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Halloween’s almost here! Who wants a Halloween candy coupon or two?

This will be a credit crunch ecomony Halloween! So what do we need in this time of inflation and bonus cuts? Well, I wouldn’t mind a coupon or two.. 😉
NRF (National Retail Foundation) is expecting the Halloween spending to touch five and a half billion dollars and you! Yes, YOU – an average person will end up spending 67 dollars on candy, costumes and other Halloween stuff with about $20 on mini chocolates and candy.. arghh! those trick or treat little devils!!

Some cool Halloween coupons and offers

1. Buy One, Get one Free on Hersheys candy at CVS

2. $1.99 for a bag of fun sized right candy at Rite Aid

3. 50 cents per cherry filled gumball at

4. Over 2000 candies at – Coupon code BARGAINIST15 for 5% off and 5 dollars off for orders over $35.00. Offer expires tomorrow, so hurry.

5. At, spend over 36 dollars and get a whopping 15 dollars off! Thats a real good deal! Promotional code: CDY08OCT

6. Last but not the least, here’s a coupon from KMart. have picked this up from a website, hopefully it’ll work, but do print it out, take and take it with you for your Halloween shopping.

Image removed (posted a 2007 coupon in ignorance)
I’m sure there are 100s of more Halloween candy coupons out there. If you’ve found something better, please comment and share.

Happy Halloween preparations!! 🙂