Eurovision song contest – My ratings out of 10

SN  Country       Song/singer name    Score out of 10    My notes (for later reference)

1. Lithuania –     Love                                                        8
hat guy – amazing singer – great song

2. Israel    –         There must be another way          4
2 girls – one arab, 1 jew singing for peace – doesn’t sound melodious.

3. France    –       If it had to be done                           5
Patricia Kaas – 16 million sold – low song, good singer, not too bad.

4. Sweden    –      Tell me what you’re thinking       5
Blond girl – english + swedish – opera style – very high pitch

5. Croatia   –       Beautiful Tena                                    7
Guy singing amazing arabish tune – white dress girl high pitch support

6. Portugal  –     All the streets of Love                     6
Fat girl, happy song – very average

7. Iceland   –      Yohanna – Is it true?                        9
B E A utiful singer blue dress, breakup song, nice rhythm, good singer.

8. Greece    –       This is our night                                 8
26 albums by this singer, ex gymnast, nice beat, good performance, not much singing.

9. Armenia   –     Jan jan                                                   7
Indian tune, 2 chinese looking girls, nice constumes

10. Russia   –       Anastasia – Mamo (Mother)         6
Stupid nurse type dress, out of tune at times, crazy singer, nice high pitch

11. Azerbaijan –  Arash – Always                                 7
Man (bald) + woman (miniskirt)

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Clear water              7
Nice male singer, raaga based song, white costumes, guitars etc.

13. Moldova – Hora (traditional dance)                  9
Great song, tradition, arabic song, nelly – great singer

14. Malta – Chiara – What if we                                     9
Great song, greater singer (fat) – my winner – no dance/performace (only drawback)

15. Estonia – urban symphony- Travellers            8
Looks like silvia, great singer, nostalgic song – to download

16. Denmark – Break – Believe again                         8
Keating clone, nice english song

17. Germany – Mis kiss kiss Bang                               7.5
Cool, happy song, handsome singer, 70s style, fast, peppy

18. Turkey – Dum tek tek                                               7
Red dress, shakira clone, nice peppy song, not a winner

19. Albania – Carry me in your dreams                   6.5
Sounded ok, just didn’t like it, inge clone, good start, blue man

20. Norway – bookies’ fav – Fairy tale                      8.5
Young singer cum violen player, nice storytelling song, very nice

21. Ukraine – Swetlana – Be my valentine               8
Very raunchy, but an entertaining song, my sexy sexy BOM . Whats BOM!

22. Romania – The balkan girls – Elena                    7
Nice song, but a cheap attempt to get votes. mmm…

23. UK – Jade – Its my time                                          9
A very good looking girl dressed badly, no act, great singing

24. Finland – I don’t want to lose control              8
Good group, very catchy song, well sung, rap included

25. Spain – The night is for me                                    7
Good singers, average song.

Finally, I voted for Moldova.

By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

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