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Unfortunately Measure / MobileOcr / Engriks Has Stopped – Android Mega Viruses

Unfortunately Measure Has Stopped

Unfortunately mobileOcr Has Stopped

Unfortunately engriks Has Stopped

Please note: This post has been updated many times, and now we have found a solution together. Scroll down to the last paragraph to go straight to the solution.

Welcome to the world of super-annoying but super powerful android phone viruses. These viruses can’t be removed by restarting the phone, stopping apps, removing apps – what’s more, even doing a hard reset where the entire phone is formatted to factory default settings doesn’t remove these super stubborn malware like Measure, engriks and mobileOcr!

You would think – Why not install an anti-virus, right? Anti Virus software like “NQ Security” (that come as a default with Gionee phones) have no idea what is going on and are no good for these viruses. I scanned the phone and NQ security didn’t even report malware or virus, forget removing or cleaning it. Even McAfee has no idea about dealing with this according to some forums. AVG anti-virus evidently does uninstall the virus but it re-installs itself a few seconds later.

I tried looking everywhere around the Internet and I have no idea how to stop the constant popups that just won’t let me use the phone. For you to come to a solution to this problem and install a proper malware cleaner, you need to go to GooglePlay Store and install the app right? The absolutely horrendous popups with “unfortunately this app has stopped” will keep coming up relentlessly. You will get .5 to 1 second intervals when you can quickly click parts of the screen, but I swear, this is called Robot Apocalypse. Why isn’t there an option in Android to stop App Error popups altogether? There should be a way to pause it. Application Error Report details mentioned on make no sense to a non-technical guy like me and doesn’t help.

I saw someone recommending installing Ghost Push Trojan Killer by going to the Play store, but I’m unable to reach the play store. Someone said install Titanium Back Up Pro and it will solve the problem.

I’ll call the Gionee service centre and see what they have to say. Guys, please post in the comments below if you do happen to find a solution.

Update: Do Not Try Any of The Following Solutions (these were recommended by experts but didn’t work)

  1. Firstly try Going to Settings -> Apps -> Running Apps -> Disable Measure and other apps that are causing the problem. It will probably not fix the problem as it didn’t do for me.
  2. Keep the irritating dialogue box pressed for a few seconds, then it will take you to the running apps and show you the app that’s causing this dialog to open. Disable that app. This also didn’t solve my problem.
  3. Switch off the phone, remove the battery and re-insert it after a few minutes. And the irritating popups are gone! But they re-appear after a few minutes.
  4. What if I have a non-removable battery? In that case you’ll have to take it to the service centre.

Here’s a Way to Disable The Irritating Popup Messages Temporarily

Disable the wifi and restart the phone. The popups won’t appear at all. But unfortunately once you start the WI-Fi, the popups will restart.

What Happened At The Service Centre?

I just came back home with my phone cleaned by the Gionee service centre. The system looks new, the icons are different so they’ve definitely done something. After switching it on and connecting to the WIFI:


punching the virus maker
Image Courtesy:

The money I’ve paid to get the Gionee phone repaired has given me a 1 month warranty. I’m taking my phone to them again today/tomorrow. I’ll update what happens next. Until then, please keep the solutions coming in the comments.

Update 29th October 2015

After going back to the Gionee service centre and telling them about this recurring problem, they said that in that case the phone will have to be sent back to the company. They’ve now asked me to come back in a few days. Until then, I am without a phone. Reminds me of the early 2000s when landline phones were the only way to contact anyone, blessing in disguise.

Update 7th of November 2015

My phone is back from the Gionee service centre with a new looking OS and the problem is fixed! They took about 5 days, completely reset the phone and Engriks, Mobile OCR and Measure have gone! I’ve now changed the settings so no application can ever get installed without my permission, non-trustworthy apps don’t get installed and all kinds of auto installations are disabled.

I apologise that we couldn’t find a DIY solution for this problem. Those who are getting these errors must contact their respective service centres immediately. My phone was out of warranty and Gionee charged only $4 (Rs 200) for this.

Finally, my phone is fixed!

Update 26th December 2015 – An Easy DIY Solution Found!

Firstly a big thanks to users “Indian” and “Marius” and all other users who helped in trying to find a solution.


Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Play Store. Measure/ Mobilocr / Engriks  will annoy you and won’t let you enter username and password if you’re not logged in. So make sure you have copied and pasted the password before-hand so you can enter it quickly.
  2. Search for “CM Security” and install it!
    CM Security Antivirus AppLock Android Apps on Google Play
  3. This will most probably fix your phone after the scan. For a small percentage of people, this will not solve the problem. In that case, go to the next step:
  4. Search for an app called “Ghost Push Trojan Killer” and install it!
    Ghost Push Trojan Killer Android Apps on Google Play
  5. Run it! Requires rooting your phone. Allow it – let it do its thing and in 99% cases this will fix your phone.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who helped out. 🙂


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62 replies on “Unfortunately Measure / MobileOcr / Engriks Has Stopped – Android Mega Viruses”

are u serius bro? just that easy? my phone was in trouble since last week. i did almost evrything like disable, stop, restart, and reboot to factory setting!


No need to format your android.. please login on store through your existing user id and pass. once you will put your email than it will reflect your pass on user field as error.. no need to worry.. so put your pass and do the cut and paste in pass tab using next button.

Please go to app permission ..engriks will allow to send SMS.. please choose deny for its permission.. than go to setting – apps – downloaded – choose engriks – force stopped – stop notification – clear data – clear cache. Than go to play store and search Ghost Push Trojan Killer. Scan it and your virus is removed. I done lots of R n D and got success. Let me know if you face any prob.

