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Susan Boyle talks of boyfriend, virginity on TV. Why? It was a gimmick!

Susan Boyle - Unbrushed hair, lonely, virgin - Best suited to publicity!
Susan Boyle - Unbrushed hair, lonely, virgin - Best suited to publicity!

I am probably the latest Susan Boyle fan but I just can’t understand why they made all the hype before her performance on Britain’s Got Talent! Why would anyone talk of their own virginity, lonely life, not having been kissed ever and present themself with un-brushed hair? I’m forced to believe it was all a planned show!

Hair raising stuff – Her performance and the way the whole performance on Britian’s Got Talent was picturised, planned and recorded.

I, like any other Susan Boyle fan was searching to find more about her.  My obvious curiosity lied in knowing more about her  family, boyfriend, husband etc! Hence the topic “Susan Boyle Boyfriend”.

Came across this blog that claims it’s all a gimmick! You know what? I believe this guy! Check it out – Susan Boyle’s boyfriend

Breaking News – “Susan Boyle has been kissed” reports – She lied on TV?!

Contrary to how she describes her life (on Britain’s Got Talent), Susan Boyle’s neighbour claimed that she has been kissed. reported this yesterday. Angel or Crazy for publicity? You decide.

Some not so pretty exposure - Susan boyle
"Not so pretty" exposure - Susan Boyle

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

28 replies on “Susan Boyle talks of boyfriend, virginity on TV. Why? It was a gimmick!”

Susan Boyle has the voice of an Angel. Every one should leave her alone. I do not care about her hair. Just enjoy the voice. — GOOD LUCK SUSAN!!!!!!!!!

Just goes to show you. The ignorance of small-minded jealousy is not reserved for people with Hollywood beauty or lives of riches and splendor. The jealous will make every effort to destroy and victimize the good in everyone around them in hopes that what little good they have can then be seen. It does not work that way though. The real people of the world can always see through the needy tantrums of the “critics.” To quote Oscar Wilde “The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.” To which I would add…”If they are someone intelligent enough to be educated.”

I have a cat- neutered and no boyfriend and no singing talent whatever – so why shouldn’t she answer a question honestly? If I were asked I would tell anyone I am at an age where I don’t care – it is not a status symbol – having some guy tag along in or out of bed anymore,too much trouble. The cat needs feeding is all.
She has a voice and marketing potential ! Good for her- to me she seems pretty real, white shoes, black stockings and unbrushed hair – take note you southern belles with your fake nails et al and NO talent.!

I just know the news media will tear up Susan for no good reason . Hang on Susan…..and good luck, and I will buy ur CD, for you have a beautiful voice……and you re-taught me valuablr leason……….’dont pre judge’……………lov ya….Douglass

Hey ! I just think (Susan Boyle ) ….you….have the “Gift of God’s” voice to sing that greatfully. Don’t stop singing……hopefully you’ll be famous with your voice if you believe in yourself ! Congrats !

Susan may well have had a male friend in her life that she sometimes went to a movie with or to dinner with or even sat around the house watching the t.v. with. Does that constitute a boyfriend? Until someone comes up with medical proof that she is not a virgin how about we just take her at her word in the audition recordings. Her sex life or lack of it is hers to tell and not ours to suspect and judge. I know a few woman that are church going that share no love in their lives and have never been kissed I’m related to three of them and 2 of the three are nuns the third dropped out just before becoming one but has never left her love for god. Do I question their truthfulness no I don’t. Susan is bless with an incredible voice and I am blessed for having heard it. Why can’t we ever be happy with the privilege. Susan sharing that voice is indeed a privilege and her personal life should be her own to tell or not to tell end of story

Susan Boyle did an amzing job!Why worry about her bussiness . This is what starts rumors and crazy theories. Leave her alone and enjoy her!!

Just because she came on tv looking like most of us do on a normal day, its big news.
Was if a gimmick..of course it was. Imagine a plump, middle aged lady, well dressed, coiffed hair, good voice.. We would not have given her more than 3 listens.

Val Miller, I guess the post has gone straight past you. It is not about talent (we know she’s cool), but the need to lie about “never been kissed” etc.?

Why is the topic of her being kissed is getting more attention than Boyle’s actual singing…and so what if she has lied to the media about the matter….Now if you’re a handsome hunk in college/work…ask yourself ……would you kiss someone like Boyle???….Let’s just enjoy Boyle’s singing because, after all it’s her talent that matters….

