How China Resolved its Coronavirus Problem (inspirational)

This is a remarkable set of events describing how the world’s most populated country controlled the millennium’s deadliest virus with great leadership, discipline and help of Ayurveda.

Soon after the outbreak of Coronavirus in China in late December 2019, Chinese authorities under the leadership of Chinese premier Xi Jinping sprung into action. The Wuhan market was immediately shut down and a team was put into place to track the reasons of the outbreak, how it spreads and a possible vaccination. In mere 10 days, a 1000 bed hospital was in operation to deal with Covid 19 patients.

World's Top Medical Experts in China, January 2020 - Coronavirus

World’s Top Medical Experts in China, January 2020 – Coronavirus

The world’s top doctors and medicine experts were consulted from every field of medicine – Alopathy, Chinese ancient medicine, homeopathy, unani, tibetian herbal therapy, ayurveda, Chinese herbal medicine and experts from traditional medicine systems from Japan, Korea and Vietnam were called in to help. Among them was India’s ayurvedic expert Dr Vasant Lad. A 12.3 Billion US dollar fund was put into place immediately to find a vaccination for the deadly Coronavirus.

Chinese premier Xi Jinping with Indian Ambassador to China to honour Dr Vasant Lad.

As of writing this on the 12th of March 2020, no vaccination has been found, but thousands of patients were subjected to various treatments to fight the virus. The Coronavirus works by reducing the human body’s immunity. That’s why the elderly or people with underlying illnesses are most prone to death.

It was observed that the Ayurvedic medicine proposed by Dr Vasant Lad from India had the best results in re-building the immune system and twice a day doses helped 62,826 people recover completely from Covid 19 as of March 12th 2020.

In a recent interview Dr Lad said that the immunity re-building formula is just another fortified variation of the Chyawanprash that Indian’s have been consuming for centuries. This formula was tried on thousands of patients to test the body’s response. The result was quicker recovery and reduced effects of the Coronavirus.

Dr Vasant Lad and his team working with the Chinese authorities.

This goes to show how amazing our traditional Hindu medicine systems really are and how Indians have now moved to Allopathy and forgotten their own heritage.

The commonly available Chyawanprash is a good way to start building the body’s immune system. It will not protect you from Coronavirus, but it will improve your chances of recovering from it completely. Spread this message to those who are panicking and binge buying toilet paper, hand wash and hand sanitisers from markets or those spreading rumours about fake medical solutions. Yes, hygiene is very important but so is eating well and building a strong immunity – that and regularly exercising is a much better investment to tackle Coronavirus.

Spread this message to all Indians so we can all be proud of our Ayurveda that continues to be the world’s most effective ancient medicine system even in the year 2020.