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Obama cries on TV – Gets millions of sympathy votes. But is it fair?

Just hours before the country goes to vote, images of Barack Obama shedding tears while talking about his grandmother – Madelyn Dunham, who died peacefuly in her sleep, swept the Intenet.

Obama crying after his grandmother passed away. She was 86
Obama crying after his grandmother passed away. She was 86

Millions of sentimental people will vote for Barack Obama today because of that.
I felt bad for him myself. He was sad talking about his grandmother. It makes sense! She was featured and talked about on every major 2008 US election covering website. He had taken a break from his campaign and visited her earlier because she wasn’t well.

But should a future US president be seen CRYING tears on TV?

A person who cannot control his emotions, is he fit to lead the most powerful nation?

Will he think from his heart when it comes to punishing the guilty?

The next US president needs to be strong, should have the ability to leave his emotions aside when it comes to decision making and separating the wrong from the right. Most often for leaders, there is no middle path – it’s either right or wrong.

Does Barack Obama have it him to be the next president? From being a hardcore supporter of Obama, today I feel my reservations.