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Duchess of Birmingshire or Dutchess of Birminghamshire? Patricia Place passes away.

Searching for Duchess of Birmingshire and Duchess of Birminghamshire played by Patricia Place?

Patricia Place - The Duchess of Birmingshire died on 20th September 2008.
Patricia Place – The Duchess of Birmingshire actress died on 20th September 2008. RIP.

There is sad news – Patricia Place – The actress who played Duchess of Birmingshire passed away in September, it was announced at the end of the program. Patricia Place was 83 when she died of Pneumonia. She was secretly fighting cancer without her family’s knowledge. Place was most known for her role in “Emma Smith – My story” as Emma Smith Bidamon. She had also acted in several other TV shows and movies.

A thread on VH1 says that the actress Patricia Place unfortunately passed away on the 20th of September. She worked till one day before her death. An article on Herald Extra is mentioned there.

My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

Old news

Is there actually a “Duchess of Birmingshire”? I think the Duchess of Birmingshire title is just made up, something like Judge Julie, and she’s just an actress. Why else would an actual duchess be on a TV show, and a low budget one at that. A CS preview is available of the show where I wonder if Lacey and Brandi C are being challenged by Inna to get them up on the chopping block?

To me, I think I’ve seen the woman somewhere, so most probably it is an actress. Love Sharon’s pretty laugh on the previews 😉

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