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TV Host Terry Anderson’s 39 points degrading Barack Obama. What the hell!

After Mccain has said a lot about Obama, and so have a hundred other people, all making news, the last thing you’d expect a country to need is a talk show host jotting down a 39 point list (note 39.. how precise) and then making news. Happens only in the US.

Well, here’s what terry Anderson had to say about Barack Obama anyway. in what Anderson calls the “not exactly” list:
(My very brief, to the point list):

  1. Obama: ” Selma March Got Me Born”
    Anderson: not exactly, Selma came into your life in 1965.
  2. Barack Obama: “My father was a goat herder”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, he was well off and worked with the Kenyan government.
  3. Barack Obama: “My father was freedom fighter”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, because he worked with the government of Kenya, he was involved in one of the most corrupt governments.
  4. Barack Obama: “My family has ties with the freedom movement”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Raila Odinga, your cousin has attempted corruption and disrupting fair elections in 2007, he contended for the post of president, and tried to enforce Sharia law, destroyed Christian homes, churches and killed people. Worst all, Obama support him.
  5. Barack Obama: “My grandmother was born a christian, and always has been”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, shes one of 14 wives of a man, which is against Christianity and she performs ger Salat prayers at 5am everyday.
  6. Barack Obama: “My name’s origin is Swahili (African)”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Barak means blessed in Arabic, Hussein is Arabic and so is Obama.
  7. Barack Obama: “I don’t practice Islam, nor have I ever”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you practiced Islam at school, and you were enrolled a Muslim for 31 years .
  8. Barack Obama: “My Indonesian school was Chistian”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you were registered as a Muslim. ( So??? )
  9. Barack Obama: “I was fluent in Indonesian”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, none of your teachers confirm that.
  10. Barack Obama: “Because of Indonesia, I have relevant foreing expereince”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you stayed there for 4 years between the ages of 6 and 10 and learnt nothing but Koran and cartoons.
  11. Barack Obama: “I’m strong on foreign affairs”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, no, you’re not because you’ve only been to middle east, indonesian and Africa. (how lame is that ? )
  12. Barack Obama: “My ethnic confusion can be blamed on elderly drug use”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you never brought up Kenya when in high school.
  13. Barack Obama: “An Ebony artcle made me run for the office”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, the article doesn’t exist.
  14. Barack Obama: “An article in the life magazine changed my life”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, this article doesn’t exist either.
  15. Barack Obama: “I won’t run in 2008, on a national ticket”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you are running now.
  16. Barack Obama: “Its common to vote president in illinois”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, only for you, not everyone has 130 “present votes”.
  17. Barack Obama: “Oops I misvoted”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, only when caught by Democrats and Christians, did you bother to change.
  18. Barack Obama: “I was a law professor”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you were a senior lecturer on leave.
  19. Barack Obama: “I was a constitutional lawyer”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, as mentioned above, you were just a senior lecturer on leave.
  20. Barack Obama: “There wouldn’t be an ethics bill if not for me”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you didn’t introduce, write or create it.
  21. Barack Obama: “It was hard to pass the ethics bill”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it took only fourteen days.
  22. Barack Obama: “I also wrote a tough nuclear bill”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was rejected by your own party because of its negligence.
  23. Barack Obama: “my state records are released”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, state bills still haven’t been released.
  24. Barack Obama: “I handled the mess at Asbestos Altgeld Gardens”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was a large number of people, but you’ve mentioned just yourself.
  25. Barack Obama: “The economics bill by me will help America”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, your bill, which was a collective of your 111 economic policies lost 99 to 0 and you voted against it too.
  26. Barack Obama: “I’ve been a bold leader”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, your supporters don’t believe that.
  27. Barack Obama: “I passed 26 of my bills in 1 year”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, they weren’t your bills, just the ones handed to you.
  28. Barack Obama: “We didn’t contact Canada about NAFTA”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, The Canadian govt has released names and the conversation your campaign had.
  29. Barack Obama: “I’m against terrorism and tough on it”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Your friend Ali Abunimah supports Israel’s destruction and you missed the Iran resolution.
  30. Barack Obama: “I want all votes to count”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, earlier you had asked the delegates to decide?.
  31. Barack Obama: “I want the Americans to take decisions”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you prefer small time periods, confuse voters and force a public vote.
  32. Barack Obama: “In state Senate, i passed 900 bills”
    erry Anderson: not exactly, only 26.
  33. Barack Obama: “I don’t believe in tactics, only fairness”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Alice palmer was removed because of your tactics.
  34. Barack Obama: “My father was a goat herder”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, he was well off and worked with the Kenyan government.
  35. Barack Obama: “I don’t take money for PAC”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you do, loads of it.
  36. Barack Obama: “1984 advertisement has nothing to do with my election”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was made by your campaign worked on his Apple, Mac.
  37. Barack Obama: “I am and have been against Iraq’s policies”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you’ve been voting to fund Iraq and weren’t in office to to vote against.
  38. Barack Obama: “I support Universal Health Care”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you plan leaves Americans to pay 15 million, people who don’t have money to buy.
  39. Barack Obama: “Auschwitz concentration camp was freed by my uncle”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was done by the Russian army and your mother had no brothers.

