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Did Katt Williams die in a plane crash? Chill, he’s alive and well!

Katt Williams - not dead
Katt Williams - not dead

When I received a text this morning that Katt Williams has died in a plane crash, I (as most of us) was hoping it wasn’t true. Googled to find any related news, but found nothing.

A couple of friends said they’d received similar texts at 4am. Weird!

Someone asked this question on Yahoo Answers and received 33 responses, all worried people like me. Some idiot says he read it on Atlanta news.. nothing there.

Final word: although there’s no confirmation to prove anything, most people are saying it’s just a rumour and since none of the news channels or sites have it mentioned anywhere, lets just hope we see Katt Williams live on TV real soon to end this rumor for good.

News Update – Katt Williams is definitely alive!

The last login date on Katt (Cat) Williams profile on Myspace is the 2nd of November 2008! Although it was almost certain that he’s alive and well, now I guess there’s not much doubt. Also, a friend of the family has come forward and confirmed that Katt is fine and all the “death” news was a rumor. Who could be behind the rumor? I’m intrigued!

Katt’s new comedy is on DVD from November 11th 2008 called “it’s pimpin’ pimpin'”.

Do you think it’s a marketing stunt by Katt Williams himself?

Surprising how easy it is to spread rumours in this Twitter n Digg age. What’d be the best way to spread a rumor, I wonder…

Any ideas who, why?