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Sexiest babe Sandra Taylor in a wet t-shirt on Howard Stern show! Pics

I’ve always loved the Howard Stern show, to the extend that everytime I log on to DailyMotion, that is my first search. The guy’s a lucky basta**!! Look at the girls he’s got on to his show and what he has made them do..

Well, I guess all previous records are now broken. My fav Sandra Taylor (Sandi Taylor or Sandy Taylor or Sandi Korn with love) was on his show and this is what she got up to – Getting all soaked in a wet T shirt with her friend Alana (not sure is its the right spelling). I guess she wanted to promote something and Howard Stern make it sound like she was one of the usual guests. Sandra, as usual was very sporty and down to earth. Will post the video as soon as I get my hands on it!

There are 100s of blogs out there with photos of Sandra Taylor, but I guess few have the ones from Howard Stern this morning:

Here are some exclusives that I almost died searching:

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Chicago News: Jennifer Hudson’s mom, brother killed. William Balfour in police custody, nephew’s body found!

Jennifer’s mother Darnell Donnerson, 57 years old and her brother Jason Hudson, who was just 29 were killed in the shootout and her 7 year old nephew Julian King was reported missing.

Jennifer Hudson was supposedly in Los Angeles and immediately flew to Chicago as she heard the news of a shooting where her mother and brother were killed. The police have released a warrant against a guy named William Balfour and are considering him as the primary suspect. This is the worst nightmare for anyone and my heart goes out for Hudson and I wish God gives her strength to deal with this loss!

The shooting took place just about 5 miles from Barack Obama’s place (he just creeps into the news somehow everytime). Jennifer Hudson is an Obama supporter and made this public in Denver, when she sang the National anthem for the Democratic convention in august.

The police have called this a “domestic incident”.

Hudson’s 7 year old nephew is missing after the shooting. His name according to some news web sites is Julian King. Lets all pray for his safety, I hope the innocent kid is safe.

“A missing child was possibly abducted from the scene and may be in the company of William Balfour, a suspect in [this] double homicide investigation,” the Chicago police said in a statement, adding that the suspect was “armed and dangerous”.

Crime rate in Chicago has never been out of news and with this incident at a celebrity’s place and close to where Obama lives will definitely spark the safety debate again.

Jennifer Hudson had tried moving her family out of South Side in Chicago, which is home to the largest black population in the US but her mother, brother and other family members refused.

Obama lives in Hyde Park, Chicago which is probably one of the posher areas of Chicago, whereas Hudson’s mother Darnell Donnerson and brother Jason Hudson lived in a grittier district called Englewood.

Jennifer Hudson’s mother’s and brother’s bodies were found next to each other at South Yale Avenue where a large crowd had gathered last night.

Jennifer Hudson, after being rejected from American Idol, went on to win an Oscar award for her performance in the Dreamgirls (musical, released 2006) and was a celebrity and role model for millions of Americans and an embodiment of the American Dream.

Last year, at an interview with Vogue magazine, Jennifer Hudson that her mother Darnell Donnerson was responsible to encourage her to participate in the TV show American Idol. On other occassions, Hudson had said that she was very close to her family.

“My faith in God and my family, they’re very realistic and very normal, they’re not into the whole limelight kind of thing.”

My deepest condolences for Jennifer. This is a tragic loss for her and I hope God gives her strength to deal with this, and I hope the culprit, whether it is William Balfour or anyone else, is brought to justice.


William Balfour has been arrested by the police but not yet charged. He is the step father of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew Julian King (the abducted 7 year old boy) and fell apart from the Hudsons when he was asked to leave the family home last year. He has been convicted in the past for attempted murder and carjacking!

The police have found that Jennifer’s brother Mr Jason Hudson was shot when the shooter fired through the door. The shooter killed her mother Mrs Donerson after entering the house when Mrs Donerson entered the room where the attacker was.


Friends of the family have claimed that William Balfour had threatened to take Julian King (the boy) away if Jennifer Hudson’s sister Julia Hudson didn’t stop “playing him”.  The couple is said to be in a dispute over the ownership of Julia’s car.

Julia Hudson - Wife of William Balfour (the suspect) and sister of Jennifer Hudson.
Julia Hudson - Wife of William Balfour (the suspect) and sister of Jennifer Hudson.
William Balfour - The suspect and step father of Julian King and husband of Julia Gudson
William Balfour - The suspect and step father of Julian King and husband of Julia Gudson

NEWS UPDATE 3 – Jennifer Hudson Nephew Found – DEAD?