What do you think? Its not only very surprising, and not only do I not believe a word Terry Anderson says anyway, but a real shame for Mccains campaign, which despite millions spent on degrading Obama, was never able to confirm these facts. I’ll be looking out to get more news on this, and possibly a comment from Barack Obama’s campaign.


Guys, ready for Lingerie Football? Exclusive new pics

When I first saw what they do in “Girls gone wild”, I went wilder (guys usually go wilder), and now the US has pioneered another sexy first – Lingerie football! wo!

Here are some pics from Virgin Media

Lingerie football?
Lingerie football?

All ready, with a 10 team league, Lingerie football will kick off soon. This version of American football, with sweaty girls and a full contact rough game, with girls clad in sports bras, colorful helmets, pads and bikinis they wouldn’t be wrong to call it the “real” fantasy football.

Teams: Tampa Breeze, Los Angeles Temptation, Seattle Mist, Phoenix Scorch, Dallas Desire, San Diego Seduction, New England Euphoria, Atlanta Steam, Chicago Bliss and Miami Caliente.

How it started: It started as a Superbowl half time, half an hour entertainment stunt and has now grown into a Linger Football league.

Is it really a sport? After watching a few videos of these gorgeous babes practicing, I’m sure this’ll be something like watch X Factor wannabes singing and doing weird stuff – resulting in nothing but a good laugh!

Here you go- have a look:

I still can’t wait. Can you?

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Tata’s car Nano in Gujarat after being refused West Bengal, India

India news
India news

Living in london and being Indian at heart, it was amazing and proud to see Tata’s Nano everywhere on global news as the world’s most affordable car by a motor giant in India.

Then came news of the land row in West Bengal, where Nano’s production was stopped by the likes of Mamta Banerjee. To be honest, it was a great shock, and knowing what India is like, a world famous project was about to be ruined. People were offered good money for their lands, and to be honest, many of those land owners still wouldn’t know what transpired. It was a bloody political gimmick. Wasn’t it?

Ultimately, it’s good, no great! to know that the production will happen in Chief minister Modi’s state Gujarat at Sanand near Ahmedabad. This will be a 2,000 crore project and i still can’t believe those people in West Bengal who didn’t see what effect this would’ve had on their local economies with generation of jobs, infrastructure etc.

Tatas have still kept the price a secret although the Nano is being hailed as the 1 lakh rupee car.

“This is an extremely momentous and happy day for us because we have been through a rather sad experience from a small quarter of residents of West Bengal despite the state government’s efforts,” Ratan Tata (Chief of Tata motors) said a few hours ago.

The project will span 1,100 acres of land and its speedy allocation has been promised by the Gujarat government.

Modi, as usual delivered a senti speech welcoming the Tatas saying “This is a new chapter betweeen Gujarat and the Tatas”. etc. Who wants to know!

Tata Nano - 1 lakh rupee car
Tata Nano - 1 lakh rupee car

The facility in Gujarat will churn out 2.5 to 3 lakh cars a year, incremental to about 5 lakh cars a year. Not too many, considering the Indian population of 1 billion. Well, I guess if you’re looking to get a Nano, better watch out and book in time. 🙂

I feel happy for our economy car Nano and for India today. Another landmark!


Skylar Deleon – Is he guilty?