I got solution by myself so share with your guys.. Cheers 🙂

if you are resetting your phone and please remove the check of automatic reset point.


get the flash rom website, download it, and use flash tool, try google how to flash your phone. flash rom is like formatting your phone. Because the virus is implant inside the phone

My phone model is LAVA iris402e and my problem isthat–“Unfortunately Measure / MobileOcr / Engriks Has Stopped – plz solve this thanks

Go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded, then find whether engriks,measure, and mobileocr are there, then uninstall them,next
Go to Settings > Apps > All, find engriks,measure and mobileocr, disable them all simjultaneously.

ok the best you could do about this viruses is to disable them and forcestop on them. then never open phone data network or wifi

go to settings>applications>all aps>engriks>force stop
and disable. same procedure to all other viruses. Measure & mobile Ocr

I have a samsung sgh1577 thats infected, I can’t download any remedies directly to phone it wont let me. I tried using srs root tool, root genius to root phone ,but keep getting error message auto root fail rebooting phone.Now the phone tells me this and that app stop working ,any suggestion to my predicament?please and thanks in advance.

Here’s the exact solution for these irritating viral problem (for i’ve done this myself, exactly yesterday, under Sony Experia E single).

First !
The most important thing in this whole process, take out the external sd card out of the phone, back your important files like photos and videos up, remember ! Only files ! Don’t back up by folder ! and then FORMAT IT !
Seriously ! You now aware that those viruses are actually so damn smart so they hibernate in some kind of file that you can’t possibly recognize in the sd card.
And this is why, everytime you were succeed flashing your phone, and start putting everything back in your phone, including your sd card, these viruses start to make apocalypse again !
Remember ! FORMAT SD CARD !!
I suggest to use non OS cellphone, or u can try to use Windows, iOS, BBOS, anything but Android. (Respectively, you would inject that android also)

Second step !
Do not use your SD card in this next step, until i told you to.

Third step !
Flash your Android phone anyway you can (find it under google search) with a whole new firmware that is officially made for your own phone.
Make sure you did it right, with wipe everything inside your phone (seriously, a whole new Android).
And please, do this with caution, really carefully, or you can get a pro help like the Service Centre.

Fourth step !
After you got your phone flashed, a fresh and virgin firmware (android os), try to switch it on without any sim card, or sd card inserted !
Go to apps, check them for those viruses, make sure they aren’t there !

Final step !
Put back your photos and videos in your sd card, using same method you back it up (Windows PC, iOs, macOS, BBOS, or non OS phone)
You can make folders for them under those OS (non android)
And… Put everything back to your phone now, simcard, sd card, etc.

You’re just saved now, Alhamdulillah!

Now, for the precaution.
We are aware that anti-viruses are hopeless in this case.
So make sure you have to make password protection for everything that comes to install your phone.
At least until we find out how to prevent those viruses using simple method.

Updated :
Tonight, i just found a weird case, looks like those viruses become advance now. I got new attack case on Hisense AD683, super attack ! You can’t even flash it anymore, your phone looks like been frost! Your PC wouldn’t detect it when it connect to it, not even in raw, flashmode, fastbootmode, adb mode or anything you can ever imagine !
I’ll keep examine it now..
I’ll inform the progress

Regards, Khodian

Seems part of android system , originally i have android 4.4.2 but in system i have some sort of android 3.7 on my phone and i cant get rid of this , already flashed formatted everything , engriks and adobe air is always present !

Sir i already done what you have instracted but it did’nt help engrics and mobileocr has back again sir.

I also had this virus on my phone and its killing me!!!I just uninstall the virus and open it again in the setting and disable it and there is no more pop up thing and my phone just working fine..maybe for a while..I just didn’t know how to get rid of this stupid virus..I will glad to hear if there is a easy method that can fix it…tq

I installed “Ghost Push Trojan Killer”, it said found virus, but unable to remove it – so it recommended “CM Security – Antivirus FREE” – I installed it and it cleared viruses fine.
So far – so good 😉

Hey all! It works Marius..Thank you very much for the idea on how to get rid of the above mentioned viruses. Guys do likewise and see wonders

Thanks Marius. It works wonders. Guys better download the Ghost Push Trojan Killer And CM Security to cleanse those viruses

Thank u marius & ur friend i installed, Ghost push trojan killer & CM Security they removed all the viruses in my phone. thank u very much.

My android phone is attacked from endriks and mobile ocr and time service and guard service virus is formed so please help to clear the all virus

yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…it worked for me… phone is alive from death….Thanks for your post

so wat i did is i constantly clicking ok opened Bluetooth and on other mobile i downloaded root apps send em in and clicking error ok i installed em all too then still clicking ok i opened each one of all and install em then trying em i got root then same ok ok ok i installed link2sd and from root i first of all uninstalled systemtool and the pop up stopped at last then u can work thru ur mobile and get further help thou

heya.. mycphone iris x8 start troubling me with auto downloads of apps.. i reset it 2 3 times.. btt after some time it again do d same.. auto download of some apps like voonik, apus launcher, 4 share and hola launcher etc… i uninstalled that all again nd again.nd due to this my phone start hanging… plxx suggest me something how can i get rid of dis oll …. i thnk its of engriks virus.. so plx suggest me something

nothing work you may think to root your phones and find a good apps on youtube to remouve system app and uninstall engrils or mobile.ocr and it it deos not work try on youtube how to transform a system app into a user app by the way im a member of anonymous

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