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10 Reasons Why France and ISIS Are Fighting

France has faced tragedy before and it struck again yesterday on the 13th of November 2015. There are various reasons why the Islamic State is targeting France. The fight has caused a lot of destruction and has shocked the world over and over again. Here are the top 10 reasons why France is the primary target of Islamic terrorists.

  1. France joined the US in attacking Syria in September 2015.

    France has been a lead taker and probably the most active country in tackling Islamic terrorism in Syria.

  2. France has been a leading force opposing Islamic terrorist activity around the world.

    Other places where France has actively attacked jihadis are Mali (since 2013), Libya and Iraq. In the attack yesterday, one of the attackers shouted “This is for Syria” before hurling bullets and grenades on unarmed civilians.

  3. France has a huge Islamic/Muslim community in Europe which makes it easier for IS to find recruits.

    Various French army men have defected to the Islamic State even ones from the First Marine Infantry Parachute regiment which is known worldwide for the finest commando training.
    Up to ten former French soldiers  have defected to Islamic State    Telegraph

  4. There’s a huge inflow of arms into France from other European countries.

  5. The French have killed various top al-Queda commanders which has made them enemies throughout the Islamic world.

    Over 9000 French troupes are placed around the world to curtail Islamic Jihadi terrorist activities. There is french presence in various parts of Africa and in Iraq. The French have paid the price with the terrorists kidnapping dozens of French nationals and killing many including the 2013 killing of Frenchman Philippe Verdon.

  6. France is further escalating the war on Islamic Terrorists

    Last week France made the announcement to deploy an aircraft carrier in the Gulf sea to further it’s fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

  7. Inside France, the gap between the Islamic and Christian community has grown over the years.

    France took the lead in banning of the burqas and French prisons are known for radicalising innocent Muslim men into hardened jehadis.

  8. Over 65% of inmates inside French jails are Muslims.

    There is belief in the Islamic community in France that they’re targeted against and prisons act as madarasas or schools to convert these young Muslim men into hardened fundamentalists.
    In France Prisons Filled With Muslims

    What is going wrong in France s prisons Telegraph

  9. French neighbour Belgium is an arms haven

    In the previous Charlie Hebdo attack, all weapons were sourced from Belgium. The unprotected borders don’t help and anyone can easily drive into France from Belgium.

  10. Proximity to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

    France, out of France, UK and USA is the closest to the affected African and Middle East areas making it an obvious target.

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