Deleon, How did an actor become a murderer ?
Name: Skylar James Deleon
In limelight from:1994
Spouse: Jennifer Deleon (ex-wife)
Acting career: Skylar Deleon started off as an American child actor.
Arrested: August 16, 2005
Charged: Skylar Deleon charged with the murder of Thomas and Jackie Hawks, a retired California couple.
Deleon’s father: Skylar’s father is a convicted drug dealer. Does that mean anything?
Background: Skylar Deleon started as a child actor in commercials. At the age of 14, Deleon appeared Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a tiny, no dialogue role, that aired on the 4th of May 1994. Skylar Deleon ‘s career as an actor wasn’t very successful as he had problems remembering lines.
As a marine: When Skyler was 20, he joined the US Marine Corps, but went into Unathorised Absense after 1 year and 3 months.
Accused of Thomas Hawks and Jackie Hawks’ killing: November 2004
Friend Machain Confessed: March 2005,  Deleon ‘s mate Machain confessed and was arrested along with Skylar, his wife and friend Keneddy.
Skylar Deleon still maintained that he was innocent: He continues to claim that the couple were killed because of a drug deal gone bad and that he wasn’t even present at the scene.
Friend Kennedy also claimed innocent.
Skylar Deleon, on investigation, charged for another crime: While in jail, convicted, Deleon was charged of instigating another prisoner to murder his father and cousin along with another charge of murdering John Jarvi of Anaheim in Mexico in 2003.
Attempted self murder: On the 10th of July, 2008, Deleon caused injury to his genital parts with a blade .
Jennifer (ex-wife) found guilty: Skylar ‘s ex-wife, was found guilty for 2 killings on the 17th of November, 2006, was therefore sentenced to 2 lifeterms of prison without parole.
Charge running:
Last month, on the 22nd of Sept 2008, selection of jury members started.
Trial underway today: Is Skylar Deleon guilty?
Thomas and Jackie Hawkes - Killed
Thomas and Jackie Hawkes – Killed

Sourav Ganguly retires, receives threat to kidnap daughter

Ex Indian Cricket captain, Sourav Chandidas Ganguly aka Dada announced his retirement from test cricket in a press conference in Bangalore today. In the conference he also said that he has received a threat to kidnap his daughter Sana. He will retire after the upcoming 4 match test series against Australia.

“Yes it’s true, but it would be better if we don’t discuss it here,” : Ganguly on being asked a question about his daughter during the press conference.

Ganguly with daughter Sana
Ganguly with daughter Sana

The kidnappers have asked for 2 crore rupees as ransom.

Two letters addressed to Sourav Ganguly’s wife, Dona, were sent by post to their residence. The first one came a month ago, and the second 10 days ago,” Bhupindar Singh, from the criminal investigation dept. was quoted as saying to the Press Trust of India.

Coming back to cricket, here’s dada’s test cricket at a glance:

  • Ganguly captained India in 49 Test cricket matches (a record)
  • India won 21 tests under his captaincy (again a record)
  • Ganguly’s test average never dropped below 40.
Saurav Ganguly playing one of his favourite shots for six.
Saurav Ganguly playing one of his favourite shots for six.

Sourav Ganguly’s test career as a bowler:

Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR

109 99 519.3 110 1681 32 3/28 3/37 52.53 3.23 97.4

Sourav Ganguly’s test career as a batsman:

Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s
109 180 15 6888 239 41.74 13410 51.36 15 34 12 873 55

He has been one of my favourite players and I wish him good luck after his retirement. I remember times when our Indian team used to be a group of gentlemen (being polite) against Aussies or Pakistani teams, who were very aggressive. I wished someone in the Indian team would come and give decent replies to these blokes. And then came Ganguly in 1996 (although he debuted in 1992, he started playing more regularly 1996 onwards). We love you dada!


Yahoo’s new site explorer vs Google webmaster central.

Yahoo has recently revamped its site explorer. You will know what that is, if you own a website and use Yahoo to get stats like – number of incoming links, pages indexed by Yahoo, incoming links on particular urls or subdomains within your website and cached snapshots of your indexed pages. The new interface you’re taken to, when you type “” is the Yahoo Explorer.

Yahoo’s new site explorer has the following new features: None. It’s just a design change as far as my exploration goes.

Yahoo's new site explorer layout
Yahoo's new site explorer design
Yahoo site explorer new sidebar
Yahoo site explorer new sidebar

Simliarities Google webmaster central and Yahoo site explorer

Just like Google Webmaster central, Yahoo Explorer provides more detailed/advanced information about your site after you authenticate. You’re required to either upload a file with a particular filename and a unique key (downloadable in your Yahoo site explorer login) or add some Yahoo meta tags, similar to Google WMC.

Boo Yahoo!