The police, in what is being widely believed, found the body of Julian King, Jennifer Hudson’s nephew in the same SUV that was on alert. The SUV belonged to her brother Jason Hudson. Jennifer Hudson had announced a prize money of 1 hundred thousand dollars for anyone who gave a tip about her nephew’s whereabouts.

This is very sad. Although the authorities haven’t ascertained that it is Julian King’s body, it is being widely believed that it is him. The hunt for the young boy has been stopped by Chicago police.

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Pittsburgh news: Mccain volunteer Ashley Todd mutilated after attack! Shame!

Ashley Todd - Mccain supporter - Assaulted
Ashley Todd – Mccain supporter – Assaulted

Ashley Todd, 20 was attacked at Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. This happened when she was getting some cash from an ATM, the police said. A mirror image of the alphabet “B” was carved into her face in a ruthless way. Ashley Todd, who’s a republican supporter, volunteering for John Mccain in this 2008 election was robbed and mutilated.

Channel 4 reported in the Action news program that Todd was robbed near Liberty Avenue (pearl street) just before 9pm after being threatened to be stabbed by a person carrying a knife. Diane Richard, reporting for Channel 4 confirmed that she was robbed of 60 dollars.

The robber, it’s claimed, saw the Mccain supporting label on Ashley Todd’s car and used a tool to write B (mirror image) on her face. The “B”, as is obvious is being widely believed by a Barack Obama supporter. Ashley Todd was also punched and kicked (the image makes the dark circles around her eyes very clear).

Surprisingly, Ashley Todd refused to be treated for her wounds when asked by the police. Hopefully, the entire incident has been record on CCTV cameras and the guilty will be punished. The culprit, reported a male, was a black man, very tall (about 6 feet 4 inches) weighing about 100 kgs and with brown eyes. He was wearing a black undershirt, shoes and perhaps a dark colored jeans.


Ashley made this story up – Read comments for more.

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$150k on clothes, makeup, hair – That’s Sarah “hockey mom” Palin for you!

You’re a Hockey Mom if: “Your life is about Hockey, and also about being a Mom, partner, and woman.” Yes, that’s what Sarah Palin was before this election campaign.

Ever after being chosen as John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin has experienced the following changes in her life:

1. A taste of limelight – Sarah Palin has literally become an overnight celebrity (I personally think that’s all credit to her extremely intelligent (pun intended) ideas and point of views)

2. The campaign jet!

3. A safe future – She won’t really have to worry about finding another job once Obama is elected. There will be many TV channels willing to use her as THE judge with stupid comments (out of many) on a TV show. Just like you have Simon Cowell being mean to to contestants on X factor for example.


3. A $90,000 wardrobe including a $2500 Valentino outfit, $3000 Louis Vuitton hand bag and $3000 for hair styles and makeup.

A dream for most hockey moms, Sarah Palin’s red jackets don’t come from her home in Alaska, plush hair dos and fancy makeup doesn’t come from her pocket. It’s all coming from the Republican National Committee – The account you republican supporters fill up! Add to this Sarah Palin’s recent shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue worth US Dollars 75 thousand and 50 thousand respectively. Whoooho!! Who remembers the embarrassment John Edwards faced after his 250 dollar haircut? Sorry John, we were wrong, we didn’t know Sarah Palin then!

Guess how much Ms Sarah Palin is provided per week to spend on her wardrobe, makeup and hair dos?

A whopping 37 thousand 5 hundred dollars per week.

Yes, Mr McCain, that’s more than an average plumber’s yearly salary!

If you’re as annoyed as me on this utterly useless spending, then there’s some relief – John Mccain’s spokesperson Tracey Schmitt said:

With all of the important issues facing the country right now, it is remarkable that we are spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses. It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign.

Hope that makes all of us feel better.

And if you thought that’s all, here’s some rule breaking. Sarah Palin has been exposed on various occasions spending campaign money on her son Trig’s baby ware. This amount totals many thousand pounds.

Campaign rules #1 – Use of campaign funds NOT ALLOWED for personal use!

Are we just going to stand here and do nothing about it? Are we still going to vote Mccain despite all this law breaking and utter waste of our money? (haha).. well, who cares.. When it’s Sarah Palin in question, there’s bound to be stupidity!

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Winslow, 5 others at Browns suffered Staph Infection. What is Staph infection?

Winslow is angry! And so he should be!

I’ve been reading about Winslow ranting about the facilities at Browns, and he’s damn right..

