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Free Medical Advice for your Medical Questions. Great start, what’s next?

I have been following the “Free Advice”, “Free help”, “Free this”, “Free that” news pretty actively on the Internet. When everyone in the world was crazy for domain names, a company came out of nowhere offering free “.com” domain names (it ultimately went bust, but that’s beside the point 😉 ). When information was expensive and you had to subscribe to encyclopedias like Encarta or Britannica, Wikipedia came and made it all free. Then it was the paid news era – Online news subscription! Who would’ve thought, those same Newspapers will be competing with each other to provide more and more for free online! Thank you Google.

Talking of services that are still “paid for” on the Internet – there’s web hosting, all physical products that need to be delivered to you, leisure stuff like hotel stays, airlines, holidays etc and that’s probably about it (leaving the teeny weeny video, audio downloads, tickets, services etc.)

There’s one industry that has evolved at a fairly slow pace online – Medicine, Medical advice and stuff related to doctors and hospitals. Some time ago, Google came up with Google health, which at one point, was believed, had a bright future and was destined to take medical services to levels similar to other fields, but that wasn’t to happen.

While searching for a solution to my friend’s insomnia related problem, I came through to this new web site – Free Medical Helpline – Started by a few Doctors from India. They emphasize on giving medical guidance, and not prescriptions.

A new Free in Medical field
A new “Free” in Medical Advice

I have posted a question on this site about my friend’s medical issues. On going through some questions posted by others, I can see how the team was enthusiastic at first and has gradually come down to miniature answers. Probably the site can evolve into a wider encyclopedic source as and when questions come in. I will keep at eye out for my answer and update this post once I get an answer to my question.

Time will tell if this “Free Medical Advice Service” will pass the test of time and join Newspapers and Social Media!

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

15 replies on “Free Medical Advice for your Medical Questions. Great start, what’s next?”

i have hi blood presure and have tryed many different pills but they all lowervmy sex drive i need the pills is there any thing i can do about my drive

i underwent one operation in my left leg near by thigh 3 years back. doctors removed lymph node from there. after surgery every 2 months or 3 months frequently i am getting pain and sweeling in my whole leg, specailly my thigh region will be become redish like tomota, with high fever. after antibiotics the redish will go usually….but i am looking for permanant solution.

my question is do i need another operation ? why i am getting this frequenty?? doctors told me to take hetrazen tablets monthly 1 week regularly which is for filarial or elphatisiasis…

i am mentally upset….i need ur advice

I have a metalic taste in my mouth worse with food..never had before. great teeth no pain, cleaned every 6 mo.

Hai my age 65 years my son brought for me following supplement from USA
2.flaxseed oil 1000mg
3.centtrum silver multivitamin.
4.prostate health complex saw palmetto.
6.Trunature Cranberry 300mg
7.Trunature grape seed.

Dr. can I take all or not please I need your helpfull advice which
supplement I can use on daily I need your suggetion please.

due to old age, there are chances of having a fracture on hip/ thai and back side bowl which generally end up with the life and people live very miserable life. is there any protective coverage to wear(made out of plastic, fabric but flexible enough to have regular movement) which can protect the man from such type of fracture.

what is mean by urine retention? how urine retention in the glands affects the kidney. what should be maximum quantum of urine afterwhich man should go for operation of prostate? is medication not an alternative to operation. if the P.S.A test is normal and urine outflow is irregular.the operation of prostate is suggested. post operation difficulties are some time more. pl.advise.

i recently got tests results back and had shown i have very low folic acid count. now the gp wants me back on thursday to get an ther test done . it is called anti-bodi screen test. what does this mean

I have high blood pressure. I been drinking Tekturna 300mg and lovastine 20mg twice a day. Recently I discover bood in my semen that it’s normal. I start feeling pain in my lower back.

I have small red bumps that appear on my fingers,usually only 2or 3 on each hand.After about 3 weeks they develope into perfectly round sores about 1/4 inch round,about 3 more weeks and they disappear.I have one starting on the palm of my hand now.My dermatolagist sent a sample to a Lab and neither had seen anything like it.He prescribed Clobetasol 0.05% Cream,twice daily,doesn’t seem to do any good.They are the same with or without medicine.

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