Your sites don’t get authentcated instantly on Yahoo Site Explorer, unlike Google Webmaster central, where all you do is upload a file and you have all the info you’ll ever require.

Before Google Webmaster Central

Before Google Webmaster Central came in, Yahoo! rocked. It gave you highly accrurate info about the number of incoming links to a site – any site, whether you owned it or not, which Google preferred to keep secret. After Google webmaster central, I realised that Google always had that info, only it was meant only for the website owner. Yahoo’s site explorer still is and will continue to be the destination for SEO specialists worldwide looking for detailed site linking information.

Advantage Yahoo

Although both have pretty much standard features. The biggest Yahoo advantage is that it’s open for all. You can go and see any site’s indexed pages and incoming links. Very useful for Search engine marketing/ Internet marketing companies and SEO professionals.

Advantage Google Webmaster Central

Google webmaster central dashboard
Google webmaster central dashboard

1. Diagnostics: Detailed info about web crawl – HTTP errors, not found, URLs not followed, restricted by robots.txt, URLs timed out, unreachable URLs.

2. Content Analysis: Very important for your Google rankings – Duplicate meta descriptions, long meta descriptions, short meta descriptions, missing title tags, duplicate title tags, long title tags, short title tags, non-informative title tags (new) and non indexable content issues.

3. Search statistics: Top search queries (both impressions and clicks) (highly inaccurate in my case), what Googlebot sees – external link anchor text (very important again for your SEO), crawl stats (when was the site last crawled, no of pages crawled, PageRank of pages crawled etc), subscriber stats (how many people have subscribed to your site’s feeds).

4. Other tools: Some advanced options like setting your web site’s geographic target (for regional sites), set preferred domain (how do you want your site to display on Google – with www or without), analyse and generate robots.txt (for selective indexing of your pages), set crawl rate (for big sites that incur bandwidth expenses when spiders crawl their sites), enhance 404 pages (Google offers custom 404 – page not found pages so your users see the 404 page with relevant links in stead of an error page), enhanced image search (for sites that want to be listed on Google image search) and finally URL removal (if you want some URLs not to be indexed by Google).

In brief, if you’re a webmaster and your site’s not authenticated on Google webmaster central, you’re probably losing out. Google’s webmaster central has all the tools you require to diagnose and get your site polished and up those search rankings.

Yahoo will continue to sustain because of its “open to all” poilcy.


Google Trends does an Alexa, only better..

Came across the Google website trends and couldn’t believe my eyes. Yes guys, it’s all in the open now and there no hiding from it and the good old Alexa “highly manipulable and inaccurate” ranking days are over. Or are they?

Alexa, although pretty accurate for very high traffic sites, often showed weird patterns for smaller sites. I personally have access to about 25 sites’ data and from various stat/analytical software I use (ya ok, its Google Analytics). I always knew which site was getting higher uniques, pageviews, contrary to Alexa, which almost always showed incorrect rankings. i guess it must’ve been me, hanging around my favourite “self owned” sites, thus improving their Alexa rankings.

Have been running the same tests with Google Trends for websites and Voila! they’re accurate. It’s just something you expect of Google – precision.

Never really got around to the third tier – sites like and Now i know I wasn’t the only one who stuck to Alexa! Here’s proof.

I now know where to go for accurate site traffic analysis. It’s like an addictive game where you just can’t stop yourself from comparing sites of different genres, geographic locations, subjects etc. And once you’ve decided to stop, you remember another one and bingo! Google Trends is open on your Firefox again (yeah, I love open source and am sick of the bulky IE).

Advantage Alexa

Having said that, you still can’t get away from Alexa. If you’re used to checking the Alexa ranking of every site you visit (and then semi consciously upgrading or degrading that site in your mind respectively), I bet no matter how inaccurate or manipulable, Alexa will continue to rule people’s toolbars. In my case, it’s Sparky that sits on the lower right hand corner and right now, it’s showing me no ranking for my Blog.


Soumya Vishwanathan – Wasted!

Living in London for the last 4 years, I don’t get Indian news as promptly as I used to.

Was going through People forever and came across Soumya Vishwanathan’s memorial.

My heart goes out to her family and friends for this loss. Such a shame that this still happens to women in Delhi.

On the 30th of Sept, Soumya was found dead under mysterious circumstance (as usual) while driving late at night. Police found Viswanathan’s body in her car at Nelson Mandela Marg, New Delhi, near Vasant Kunj.She was 27.

