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Smart TV vs Normal TV – Are Smart TVs Dumb?

What is a Smart TV?

Originally known as “connected TVs”, Smart TVs are types that can connect to the internet for social networking, normal browsing activity, streaming on-demand rental services, as well as playing internet music and TV stations, in addition to streaming ordinary cable or satellite TV content. The best Smart TVs offer entertainment, social networking and functional features that normal TVs don’t and in 2016 there’s a range of Smart TVs available under £500. This was definitely not the case in 2014 or 2015 in Britain.

How different are smart TVs from normal TVs?

Unlike the normal UK TV models that are based on mere integrated circuits, smart TVs run on operating system software that has pre-installed apps, although there is no standard operating system across the board. Popular UK brands Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony – they all have their custom built operating systems with their different layouts and usability. While traditional TV sets have a few standard inputs and output ports, the top reviewed smart TVs tend to offer more options to connect to devices. Thus almost every smart TV in UK incorporates a variety of input options including multiple HDMI and USB ports, and allows networking with a number of home devices and smartphones.

Something about smart TVs that is not found on other normal TVs in the UK is the ability to stream on-demand video services such as Hulu and Netflix. In late 2015 and early 2016, there has been popularity of these services and the debate about how people can actually reduce the cost of watching content in Britain by incorporating on-demand content into their day-to-day life.

Besides, users can browse social sites such as Facebook and Twitter through apps, thus these devices compete in that way, with the best smartphones and most powerful computers.

How do smart TVs work? Technology

  • Juggling of graphics/video processing
  • video streaming
  • managing internet connectivity
  • managing multiple screens
  • memory management

Smart TVs do all this using an integrated computer-like framework. These TVs use processors in order to handle a volume of tasks. Some Smart TVs also come with extended internal memory and external memory slots in the UK.

They also use software to allow reception and processing of complex and multiple instructions, as well as relaying back of useful feedback. The world has experienced the Full HD (1080x1920p), and Ultra HD 4K (about 4000p) screens that deliver sharper and more detailed screen images and is anticipating the 4K Blue-ray discs that are expected to deliver extra quality – more details and sharpness, but cost more.

Applications are either preinstalled or can be installed just like smartphones and computers. These applications allow watching on-demand video services and using social networking services like Twitter and Facebook. Many of these TVs come with in-built WiFi for internet connectivity, others connect to the internet using an ethernet cable. In 2016, you’ll hardly find any without WiFi capabilities.

Are they worth it? Let’s discuss pricing and features

According to, you can buy a 50 inch Smart TV in less than 500 pounds, which was definitely not possible in the UK earlier this year. Smart TVs offer much more content than the traditional normal TVs and are slowly becoming an integral part of modern home entertainment. However, some argue that they’re overpriced although this is changing in 2016. Smart TVs can be worth the cost especially when you consider the price of separate internet connectivity gadgets, set top boxes etc which are not required with Smart TVs. The fact that smart TVs offer more features make them acceptable at their higher costs and are better options to cable TV if your family is used to watching movies, online streaming services, occasional series and live sports.

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With all the information above, you can clearly understand why smart TVs have become so popular over the years. Their evolution has marked a turning point in the way we view tv.

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Google “good to know” ads on London Underground (tube) in association with CAB

Google is now advertising on London Underground or Tube as it’s popularly known. I saw these ads on a central line train in London today. Here are a couple of images taken from my iPhone. The advertisements in the Tube are about security, data protection and family protection mainly. Google have teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau and more information can be found on Google is not new to advertising on the tube and we’ve all seen those Google Chrome browser ads, but this time, it’s more philanthropic.

Google Good to Know Ad on London Underground - Sign out
Google Good to Know Ad on London Underground – Importance of signing out
Google Good to Know Ad on London Underground - Strong Password
Google Good to Know Ad on London Underground – How to keep a really strong password

I was very surprised to see these ads on London trains. Why would Google be so kind? Google has been taking the UK more seriously recently with recent news of Google investing in an East London tech zone. Also, with Google’s purchase of of UK businesses like Beat that Quote, this may be an attempt at being seen as a household name, “not just for search”.

Have you seen these ads?

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Angel Investors, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship – Venture Giant

Zip Holidays has now partnered exclusively with to assist it in locating its funding requirements. Company CEO of Zip Holidays has stated that the company required funding and after much research chose Venture Giant because it is positioned to assist in helping Zip Holidays locate a suitable angel investor in the travel industry.Venture Giant a premier UK business angel investment network and small to mid sized business networking portal that matches active business angel investors with entrepreneurs’ seeking investment angel capital and business funding.

Angel Investors and entrepreneurship in UK

The total pool of Angel Investor capital available at Venture Giant is over Ј180 million at time of writing and is growing every day.

We have all watched the hugely successful BBC television show The Dragons’ Den and many of us either feel the pain of how difficult it is for these innovative entrepreneurs to get the hard to find angel capital for their business ideas or, aspire to be like the successful dragons on the show and want to be able to access these exciting start-up companies.

Venture Giant was created to bridge this gap, make the deal flow sourcing process much easier and accessible and simply make it a win/win for all parties involved.

Business Angel Investors

Many people with a little extra cash are turning to seed and early-stage type of investments as a result of all the press around huge buy-outs and pay days for early investors in many start-ups’. None perhaps better known than Google which saw one angel investor make over $1 billion (Ј500 million) from an initial investment of just $100,000 (Ј50,000)!

The list continues with such success stories as YouTube, Yahoo, eBay and many believe the next major buy-out to be Facebook who sold a 1.6% Equity stake for a staggering US $240m valuing the social networking giant at US $15 billion. Chances are this company was launched like many of the others with a handful of early-stage investors with a reasonable amount of money to get started.

