repurchase just to get one–


thanks for the extensive info–wish this was going to be a faster laptop, but it should be great for what my fiance needs–great blog!

Thanks for the review… I was actually considering getting one for my self but The processor was the kicker for me. Your review was awesome you answered all my questions and saved me from jumping up and getting one without knowing. I’m going to wait till Black Friday because on that day I will probably have more of a choice at what I want for 299$. Last year i remember seeing at least 3-4 types of Laptops going for close to that. Thanks again!

Didn’t know about the deal until I showed up at WM for other shopping at 745. I walked by a long line and asked what everyone was waiting for and when I found out, I joined in. I got #33 of 33. I googled to find out if I got a good deal and by your info, which I greatly appreciate, looks like I did. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Your a great help! (PS WM started selling well before 8 at our store also.)

Not enough to go around! Was at the store 2 hours before opening and they only allocated 37 units. There were about 100 of us online so needless to say most of walked away empty handed. Very disappointing. They should give rainchecks to the first 100 customers on line to make up for not meeting consumer demand. The other items advertised they announced they did not even have in stock about 15 minutes before the store opened. Poor treatment of their customers indeed!

hubby on way home from our local walmart; he said they still had a stack of them left!! He also called one of our more computer saavy friends & he said that was a good deal for what we would be using it for & would mention it to his dad!! Thanks for all of the reviews, comments, & questions on your blog!! Best of luck to everyone else!!

I was so mad this AM I arrived at the Walmart closest to where I live – it was in WI (I was the first one there for one) and they told me that it was actually $398!!!!!! I asked about price matching because Walmart is suppose to price match and they said no, it had something to do with WI and state tax (Seriously isn’t this FALSE ADVERTISING?!?!?)…

I then drove 1 1/2 hours, was in line, suppose to get the very last one – and the lady in line (2 a head of me) decided that 2 just wasn’t enough for her and bought three!

$298.00 , jajaja, that is a big catch , there is only 10 per store , if you want to get one at the sale price you have to sleep over in the store. this morning people were waiting since 3:00 am and when i arrive in the store around 7:00am there where more than 100 people looking for the laptops. My opinion is that is a catch to get you in the store.

Went to Walmart on my end of town was not well organized long line is always poorly run though shouldnt have went there. Shot over to west end of town Walmart bout 830am they had a line at the front of the store many managers overseeing, someone taking names on a list as to make sure if you’re in line you’d have one. Had at least 40 prob 50, I think i was #38 and was 10 or so left. PLEASE tell me how this laptop is for those who bought it I’m not opening it quite yet kinda christmas related. thanks cafearjun im glad I found this site and info.

my wife noticed this deal online at 9 am. Called local wm, they had 9 left. Flew down in 15 mins they had 5. Woo hoo for me. I wanted something just to hook up to tv for watching web content and it works great!

bought one this morning. they had abouth 60 i was 10th in line. i bought it for my 9 year old daughter for christmas. this is the only thing on her list!
will this be good for online games on Disney and Webkinz?
These are the sites she is on.

Before buying
(well, with 10 laptops per store this is not “buying”
but a cheap crowd-puller)
do check out
to get a clear
explanation why Walmart can be this ‘cheap’

(Information provided by the US
United Food and Commercial Workers Union)

I have an acer aspire that I got last year at walmart for the low price of 348 so when I saw this sale I got up there this morning and got one. I haven’t opened it yet but this Acer has an intel celeron and I find it works fine. This only has 1 gig and I think a 60 hard drive so that’s what drove me to get the compaq. It will be faster as it will have 2 gigs of memory. I happened to be number 26 out of 27 that they had at this store.

shantel –
yeah that sucks how it was more expensive where you live. It does say very clearly right on the ad page at “Prices may vary in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Hawaii” I wonder why, thats weird.

I got to the wal-mart at 5:30 and was expecting a huge crowd and to my surprise I was the tenth person in the line. The crowd didnt pick up till around 7:45 ish but I have to wait till christmas to open it up.

I went to the local WM and they only had 26 total. There was a line of about 40-50 people. I called the WM in the next twon which is about 20 miles away and some people that I work with that live in that town. My co-worker was in the line waiting to buy the a laptop and that store had about 60 total. Well, to make a long story short, I bought the very last one and that only because someone else had changed their mind on buying it. It’s kind of slow on the net but otherwise I have no complaints, especially not for the price. It’s nice and quiet, too. I highly recommend this for basic computing needs like mine.

