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Job Centre Plus loses documents. Thousands suffer, called for re-interview!

Job Centre Plus - Guilty for losing important documents - Thousands suffer
Job Centre Plus – Guilty for losing important documents – Thousands suffer

My friend has been struggling all morning with Job Centre Plus people. They tell him he has to reappear for his National Insurance number interview. “We’ve lost all your documents” said the person from Job Centre Plus on phone.

My friend is from Hungary and he’s not alone. His girfriend got the same call and letter and so did another eastern European guy I know. This has probably happened to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people.

There’s still no official word from Job Centre Plus. Probably, this is going to be in news soon and Job Center Plus will be made to give an official apology. But what about those people who were interviewed 2 months ago, were promised their national Insurance number cards in 2 weeks? Now, when they’re already long overdue, they’re told that their documents are lost and they have to come for another interview.

News Update – Recorded conversation

So my hungarian friend went to JobCentre Plus for his re-interview. He was mad at them (obviously) and on asking how many people’s documents were lost, the lady there said “lots of people”. Here’s his conversation at Job Centre Plus, Settle street in Whitechapel, London. You can hear the lady say that the documents were “lost in transit” and make excuses.

Job Centre Plus on Loss of Documents and re-interviews

I just hope some strict action is taken against this repeated behaviour by companies, which, UK has become pretty complacent to.