If you are an Entrepreneur looking for angel funding or angel investment by angel investors for your start-up or established business then Venture Giant is possibly the only resource you will need during your search for early-stage, seed investment capital or business financing to kick-start your new business or expand your existing business.

Are you an Angel Investor?

If you are an Angel Investor actively seeking to invest your money in more rewarding and profitable ways, then Venture Giant has the most extensive collection of start-up proposals for Angel Investors, geared towards seed or early-stage investment, all rounds of funding, expansion/growth capital, and research & development (R&D) funding.

Venture Giant also offers Angel Investors a free filtered deal-flow daily or monthly email from some of the UK’s most talented entrepreneurs’.

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a man's struggle Achievement business idea Finance Money reviews UK’s Rishi Anand and Tim Lancaster made my day!

This is a little true incident that made my day and possibly, will help my business in a big way, going forward.

I have been planning to set up my own online business and have been inundated with ideas over a long time. Nothing seemed to strike the right balance until I decided to go full throttle with this idea I call Z.  Times are bad, and because of recession (especially in the UK), I have been struggling to find work for my company. I thought this was the best time to actually give my business idea Z a good shot.

One fine day, I decided to look for some help for my idea online so went on and Googled for “Entrepreneur support in London”. came up. I found a brilliant web site focused on finding investors for entrepreneurs – a unique platform where investors and entrepreneurs meet, entrepreneurs pitch with details of their business or business idea, investment required, return and other details like time required to break even, projections, industry etc and the facility to upload a video explaining the idea.

I immediately signed up and uploaded details of Z – my business idea that I knew will do amazingly well. I uploaded cash projections, investment required and other details that I thought were important to attract angel investors.

A couple of days later, I got my first enquiry from an Investor. But this was where I was stuck. demanded I pay 100GBP to view investor details and to be able to contact the investor. At this stage I wrote an email to explaining my cash situation. With hardly any money in the account, it was impossible to shell out that 100 quid for a “possible” enquiry.

Mr Tim Lancaster, Business Development Manager from replied back with a supportive email. I explained the scenario and proposed to pay if I find a suitable investor. The call to action was forwarded by Tim to Managing Director Mr Rishi Anand. Tim emailed me back saying “Mr Rishi Anand” will pay for you. “Wow! ” I thought, these guys are serious about finding me an investor.

I was quite surprised to be honest. Most of the other websites are hardly useful, and are aimed at making money, but is one site that actually believes in and tries hard to connect Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Although that particular enquiry didn’t convert into an investor, there was incredible knowledge gained.

I am very impressed with the team at – Mr Rishi Anand, Mr Tim Lancaster and others who are working to make the two ends meet. I wish them good luck with their venture. Thanks again guys, if you ever come to read this..

Venture Giant - Rishi Anand and Tim Lancaster - Helping investors meet entrepreneurs – People like Rishi Anand (MD) and Tim Lancaster (Business Development Manager) at Venture Giant are working hard to help investors meet entrepreneurs

Have a business idea that you think Rocks?
Is the only thing holding you back money or investment?
Are you willing to share a pie of your business in return for cash to start or run your business?

All Yes’ ?
Go to from UK/US or from India.All the best!

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Susan Boyle talks of boyfriend, virginity on TV. Why? It was a gimmick!

Susan Boyle - Unbrushed hair, lonely, virgin - Best suited to publicity!
Susan Boyle - Unbrushed hair, lonely, virgin - Best suited to publicity!

I am probably the latest Susan Boyle fan but I just can’t understand why they made all the hype before her performance on Britain’s Got Talent! Why would anyone talk of their own virginity, lonely life, not having been kissed ever and present themself with un-brushed hair? I’m forced to believe it was all a planned show!

Hair raising stuff – Her performance and the way the whole performance on Britian’s Got Talent was picturised, planned and recorded.

I, like any other Susan Boyle fan was searching to find more about her.  My obvious curiosity lied in knowing more about her  family, boyfriend, husband etc! Hence the topic “Susan Boyle Boyfriend”.

Came across this blog that claims it’s all a gimmick! You know what? I believe this guy! Check it out – Susan Boyle’s boyfriend

Breaking News – “Susan Boyle has been kissed” reports – She lied on TV?!

Contrary to how she describes her life (on Britain’s Got Talent), Susan Boyle’s neighbour claimed that she has been kissed. reported this yesterday. Angel or Crazy for publicity? You decide.

Some not so pretty exposure - Susan boyle
"Not so pretty" exposure - Susan Boyle
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Job Centre Plus loses documents. Thousands suffer, called for re-interview!

Job Centre Plus - Guilty for losing important documents - Thousands suffer
Job Centre Plus – Guilty for losing important documents – Thousands suffer

My friend has been struggling all morning with Job Centre Plus people. They tell him he has to reappear for his National Insurance number interview. “We’ve lost all your documents” said the person from Job Centre Plus on phone.

My friend is from Hungary and he’s not alone. His girfriend got the same call and letter and so did another eastern European guy I know. This has probably happened to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people.

There’s still no official word from Job Centre Plus. Probably, this is going to be in news soon and Job Center Plus will be made to give an official apology. But what about those people who were interviewed 2 months ago, were promised their national Insurance number cards in 2 weeks? Now, when they’re already long overdue, they’re told that their documents are lost and they have to come for another interview.

News Update – Recorded conversation

So my hungarian friend went to JobCentre Plus for his re-interview. He was mad at them (obviously) and on asking how many people’s documents were lost, the lady there said “lots of people”. Here’s his conversation at Job Centre Plus, Settle street in Whitechapel, London. You can hear the lady say that the documents were “lost in transit” and make excuses.

Job Centre Plus on Loss of Documents and re-interviews

I just hope some strict action is taken against this repeated behaviour by companies, which, UK has become pretty complacent to.