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Zip Holidays has now partnered exclusively with to assist it in locating its funding requirements. Company CEO of Zip Holidays has stated that the company required funding and after much research chose Venture Giant because it is positioned to assist in helping Zip Holidays locate a suitable angel investor in the travel industry.Venture Giant a premier UK business angel investment network and small to mid sized business networking portal that matches active business angel investors with entrepreneurs’ seeking investment angel capital and business funding.

Angel Investors and entrepreneurship in UK

The total pool of Angel Investor capital available at Venture Giant is over Ј180 million at time of writing and is growing every day.

We have all watched the hugely successful BBC television show The Dragons’ Den and many of us either feel the pain of how difficult it is for these innovative entrepreneurs to get the hard to find angel capital for their business ideas or, aspire to be like the successful dragons on the show and want to be able to access these exciting start-up companies.

Venture Giant was created to bridge this gap, make the deal flow sourcing process much easier and accessible and simply make it a win/win for all parties involved.

Business Angel Investors

Many people with a little extra cash are turning to seed and early-stage type of investments as a result of all the press around huge buy-outs and pay days for early investors in many start-ups’. None perhaps better known than Google which saw one angel investor make over $1 billion (Ј500 million) from an initial investment of just $100,000 (Ј50,000)!

The list continues with such success stories as YouTube, Yahoo, eBay and many believe the next major buy-out to be Facebook who sold a 1.6% Equity stake for a staggering US $240m valuing the social networking giant at US $15 billion. Chances are this company was launched like many of the others with a handful of early-stage investors with a reasonable amount of money to get started.

If you are an Entrepreneur looking for angel funding or angel investment by angel investors for your start-up or established business then Venture Giant is possibly the only resource you will need during your search for early-stage, seed investment capital or business financing to kick-start your new business or expand your existing business.

Are you an Angel Investor?

If you are an Angel Investor actively seeking to invest your money in more rewarding and profitable ways, then Venture Giant has the most extensive collection of start-up proposals for Angel Investors, geared towards seed or early-stage investment, all rounds of funding, expansion/growth capital, and research & development (R&D) funding.

Venture Giant also offers Angel Investors a free filtered deal-flow daily or monthly email from some of the UK’s most talented entrepreneurs’.

For more information, visit ‘Making Entrepreneurs & Investors, rich’ or

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