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Google trends India – Top searches – Just sex and movies! Where are the intellectuals?

I was going through Google India trends today and this is what I found!!! Unbelievable – 2 sex related terms in the top 20!!! and almost all the rest are movies! Where’s the intellectual India? I guess sleeping at 5am!

1. chess download
2. guns of navarone
3. watch karz online
4. shankar mahadevan
5. hrm
6. karz 2008 torrent
7. modesty blaise
8. ness wadia
9. preity zinta
10. sex stories in tamil
11. jay sean
12. when a stranger calls
13. the illusionist
14. tens unit
15. red movie
16. monica bellucci nude
17. magnetism
18. gate
19. banda

Lets quickly talk about whats being searched in India at 5am on the 19th of October, 2008.

  1. Chess Download – Recently, Viswanathan Anand has done very well in the World Chess Championships, so probably people are crazy about chess all of sudden and looking for a place to download it! If you’re one of them – you can go to: (went to and saw the server down – too many hits I guess.. ?? )
  2. Guns of navarone – used to be a hit movie from the 1960s and now there’s a new game launched and it’s all about the second world war and killing the Nazis. I’m sure most people in India are looking for torrents to download this. Yeah yeah?
  3. Watch Karz online – New movie and idle youngsters aware at 5am looking to watch the movie for free.. this has got to be the top search and has remained for quite a bit now! My favouriet site to eatch bollywood movies is: apnaview
  4. Shankar Mahadevan – Shankar Mahadevan was performing somewhere in Bangalore today and hence the searches.
  5. HRM – There’s a social networking site for HR people (Human resources) but this massive search spree was all about HRM elections taking place tomorrow!
  6. Karz 2008 torrent – The more advanced netizens know what they’re looking for and they’re searching for torrents for the new movie Karz!
  7. Modesty Blaise – Another new movie or based on a relic from London. Hmm.. didn’t know there was so much awareness of Hollywood movies in India!! 🙂
  8. Ness Wadia – Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta are said to be going out and they were recently seen at Formula one! hmm.. some blogs have also been seen claiming that Ness Wadia is the new co-owner of IPL team Kings XI Punjab. Don’t take my word for it, go search some more..
  9. Preity Zinta – This search volume’s got to be because of beau Ness Wadia. hands up those who agree?
  10. Sex stories in Tamil – What else can you expect from horny Tamil Nadu guys afterall. Didn’t know there was so much demand for sex stories in Tamil. Whatever happened to Hindi? and English?
  11. Jay Sean – the British Indian Hindi cum English (although predominanly English) singer has been signed up by a major US label called Cash Money records plus his hits like “Ride It” are still in popular demand.
  12. When a stranger calls – Another new hollywood movie. It’s gotta create some buzz all over the world.. let alone india.
  13. The illusionist – This Hollywood movie was on Star movies yesterday, perhaps people loved it and recommended to others, which created a buzz in Indian circles.. hmm, word of mouth marketing perhaps?
  14. Tens Unit – Although not 100% sure, tens unit seems like a shoulder pain reliever device. Wonder why thats creating a buzz in India this time at night (or early morning)!!
  15. Red movie – No prizes for guessing that this is another Hollywood movies (potentially new) and people are looking for downloads and trailers.
  16. Monica Bellucci Nude – Hmm, good choice of an actress if you’ve gotta watch porn, Monica Bellucci has been there and done almost anything. Plus, with a body and figure like hers, I would definitely agree with the choice of Indian young men (or may be not so young men)..
  17. Magnetism – Anotehr movie? Or the science topic? What can these people be searching for? No idea at all. Do you know?
  18. Gate – This can be an IIT (Indian Institute of technology) entrance exam where people are looking for studying material or some news related to it or perhaps something else.
  19. Banda – Banda is a popular surname, but I guess this Banda is David Banda, Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s adopted son ( the biological father of David banda is in concern here) and his father’s worried as Madonna and Guy Ritchie are likely to separate. Don’t worry David Banda’s papa, she’ll take good care of your son despite the separation (i believe)

Since I’ve started writing this article, another 5 keyphrases have appeared on Google Trends India and probably by the time I finish writing about them, there’ll be another 10.. more and more as day progresses. Since it’s a Sunday, I’m not expecting too many hits today.

Happy surfing people – Remember – Google’s watching what you search.