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Letter to Matt Cutts: Google’s Panda Update for India – Case Study


Dear Matt, We’ve interacted in the past on various platforms which you may/may not remember but that’s not very important right now. I thought Google may be missing out on providing the highest… Continue reading

Google “good to know” ads on London Underground (tube) in association with CAB


Google is now advertising on London Underground or Tube as it’s popularly known. I saw these ads on a central line train in London today. Here are a couple of images taken from… Continue reading

Alexa launches keyword tool filled with skewed SEO data


I used to be a big fan of Alexa, in fact I still am for some niches – If you’re researching 2 sites that are targetted to SEOs or users interested in Internet… Continue reading

Are Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook days over? Welcome Google Wave!


Google Talk days are over. For all you Gtalk addicts – You abandoned MSN messenger first, then you quit Yahoo chat. Now its time to welcome Google Wave. It is awesome and it’s… Continue reading

Wolfram Alpha Screenshots and My Test Reviews


I have been intrigued with the whole Wolfram Alpha hype for a long time and when finally I got to lay my hands on this engine, I was pleasantly surprised. I have to… Continue reading

Google Latitude – There goes our privacy in shatters!


First you could email and get your messages across to your mates. Then came online messengers – instruments to disturb your peace resulting in unnecessary, useless chatter. Yahoo invented the “invisible mode”. Never… Continue reading