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Bobby Jindal – President 2012? Indian Louisiana governor’s stage is set!

With America’s first ever black president, there’s hope for ethnic minorities in the US to step forward. Bobby Jindal is one such man – the present governor of Louisiana is the youngest in the country and won with 88% votes. Bobby Jindal was touted to be John McCain’s running mate, before the position was taken by Sarah Palin (was it his dark skin? or did he turn down Mccain’s propsal?). Anyway, that has changed.

The republicans are now desperate to prove to the people of America that they hated Obama because of his radical ideas, not because they’re racist. What better way to do that than by nominating a successful, qualified and educated dark-skinned Indian governor for 2012?

Jindal with wife and son
Jindal with wife and son

Advantage Jindal: With all the heat around muslims and the cloud of “Who’s the real Barack Hussein Obama” all through this election campaign, Jindal, originally a Hindu who converted into Catholicism in school, will avoid that.

Who is Bobby Jindal?

You can read the entire biography at wikipedia, I’ll jump to the interesting bits.

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (pronounced “Jend All” in Louisiana) was born in the US to Indian parents, completed schooling at 17, was accepted by Harvard Medical School, but decided to go into politics and received a master’s degree in politics as a Rhodes scholar from New College, Oxford. Worked at Mckinsey and Company, advised fortune 500 companies. Got married in 1996 to present wife Supriya Jolly and has three children – Shaan Robert, Slade Ryan and Selia Elizabeth.

Jindal 2012?

Jindal or Palin, none have the charisma or the broad appeal of a Clinton, Bush or Obama. But hey, I thought the same way about Obama when he was fighting Hillary!

Will Bobby Jindal emerge with a ticket for 2012, or will he still be some governor vouching for a place in the senate?