I say no matter what she did or didn’t say the woman CAN, and quite frankly that’s all I care about!!!

My friend asked me if i have heard of you,

i said” susan who?”

i seen you on you tube.

Girl,its your time to shine !!

Enjoy it, be your own person.

Your voice is a gift!!!

The look on Simon’s face,priceless !

Bring it home darlin!!!

“Neve been kissed” is an expression. It was no gimmick. If you listened to her she was on a role. She didn’t say it to lie. She wasn’t getting browny points for kissing or not. If she got on stage and sang badly, they were not going to let her stay because she hadn’t been kissed or not. The truth is people need to knock down the talent.


Should we really care? Think about how many talentless celebrities lie everyday. How in the world will it effect us if she has or hasn’t been kissed?

At least she’s offering something to the entertainment world that hasn’t seen this much spotlight in years: talent.

I think it’s just an innocent joke in which she is making fun of herself…going along with the audience, you know.

I do believe that SOME of BGT is fake! Just like that kid Shaheen.
Why the hell did Simon tell him .. ow stop your doing it all wrong. Do something else. Then he said I can do Micheal Jackson.

What I have found on the internet about him:
Experience: Has been singing since the age of five and played a young Michael Jackson in stage musical Thriller Live. Appeared alongside Gary Lineker in a Walkers advert and had bit parts in Casualty and Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

And all the three judges give him a standing ovation. That did not happen with Susan.

I think Susan is real deal. I believe that that they just asked her… are you married? ever been married before? Or ever had a boyfriend? I would ask that question. Just look at her!!!!

The reason why she gave that answer is because of her personality. You can tell by the way she is on stage, before stage. It is who she is. She is a mixture of class & fun! If she is an actrice. She is on hell good of an actrice.

Believed “never been kissed” because she is not the most attractive person. Nevertheless, its her magical voice that should carry her far.

Just a question… article said she participated in numrous talent shows. How come no one heard of her prior to this?

No doubt that Susan is talented and has a lovely voice! But come on – to appear on national TV without brushing her hair and wearing a goofy dress? She was chosen and asked to audition, plus the judges all heard her sing ahead of time. So, it was all fake! They probably told her what to say, too. I was a bit surprised at how rude the audience was to her when she walked out – but they were probably coached to be that way!!!

These TV shows treat the public like we’re complete idiots! That’s why I don’t watch any of that stuff anymore. I wish her luck, but I’m afraid she’s just their “object” to make them money. Sad!

No. I don’t think it is fake. And I don’t think the judges heard her before since there are too many candidates. I love her singing because I think her interpretation of the songs is better than other stars, especialy on “I don’t know how to love Him”.

I agree with Christine and Lauren’s previous comments, Susan also has a lovely voice and although she didn’t win the final of Britain’s got talent she will go far I think, her private life is her own business I think why can’t people leave her alone, perhaps she has got a male friend with whom she shares certain aspects of her life, why do people always think that female and male relationship must always be of a carnal nature. A woman can be friends with a man without being on that level. just because she is unmarried doesn’t mean her life is not full. I know many single ladies who have a meaningfull life and enjoy their singlestatus. I wish Susan good luck in the future don’t listen to the kill joys they are just envious the green eyed monster first coined by Shakespeare from his play of Othello rears it’s ugly head yet again.

Susan Boyle has been kissed, kiss? what kind of kiss? I think she never lips to lips kiss between lovers.
Why people want to make a fuss about she have been kiss or not.

If you look at her early videos when she was in her twenties she was slim and attractive. It is difficult to imagine she couldn’t have attracted a boyfriend if she wanted to. I once dated a Catholic girl who would let me hold hands and occasionally allow me to lightly kiss her at the end of a date but no more. There are still attractive women out there who wont do more outside of wedlock. I think it’s very often the case that women who were once young and attractive have their external features fade as they reach middle age. Why Susan is single is her own business. There is a ton of beauty in this woman for those with the heart to see. After all “beauty” really is from with in.

i wanna post a reply for mary’s previous comment, she doesnt have a husband, i dunno if she was working at the time or not, but come on, who knows if she did her best at making her look all pretty and stuff?

Publishing those pictures is disgusting
You prefer false tits false everything like the horrors we see on tv or mags ?
This natural woman is fantastic
I love her

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