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This is a little true incident that made my day and possibly, will help my business in a big way, going forward.

I have been planning to set up my own online business and have been inundated with ideas over a long time. Nothing seemed to strike the right balance until I decided to go full throttle with this idea I call Z.  Times are bad, and because of recession (especially in the UK), I have been struggling to find work for my company. I thought this was the best time to actually give my business idea Z a good shot.

One fine day, I decided to look for some help for my idea online so went on and Googled for “Entrepreneur support in London”. came up. I found a brilliant web site focused on finding investors for entrepreneurs – a unique platform where investors and entrepreneurs meet, entrepreneurs pitch with details of their business or business idea, investment required, return and other details like time required to break even, projections, industry etc and the facility to upload a video explaining the idea.

I immediately signed up and uploaded details of Z – my business idea that I knew will do amazingly well. I uploaded cash projections, investment required and other details that I thought were important to attract angel investors.

A couple of days later, I got my first enquiry from an Investor. But this was where I was stuck. demanded I pay 100GBP to view investor details and to be able to contact the investor. At this stage I wrote an email to explaining my cash situation. With hardly any money in the account, it was impossible to shell out that 100 quid for a “possible” enquiry.

Mr Tim Lancaster, Business Development Manager from replied back with a supportive email. I explained the scenario and proposed to pay if I find a suitable investor. The call to action was forwarded by Tim to Managing Director Mr Rishi Anand. Tim emailed me back saying “Mr Rishi Anand” will pay for you. “Wow! ” I thought, these guys are serious about finding me an investor.

I was quite surprised to be honest. Most of the other websites are hardly useful, and are aimed at making money, but is one site that actually believes in and tries hard to connect Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Although that particular enquiry didn’t convert into an investor, there was incredible knowledge gained.

I am very impressed with the team at – Mr Rishi Anand, Mr Tim Lancaster and others who are working to make the two ends meet. I wish them good luck with their venture. Thanks again guys, if you ever come to read this..

Venture Giant - Rishi Anand and Tim Lancaster - Helping investors meet entrepreneurs – People like Rishi Anand (MD) and Tim Lancaster (Business Development Manager) at Venture Giant are working hard to help investors meet entrepreneurs

Have a business idea that you think Rocks?
Is the only thing holding you back money or investment?
Are you willing to share a pie of your business in return for cash to start or run your business?

All Yes’ ?
Go to from UK/US or from India.All the best!

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By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

7 replies on “’s Rishi Anand and Tim Lancaster made my day!”

Dear Tim,
I have forwarded a business project for your inspection and would be pleased if you will get back to me with your suggestions, so that we can take it from there.

I really, need your assistance and hope this time things would be sucessful.

Counting on your maximum and unchallengeable assistance.

nana sarpong

Wow… this service sounds cool (also found via Google) – TBH I had begun to convince myself that VG was a scam. Does anyone else have experience of the organisation? We’d be keen to hear before paying £100 for the opportunity to make contact. And does anyone know if the ‘investors’ have to pay a fee to access the system? cheers for input – Oi!

I have taken a good look at this site and there is no way it’s a scam – I found and tehy have given a link from it. also, google venture giant youw ill see they are launching in india and australia.

also found this, this sghows all of the investors:

And all of tyhese articles, they are to well written for it to be a scam.

BUT – from what I am seeing here, I doubt you will raise 50k – £100k fro a listing UNLESS you are a really confident person and have a really good business idea. They will probably get you interested investors, BUT its gonna be upto you to convince them to invest right!


I completely agree with you chris. It’s going to be hard to raise investment especially in this economic climate. I think it’s a really good idea though.

I have a business which will conclude with out any doubts .
Will require investment of £8m for which securities will be
given through solicitors .

The investor /investors will have a very high return .

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