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Duchess of Birmingshire or Dutchess of Birminghamshire? Patricia Place passes away.

Searching for Duchess of Birmingshire and Duchess of Birminghamshire played by Patricia Place?

Patricia Place - The Duchess of Birmingshire died on 20th September 2008.
Patricia Place – The Duchess of Birmingshire actress died on 20th September 2008. RIP.

There is sad news – Patricia Place – The actress who played Duchess of Birmingshire passed away in September, it was announced at the end of the program. Patricia Place was 83 when she died of Pneumonia. She was secretly fighting cancer without her family’s knowledge. Place was most known for her role in “Emma Smith – My story” as Emma Smith Bidamon. She had also acted in several other TV shows and movies.

A thread on VH1 says that the actress Patricia Place unfortunately passed away on the 20th of September. She worked till one day before her death. An article on Herald Extra is mentioned there.

My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

Old news

Is there actually a “Duchess of Birmingshire”? I think the Duchess of Birmingshire title is just made up, something like Judge Julie, and she’s just an actress. Why else would an actual duchess be on a TV show, and a low budget one at that. A CS preview is available of the show where I wonder if Lacey and Brandi C are being challenged by Inna to get them up on the chopping block?

To me, I think I’ve seen the woman somewhere, so most probably it is an actress. Love Sharon’s pretty laugh on the previews 😉

We need Info

There so less info about this on the Internet. If you know anything about this for sure, please do everyone a favor and drop in a comment. PLEASE!!!

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Cafearjun, I agree, she is definitely an actress and because Inna didn’t want to be in Lacey and Brandi C’s team, she’s probably building her own team now!

Karla, web definition of Duchess – Wife or widow of a Duke, a woman with the highest hereditary rank.

Usually in movies, TV shows they portray a royal family relative, with loads of money and charm as a Duke or Duchess.

They showed on TV, at the end of the program that Patricia Place was the actress and she had died in September. So your Herald news article is correct Thanks!

May she rest in peace.

I too looked up the “Duchess of Birmingshire” simply because I wondered how someone from the Royal Family would appear on a show like this. Stranger things have happened. However, are we talking about the same Patricia Place? According to IMBD, she was born in Dec 7, 1930, which would put her at 78, not 83. The same page also shows no mention of her death, which IMBD is accurate at keeping up with. (i.e-when Bernie Mac died, his death was posted on IMBD on the same day). I read the Herald news article too which also gives the incorrect age; we’re talking about a 5 year difference. Anyone?

I do stand corrected on her death-they showed it at the end of the episode of “Rock of….Charm School.” Many condolences to her family. RIP.

I just watched Charm School tonight where they ended with the “In Memoriam” for Patricia Place. A couple hours earlier she was on a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond. She was the girlfriend Deborah’s dad brings to Thanksgiving and eveyone is worried her mom will be hurt since they just got divorced and everyone thinks she’ll be a young little cupcake. Turns out she is really old. Hadda take a nap even. Even robert grows a little crush on her by the end. Coinicidence I thought…

I just watched rock of love charm school, and man was she funny. May she rest in peace and may god bless her. She was a very good actress on rock of love charm school

I first met Patricia Place when I was in college back in 1965, at the now defunct Equity theater, Arena House, in Harrisburg, PA. At that time she was a local and appeared using her real name, Charm Sorbello. She was married at the time and had several children, one of whom (Roz Sorbello), a teenager then, also appeared at Arena House in “Stop the World…I Want to Get Off”. I lost touch when I continued with my schooling elsewhere, but I believe she divorced and continued her theatrical career in NYC, then on the West Coast in films and TV.

At the time I knew her she was a very attractive woman, and I see from more recent photos she did not lose her looks as so many do. I don’t know if her family still lives in the Harrisburg area or not, but I just learned of her passing from another Arena House actor. I extend my sympathies to all who knew and loved her, under what ever name.

I thought she was very funny too. However there is no such place as Birminghamshire! Birmingham is a city in the West Midlands.

I saw Patricia Place in Arizona Sky and she was wonderful. May GOD bless and that she is resting in peace.

I worked with her at the Mountain Playhouse in PA. in the 70’s. She appeared in several shows using the name Charmian Sorbello at the time. She was a talented and very beautiful lady

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