In an ESPN article by one of my fav writers James Walker, Browns pro bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. has revealed that he has been hospitalized because of staph infection (pronounced “Staff”) for the last 2 two weeks.  No one in the Browns team knew about this as the management decided to keep it a secret. Winslow was quoted saying:

“Nobody knew that I had staph on the team because the Browns didn’t want it to get out,” Winslow said. “But it’s my teammates’ right to know what’s going on at the facility to protect them. Their safety is at risk, too, and I didn’t agree with the Cleveland Browns, because they are protecting the organization and not the players.”

Winslow says that this is the 6th case of staph infection at Browns in the last 2 years! Well, either it’s the sport or it is the facilities at Browns. Now since I had never heard of Staph disease (sorry, infection) befoew and considering that this is the 6th case, I wouldn’t play for Browns if I were one of the healthier team members.. 😉

Here’s the original article at ESPN

Whats Staph infection? (Biological term: Staphylococcus)

Staph (again, pronounced “staff”) infection is caused by staphylococcus aureus bacteria. staphylococcus comes from a greek word meaning grapes… and thats what the bacteria look like when seen from a microscope.

How does staph infection happen?

The bacterium (staphylococcus) is so common that 25% people almost always carry the bacterium in their mouth, nose, genitals etc. Problem arises if it enters your blood stream through a cut.

What happens if you have Staph infection?

Generally Staph infections produce pus in the body.  Some examples of Staph infection are:

Folliculitis – Often when you clothes rub against skin, hair follicles get filled with white puss (sounds disgusting)

Boils – On the face, chest, neck or anywhere else, when you have puss filled rounded, heightened skin (c’mon you know what a boil is)

Styes -Have you seen anyone with a swollen upper of lower lid of the eye? I’ve seen some people – again happens because of the hair follicles of eye lashes getting infected.

Impetigo – When kids get red scabby skin or blisters around their mouths or noses?

Abscesses – Pus or normal swelling on the skin or anywhere else in the body.

Food poisoning – Mostly even food poisoning is caused by the staph infection or staphylococcus bacterium.

Other life threatening health problems – In worst cases, it can also cause pneumonia, endocarditis (heart infection), bacteremia (blood infection), toxic shock syndrome and others!! Jesus Christ!

There’s much more info available if you search for staph infection on Google.

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Google trends India – Top searches – Just sex and movies! Where are the intellectuals?

I was going through Google India trends today and this is what I found!!! Unbelievable – 2 sex related terms in the top 20!!! and almost all the rest are movies! Where’s the intellectual India? I guess sleeping at 5am!

1. chess download
2. guns of navarone
3. watch karz online
4. shankar mahadevan
5. hrm
6. karz 2008 torrent
7. modesty blaise
8. ness wadia
9. preity zinta
10. sex stories in tamil
11. jay sean
12. when a stranger calls
13. the illusionist
14. tens unit
15. red movie
16. monica bellucci nude
17. magnetism
18. gate
19. banda

Lets quickly talk about whats being searched in India at 5am on the 19th of October, 2008.

  1. Chess Download – Recently, Viswanathan Anand has done very well in the World Chess Championships, so probably people are crazy about chess all of sudden and looking for a place to download it! If you’re one of them – you can go to: (went to and saw the server down – too many hits I guess.. ?? )
  2. Guns of navarone – used to be a hit movie from the 1960s and now there’s a new game launched and it’s all about the second world war and killing the Nazis. I’m sure most people in India are looking for torrents to download this. Yeah yeah?
  3. Watch Karz online – New movie and idle youngsters aware at 5am looking to watch the movie for free.. this has got to be the top search and has remained for quite a bit now! My favouriet site to eatch bollywood movies is: apnaview
  4. Shankar Mahadevan – Shankar Mahadevan was performing somewhere in Bangalore today and hence the searches.
  5. HRM – There’s a social networking site for HR people (Human resources) but this massive search spree was all about HRM elections taking place tomorrow!
  6. Karz 2008 torrent – The more advanced netizens know what they’re looking for and they’re searching for torrents for the new movie Karz!
  7. Modesty Blaise – Another new movie or based on a relic from London. Hmm.. didn’t know there was so much awareness of Hollywood movies in India!! 🙂
  8. Ness Wadia – Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta are said to be going out and they were recently seen at Formula one! hmm.. some blogs have also been seen claiming that Ness Wadia is the new co-owner of IPL team Kings XI Punjab. Don’t take my word for it, go search some more..
  9. Preity Zinta – This search volume’s got to be because of beau Ness Wadia. hands up those who agree?
  10. Sex stories in Tamil – What else can you expect from horny Tamil Nadu guys afterall. Didn’t know there was so much demand for sex stories in Tamil. Whatever happened to Hindi? and English?
  11. Jay Sean – the British Indian Hindi cum English (although predominanly English) singer has been signed up by a major US label called Cash Money records plus his hits like “Ride It” are still in popular demand.
  12. When a stranger calls – Another new hollywood movie. It’s gotta create some buzz all over the world.. let alone india.
  13. The illusionist – This Hollywood movie was on Star movies yesterday, perhaps people loved it and recommended to others, which created a buzz in Indian circles.. hmm, word of mouth marketing perhaps?
  14. Tens Unit – Although not 100% sure, tens unit seems like a shoulder pain reliever device. Wonder why thats creating a buzz in India this time at night (or early morning)!!
  15. Red movie – No prizes for guessing that this is another Hollywood movies (potentially new) and people are looking for downloads and trailers.
  16. Monica Bellucci Nude – Hmm, good choice of an actress if you’ve gotta watch porn, Monica Bellucci has been there and done almost anything. Plus, with a body and figure like hers, I would definitely agree with the choice of Indian young men (or may be not so young men)..
  17. Magnetism – Anotehr movie? Or the science topic? What can these people be searching for? No idea at all. Do you know?
  18. Gate – This can be an IIT (Indian Institute of technology) entrance exam where people are looking for studying material or some news related to it or perhaps something else.
  19. Banda – Banda is a popular surname, but I guess this Banda is David Banda, Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s adopted son ( the biological father of David banda is in concern here) and his father’s worried as Madonna and Guy Ritchie are likely to separate. Don’t worry David Banda’s papa, she’ll take good care of your son despite the separation (i believe)

