Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson divorce?

Robyn Moore (Robyn Gibson after marriage), Mel Gibson’s wife for 28 years, has filed for divorce stating “irreconcilable differences”. The celebrity couple issued a joint statement through a common spokesperson stating that maintaining the integrity and protecting its privacy was the top priority for the both of them…

Strained relations - Robyn Moore Gibson and Mel Gibson parting ways
Strained relations - Robyn Moore Gibson and Mel Gibson parting ways

While a direct quote is still awaited from any of the concerned parties, insider reports paint a different picture altogether. The word around the street is that friends and family had been speculating this long-impending divorce. Some reports even suggest that the divorce had been filed way back in August, 2006 when Gibson, 53, was held under charges of driving under influence of alcohol and was involved in a major roadside accident. Some might even recall that it wasn’t long before that Gibson bore the brunt for making anti-Semitic remarks. The original “sex symbol” of Hollywood has been in a personal turmoil of sorts in the past decade or so. Despite having a long spate of blockbusters to his credits, Gibson just hasn’t been able to shed the ‘bad playa’ image that has been so lovingly bestowed upon him by the media and audience alike.

…Coming back to the Mel-Robyn saga, the couple has jointly reiterated that they would sort things out amicably instead of washing dirty linen in public, as has been the forte of other celebrity break-ups. Watch this space for the next big dope on the Mel-Robyn story…

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