Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel to feature FV Katmai sinking. I can’t wait!

Fishing Vessel Katmai
Fishing Vessel Katmai

Tragedy struck fishing vessel Katmai in October 2008

FV (for Fishing Vessel) Katmai Ship was a fishing boat that operated commercially. Last year, in October it sank a few miles west of the Adak Island in the Aleutians.  During its sinking, the Katmai was playing host to a film shooting and tragically 7 of the 11 crewmen onboard were killed.  It wasn’t the first to face disaster. 4 other fishing vessels like the Katmai have sunk in Alaskan waters in the last 10 years, one being Artic Rose, where all 15 crew members will killed.

What’s so special about Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Season 5?

Team Discovery Channel have been there during the search and rescue operation and they’ve got amazing, raw footage to show me. It’s season 5 of “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery and I ain’t missing it.

I am still not sure if they actually found the live sinking footage, but it is definitely worth watching and waiting for. Any other questions, lemmi know.

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11 replies on “Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel to feature FV Katmai sinking. I can’t wait!”

Probably because it was the only one they had video on and probably the only major one that took place last year DURING the crabing season. You have to understand that they are ONLY filming during the crabbing season which runs October through January…..which is NOT the entire year. Plus most of the other boats that go down either they didn’t catch any film on it OR it wasn’t too exciting.

I find this horrible… Those men were lost at sea and you write about being exciting about seeing live footage. That’s just sick! It’s just like those people who slow to look at accidents on the road, what sick pleasure do you get out of it?

Liv, it’s not pleasure of watching someone die. I don’t intend to watch the program for that reason. I am pretty impressed by the thought of that footage being saved, as that would form building blocks of a more stable fishing industry with lesser catastrophes.

This show “Deadliest Catch” is looking more and more staged every year.I am sick to my stomach about the so-called spoiler comments on other sites.These poor folks on the Katmai and their Families and Friends know to tragic outcome,while the producers of this show wanna make a cliffhanger for ratings.I hope you get your ratings and remember the lives that were lost and it haunts you when u sleep under your stacks on money.It could of been a 2-3 hrs special and tribute to these folks yet you being the cash pigs you are never had any intentions of doing things proper for these folks.Shame on anyone responsible for the way this was played out.Damn u straight to hell.
Stop finding lame excuses for the death merchants

Hm…sad stuff. I lost my nephew in 2006 when his crab boat sank and he and all his crew were lost.
Still, the West Coast lower 48 fisheries are more deadly than Alaska’s…Deadliest Catch is a bit of overdramatization maybe! 😉

I disagree….I worked at Airstation Sitka for a year and half and we had on average 300 search and rescue cases a year. If you compare that to other units in the lower 48 they typically get about half that maybe a little more then that. And this is just for ONE unit. AirSta Kodiak gets more SAR cases in a year then a combination of most of the shore stations in Washington State. Sorry to hear about your nephew but I have to disagree with you on the second statment.

i worked on the katmai out of hawaii in 05 . i loved it and the crew then . i dont know what to say,what a loss . ifeel so bad for the families of the lost. it takes a special kind of man to work on a fishing love goes out to everyone. p.s. i have pictures of the katmai from my time on it.

I would love to see any pictures you have from your time on the Katmai. You may have worked with my son’s god father Cedric Smith.

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