Since I’ve started writing this article, another 5 keyphrases have appeared on Google Trends India and probably by the time I finish writing about them, there’ll be another 10.. more and more as day progresses. Since it’s a Sunday, I’m not expecting too many hits today.

Happy surfing people – Remember – Google’s watching what you search.

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Obama buck food stamp on $10 note! Not racist, yeah right!

He has suffered a lot at the hands of racists anyway. As if being called negr*, kool aid, ribs n friend chicken and WATERMELON wasn’t enough, now a republican women’s club (well… ) in San Bernardino has come up with with a humourous (yeah right!) food stamp where Barack obama is seen in the middle of all that on a $10 currency note. Some more images (as of now less popular) discretely show him as a terrorist and another shows him being tortured water boarding.

Now they want us to know that the Obama buck food stamp wasn’t intended to be racist.

Obama buck food stamp
Obama buck food stamp

“I apologize to anyone who was offended because that was not my intent,” said club President Diane Fedele. “It was poor judgment on my part. It was strictly an attempt to point out the outrageousness of Obama’s statement that he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

followed by…

“If I was racist, I would have looked at it through racist eyes,” she said. “I am not racist, which is why it probably didn’t register.”
Club member Kristina Sandoval agreed.
“None of us are racists,” she said.
The use of watermelon, ribs and fried chicken was innocent, she said.
“Everyone eats those foods, it’s not a racial thing.”

Wow.. I guess it’s you and me who are racist in that case, for thinking that the buck food stamp is racist.. ? Diane Fedele to me is another Sarah Palin in the republican camp.

All I know is, obviously this is racist and probably right up there with most of all other racist comments Barack obama has faced.

Check this video to see how some more racist proof against Obama.. Note: The video shows these people attending a Sarah Palin speech just before giving their comments.

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Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher from Natural Law Party is Charles Keating kin?

And finally, Joe the plumber being interviewed:

Joe the plumber – the meditator – Samuel Joseph Worzelbacher who was made famous by John Mccain in his various rants “who’s policy will suit Jo the plumber from Ohio more.. mine or Barak Obama’s??” has been identified in the public records by the plain dealer. Joe the plumber (as I’ll refer to him in this article, thanks to Mr Mccain), voted in the years 2002, 2005 and 2007 and mentioned his party as the Natural Law Party.

Presently registered as a republican, Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher was earlier a member of the Natural law Party from the state of Iowa, US. The Natural Law party was based on the views of baba Mahesh Yogi from India and believed in transcendental meditation and yoga.

Breaking News – Joe the plumber related to Charles Keating

Latest news coming in is that Joe the plumber might be related to Charles Keating. Reports have confirmed that Joe Wurzelbacher is a close relative of Robert Wurzelbacher, Milford, Ohio, who in turn happens to be the son in law of Charles Keating and American Continental’s ex-senior president the comany that formed Lincoln Savings and Loan, infamous for its deeds. Here’s the EXCITING BIT – Robert Wurzelbacher has been donating ten thousand dollars to the Demorats for the last few years! Can you believe that?