A senior police official stated that in search of concrete clues to solve the case, they were now checking the records of the toll bridge on NH-8 to find out about those who passed the bridge. He added that, in addition to a dummy run, recreating the events of the morning when Soumya was shot, they had drawn up a synchronised accident analysis for better understanding of the situation.

“We are trying to fix a motive to this killing. Once that is clear, the case will be solved. As of now, we haven’t ruled out anything, including a robbery attempt gone wrong,” said the official. He said the victim’s family and friends were still being questioned. “The family has been cooperative. We are taking their help to learn about Soumya’s personal life, anything which could have triggered this attack,” said the official.

A third witness has surfaced claiming to have seen the car after it rammed into the central verge of the road last Tuesday around 3.35 am. “Although, his testimony is similar to the other two, it corroborates our information regarding how the incident happened. However, the missing link remains the shooting which none of the witnesses have seen,” said the official. He added, “After reading about the incident in the news, more people having information about the incident are coming forward.”

Meanwhile, separate police teams for examining and analysing different aspects of the case have been formed who report to the DCP (south) HGS Dhaliwal. “This is to make sure the investigation is clear and nothing misses our eye. We are also seeking help from the public in helping us find anything that might be helpful for the investigations,” said the police official.

Soumya was returning to her residence in Vasant Kunj early morning on Tuesday when she was shot. Her car had rammed into the central verge after swerving sharply. It was initially considered a fatal accident until a bullet was recovered from her skull during the post mortem. After this, a case of murder was registered.

Read the complete news article at Times of India

Isn’t it really painful?

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Neel Kashkari – Here to rescue Wall Street

This is the news of the minute!

American born Indian Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary at the US Treasury is at the center of the 700 Billion US dollar WALL STREET bailout after he was named this morning.

NAME: Neel Kashkari

AGE: 35

NEW TITLE, ROLE: Interim Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability. He will oversee the government’s $700 billion rescue plan for the financial markets.

EDUCATION: Received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Also received an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

EXPERIENCE: Joined the Treasury Department in July 2006 as a senior adviser to Secretary Henry Paulson. Previously was a vice president at Goldman Sachs & Co. in San Francisco, the firm Paulson ran prior to becoming secretary.

ENGINEERING BACKGROUND: Before his finance career, Kashkari worked on NASA technology such as the James Webb Space Telescope for TRW Inc., which is now part of defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp.

Here’s wishing Neel good luck.

Neel Kashkari
Neel Kashkari

Kashkari is to be designated the head of the new office of financial stability, created last week, in the bailout legislation that was passed by the Congress.

a man's struggle

A man’s struggle

A man's struggle
A man’s struggle

A man struggles – struggles to find his ground. He sees millions of people around him. He sees poor people on crowded streets, selling day to day commodities to sustain a living.. on the other hand he sees thousands of people living posh lives, with luxuries that the poor only dream to have. He wonders.. why this divide? Why this punishment for the poor? He ponders over the topic and strives to change the world where every human being would have equal privileges, a place where every human being would have the power to choose what they want to do.

He draws a path to do that.. and thinks to himself “What good can a man do to the poor unless he has dominance, a voice that has audability to reach all? What good can he do until he is successful, rich and has the power to actually change the world in a meaningful way?

On the other hand, he imagines a scenario where he’d walk down those streets, help the poor with whatever he can, but realises that the task is humongous. Giving up on that route, he tries to take up the responsibility by doing whatever he can to make money in a way that will help the masses anyway and then using it for the poor.

On his path of hardwork, attaining knowledge.. he eventually finds a way to make money. Once there, he realises that there are a thousand avenues open for him to make more money. He tries to make more to make more difference. He thinks what he has made is still not enough to make a difference. He continues on this drive, until he reaches a point where he finds himself on the verge of death, after living a long hard life, and asks himself – “How far will this money go in making those millions of poor lives better”?

At that point he looks back at his life and realises his money, although a lot for him, is no good use to make a larger difference.

He then realises – he always had what it takes to make a difference. He always had a vision, of a better community, he had power in his ideas and thats all he ever needed to change lives of the poor. He regrets not having taught every person he met to dream big, to believe “Nothing is impossible”.. and to tell the same thing to people they met.

He lives a life dedicated to this cause, not realising that his money is never enough. He realises that the only thing he could have done is spread a message of self empowerment and education.

Man is the most powerful machine ever, but it will always remain with a man; what he wants to make of his life.