Shantel / Wes,
I just read somewhere very recently that Wisconsin does not have the $4 generic prescriptions (that just about every other state has) because of a law that does not allow selling an item below cost. When I read it, I thought it was just medicine, but maybe it extends to all consumer goods? If that’s the case, blame your state lawmakers.

If it were me, I’d max out the memory. This lappie comes with 2GB, but can take up to 3GB, I think. Increasing memory is the #1 thing to improve performance. On most laptops I’ve used, installing the memory is very easy. But don’t pay HP prices to do it. Depending on the type of memory these units use, you can probably find a good quality brand of 1GB for less than $20 after rebate.

Kim, it sounds like you’ve never done the Black Friday thing before! Seriously, they are very careful to advertise the fact that there are limited quantities. These deals are meant to get you into the store, they’re not making much, if any, money on these. It’s not just Walmart, either. Any store that does these doorbuster type of sales do this same thing. It’s all very legal, even if not customer-friendly.

Also, these models were produced for Wal-mart only. Notice the WM at the end of the model number? Likely, HP produced one huge batch of these units several months ago after Walmart called them up and said “we want this lappie with these specs and you will sell 100,000 of these to us for x dollars each. And if you don’t, we’ll never sell another HP or Compaq branded item in our stores ever again.” Economy of scale by doing all of them in one shot helps keep the price down, but Walmart has to forecast quantities waaaaaay ahead of time. If they order too many of them, they get stuck with extra stock whose retail value shrinks by the day, and they would lose $$$. Walmart is good at not losing money.

I got one and it’s a basic laptop, 3 usb ports, a port for an ethernet cable and a regular modem, a blue port for i don’t know what (a screen perhaps) and the DVD-R/RW. There is no port for a 1394 IEEE, which is what I really need, but it still is a good buy for $300. I got to Walmart at 3am and no one got in line until about 5am. Our Walmart had 31.

BUT FYI folks..I open the newspaper this morning and BEST BUY has an eMachine Laptop for sale today for $299…AND YOU CAN BUY IT ONLINE…no waiting in line at Walmart at 3am. It’s an Anthalon process (newer than the Compaq Celeron) but it’s only 1.6GHz compared to the Walmart laptop’s 2GHz. I don’t know if this makes it slower or just comparable or what. The Best Buy laptop’s screen is also smaller (14.1″) and, according to the specs on Best Buy’s website, it only has a ethernet cable port and not a regular modem…again, I don’t know how much of a difference this makes. I ordered one in addition to the Compaq I got at Walmart yesterday for my other kid so I know personally that you can order them online.

Anyway, check the Best Buy website for yourself if you weren’t able to get one of Walmart’s $300 laptops.

Got this laptop yesterday and promptly dumped Vista for XP (lesser of two evils). Found this to be not as intuitive as previous experiences because Compaq does not officially support Windows XP on this laptop – thus there are no XP drivers on the Compaq website. Installing XP is possible though as well as installing drivers for all devices. The hardest part is tracing all the drivers back to the manufacturer’s websites. I’ve compiled all the drivers that I used to get mine working in XP and created an ISO image for anyone else that might want to attempt this.

Link to the ISO:

Hi Again Cafearjun and thanks for your informative replies.

I bought one yesterday, pretty impressed with what i got for the price. it’s pretty slick-looking, too.

Do you know how many slots this lappie has for the RAM? I mean, does it have 2 slots that holds a 1G stick each, or does it have one 2G stick in it? I just want to know if i’ll be able to add more RAM to it if it has an extra slot available. sorry if I don’t make sense cuz i really don’t know much about computers. hope you can make out what I’m trying to ask you.

Oh, and I can take out the Vista and add XP on it right?

There were about 7 people when I got in line at 6:45. By 7:30 there were about 70 like a great computer, I can’t get the blue tooth to work on mine though..I know I read that it was supposed to have it, and I have found the menu for it, but won’t recognize my phone.