Breaking news 2 (17th Oct, 2008) – Joe the plummer doesn’t have a valid plumber’s licence.

This morning while reading the Metro on London tube, I came across an article that said it has been found that Joe the plummer doesn’t even have a valid plumber’s licence in the US. It just keeps adding to the discrepancies, doesn’t it?

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Thank you Sarah Palin and WordPress – I’m a top blogger!

While surfing the web, came across Cafepress and saw some cool Anti Sarah Palin T shirts‘ designs. Found ’em pretty interesting and blogged about it. The result?
Top Blog - CafeArjun
Top Blog - CafeArjun

Ranked number 2 amongst Growing Blogs on WP

14th Oct, 2008 - Growing blog - CafeArjun
14th Oct, 2008 - Growing blog - CafeArjun

Ranked 58th amongst Top Blogs on WordPress!!

A heartfelt thank you to Sarah Palin for being her!

Which brings me to today’s news – On being asked by Limbaugh on the Limbaugh show “have you thought of your political future beyond the 2008 US Election Campaign”, Sarah Palin replied “That’s a good question“.. Sarah! Thats another superhit !!


Yahoo’s new site explorer vs Google webmaster central.

Yahoo has recently revamped its site explorer. You will know what that is, if you own a website and use Yahoo to get stats like – number of incoming links, pages indexed by Yahoo, incoming links on particular urls or subdomains within your website and cached snapshots of your indexed pages. The new interface you’re taken to, when you type “” is the Yahoo Explorer.

Yahoo’s new site explorer has the following new features: None. It’s just a design change as far as my exploration goes.

Yahoo's new site explorer layout
Yahoo's new site explorer design
Yahoo site explorer new sidebar
Yahoo site explorer new sidebar

Simliarities Google webmaster central and Yahoo site explorer

Just like Google Webmaster central, Yahoo Explorer provides more detailed/advanced information about your site after you authenticate. You’re required to either upload a file with a particular filename and a unique key (downloadable in your Yahoo site explorer login) or add some Yahoo meta tags, similar to Google WMC.

Boo Yahoo!

Your sites don’t get authentcated instantly on Yahoo Site Explorer, unlike Google Webmaster central, where all you do is upload a file and you have all the info you’ll ever require.

Before Google Webmaster Central

Before Google Webmaster Central came in, Yahoo! rocked. It gave you highly accrurate info about the number of incoming links to a site – any site, whether you owned it or not, which Google preferred to keep secret. After Google webmaster central, I realised that Google always had that info, only it was meant only for the website owner. Yahoo’s site explorer still is and will continue to be the destination for SEO specialists worldwide looking for detailed site linking information.

Advantage Yahoo

Although both have pretty much standard features. The biggest Yahoo advantage is that it’s open for all. You can go and see any site’s indexed pages and incoming links. Very useful for Search engine marketing/ Internet marketing companies and SEO professionals.

Advantage Google Webmaster Central

Google webmaster central dashboard
Google webmaster central dashboard

1. Diagnostics: Detailed info about web crawl – HTTP errors, not found, URLs not followed, restricted by robots.txt, URLs timed out, unreachable URLs.

2. Content Analysis: Very important for your Google rankings – Duplicate meta descriptions, long meta descriptions, short meta descriptions, missing title tags, duplicate title tags, long title tags, short title tags, non-informative title tags (new) and non indexable content issues.

3. Search statistics: Top search queries (both impressions and clicks) (highly inaccurate in my case), what Googlebot sees – external link anchor text (very important again for your SEO), crawl stats (when was the site last crawled, no of pages crawled, PageRank of pages crawled etc), subscriber stats (how many people have subscribed to your site’s feeds).

4. Other tools: Some advanced options like setting your web site’s geographic target (for regional sites), set preferred domain (how do you want your site to display on Google – with www or without), analyse and generate robots.txt (for selective indexing of your pages), set crawl rate (for big sites that incur bandwidth expenses when spiders crawl their sites), enhance 404 pages (Google offers custom 404 – page not found pages so your users see the 404 page with relevant links in stead of an error page), enhanced image search (for sites that want to be listed on Google image search) and finally URL removal (if you want some URLs not to be indexed by Google).

In brief, if you’re a webmaster and your site’s not authenticated on Google webmaster central, you’re probably losing out. Google’s webmaster central has all the tools you require to diagnose and get your site polished and up those search rankings.

Yahoo will continue to sustain because of its “open to all” poilcy.