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Online Gambling laws in India. Are online casinos, poker and slots allowed in India?

Good question. I did some research on it for quite a bit today and found the following answer: NO! Laws don’t permit online gambling in India.

The only casinos in India reside in the state/city of Goa. These are on yachts that take passengers (gamblers) from the shore, then cruise to International waters to start gambling. News has it that 3 new companies are starting Gambling cruise liners. Result: Indians who go out to neighboring country Nepal to gamble, now need not. They can go to Goa instead. However, these yachts (or ships) charge heavily for their cruises to encourage more foreigners and to keep petty local gamblers off. The Casino Goa (first and only yacht where gambling is legal in India) is owned part by an Australian investor and part by the yacht making company – some Advani.

The Indian 1867 Gambling Act prohibits gambling anywhere on Indian soil except lottery and horse racing. No wonder people flock in their thousands to bet at polo grounds in Delhi. The lottery on the other hand is state controlled.

Some argue that the Indian Gambling act of 1867 doesn’t say anything about online gambling or betting, obviously because the Internet didn’t exist then. But on some law sites experts claim that the same act can be used to prohibit online gambling. There are fines for anyone providing a place to gamble and for gamblers in order of a few hundred dollars or a few months’ prison.

Fact is, India needs a new, clearer, updated Gambling law. It doesn’t make sense for India to allow gambling because of Poverty, but if there are regulations on the amount of money that can be spent per day or per week, per person, then I guess it can become a massive industry in India. Some international companies including are flocking to India to test the online casino waters. Time will tell whether they succeed or fail. My personal experience says it will be a success, considering over 30% of all online gamblers are from Asian countries.

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