I just want to add something I noticed about the computer. The viewing angle for the screen is extremely shallow. If you’re watching a video and you are not looking directly at the screen you get all sorts of distracting negative blackout effects. For the price I couldn’t care less, just thought some would like to know that. otherwise, the computer is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. I feel like I got a real steal.

checked out the $300 emachine at Best Buy, already soldout everywhere including online. somewhat newer procesor, but less ram and less processor speed. 14″ instead of 15. Personally I wouldn’t return the cq for the emachine.

hello All,
Those are using this laptop… can u please let me know how the speed is?
is it working slow as it has the celeron ?

PC Works Great! But Wal-Mart is not selling this PC for $298 at all locations. Certain states are not allowed to sell the PC for less than “cost”. Unfortunately I live in one of those states… and Wal-Mart wanted to sell it for $428. The store manager ended up selling the PC to everyone that showed up at 8am on Saturday for $398. What a SCAM by Wal-Mart! It should not matter what state you live in… if they are advertising it for $298 then they whould sell to everyone everywhere for that price! Anyway… it works great, and it still was a good deal. It’s really fast… no complaints! I had ordered a similar PC by Dell for $200 more needless to say I canceled the order!

I went to our local WM @ 7:30 and they only had 12. Line was about 20 deep. Went to a WM about 20 minutes away and could’t find the store! Bad directions. Tried a WM next to a Sam’s, it was 8:30 at this point, and they had over 100 machines. That was pretty common except for the WM with 12. Needless to say, I got one. Very nice machine.

Reporting from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

It was mentioned earlier that sales just as good will be advertised around the holidays…. so no worries. My question is …. When? B4 or after the holidays? Please tell me not on Black Friday.

It is actually both before and after but my best deals are usually in January, like for example, I bought a Zune player for $70 ( retailed at $179 ). where getting rid of their slow selling butt ugly brown colored ones.
I really didn’t want a brown one so decided to go to Sears to see if I could price match and to my surprised they honored it, was black BTW. ๐Ÿ™‚

hey GM, I have a question for you. this laptop has 2RAM, but i want to know if it has 2 slots that fit 1 RAM each (and therefore used up) or is there still another slot in which i can add more RAM.

Yes only 2 slots, you do not have a slot free, also I didn’t post on my blog yet but Best Buy has a better version of this laptop ( AMD Athlonโ„ข X2 QL-60 Dual-Core Processor 1.9 ghz and NVIDIA GeForce 8200M video card ) for $399 since my Wal-Mart laptop handle games like The Sims 2, Act of War & C&C Generals this one should really handle graphic extensive programs a bit better.


Ok 2 quick questions…. does it have s-video ? and you mentioned that it was not idealistic for games… what about a low end FPS game called counter strike… i am not referring to the HL2 source versions, but the lower end originals such as 1.6 and CZ

hey guys,

I’d like to buy a battery for this computer; would a 12-cell lithion battery work fine to your knowledge??

It’s a Celeron, POS, not worth it! You’ll run into so many problems with a Celeron… save $300 more and get a Core 2 Duo.. 100000000x better then a Celeron..

Celeron=poor mans intel….

Wes, it will run counter strike 1.6 choppy… it won’t play counter trike source… no dedicated video card… POS Celeron…

I got this for my son as a christmas gift. I set it up so it’s ready out of the box. I ran PC Decrapifier and got rid of a lot of the bloatware, lost norton, installed Avast and a few other things here and there like office firefox and various antispyware apps. I got on line with an HP tec and verified that max RAM supported is 3GB. It has two slots on the bottom that are easy to get to. I remove the top 1GB an put in a 2GB and I had no problems running with the 3GB. For the money it’s hard to beat

I bought this computer with the intention of getting rid of Vista and installing XP
What a mistake!!! It is all but impossible as Microsoft has found a way to shove Vista up our back sidesโ€ฆ. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE if your intending on loading XP. Do your homework.

Not happy with this laptop at all. I spoke to Kevin Wolcoski at HP Corporate 1-877-917-4380 EXT: 93 and he basically said you get what you pay for. I bought this product for my kid for Christmas and two days later had a hardware issue and needed to be sent in. The product is not due back till Feb. 2. While Kevin did say that he would offer a full refund, the issue is that I purchased on sale and today the purchase price for any similar laptops is hundereds of dollars more. Customer service is a disaster. Overall, horrible experience all the way around with this product. Save your money.

Hi cafer.,

I had a question on CQ50-139WM laptop. Does this require any special cable to connect to TV or just a VGA to s – video cable will do.

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