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Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher from Natural Law Party is Charles Keating kin?

And finally, Joe the plumber being interviewed:

Joe the plumber – the meditator – Samuel Joseph Worzelbacher who was made famous by John Mccain in his various rants “who’s policy will suit Jo the plumber from Ohio more.. mine or Barak Obama’s??” has been identified in the public records by the plain dealer. Joe the plumber (as I’ll refer to him in this article, thanks to Mr Mccain), voted in the years 2002, 2005 and 2007 and mentioned his party as the Natural Law Party.

Presently registered as a republican, Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher was earlier a member of the Natural law Party from the state of Iowa, US. The Natural Law party was based on the views of baba Mahesh Yogi from India and believed in transcendental meditation and yoga.

Breaking News – Joe the plumber related to Charles Keating

Latest news coming in is that Joe the plumber might be related to Charles Keating. Reports have confirmed that Joe Wurzelbacher is a close relative of Robert Wurzelbacher, Milford, Ohio, who in turn happens to be the son in law of Charles Keating and American Continental’s ex-senior president the comany that formed Lincoln Savings and Loan, infamous for its deeds. Here’s the EXCITING BIT – Robert Wurzelbacher has been donating ten thousand dollars to the Demorats for the last few years! Can you believe that?

Breaking news 2 (17th Oct, 2008) – Joe the plummer doesn’t have a valid plumber’s licence.

This morning while reading the Metro on London tube, I came across an article that said it has been found that Joe the plummer doesn’t even have a valid plumber’s licence in the US. It just keeps adding to the discrepancies, doesn’t it?