IP University of Delhi

It is previously known as Guru Singh Indraprastha University(GGSIPU), it is located in New Delhi, India. The university was founded in 1998; it is accredited by NAAC, UGC, and under the help of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. The university has been placed 95th among Universities in India.

The university is a teaching university with the core objective of promoting education, extension work, and research in emanating higher education spheres interested in professional education and Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It strives to achieve academic excellence and matters connected to education.

To diligently serve its purpose, the university has a Mission statement, Vision, and Quality Policy.


“The university will kindle the minds and hearts of its scholars, commission them to contribute well being of the society, train them to adjust to the dynamic needs of the economy, a champion for cultural leadership and ensure harmony, peace, and prosperity for all.”


“IP University of Delhi shall strive to provide market-oriented education to the students of India, with a scope to serving higher education and meeting the needs of Indian professional industries.”


IP University of Delhi is devoted to providing professional education emphasizing innovation, creativity, steady change, and a stimulating environment for knowledge creation and dispersion through its powerful quality management system.

The university does not offer accommodation to its students. Students are required to seek alternative means of hostel facility during their period of study.

There is a collection of campus facilities available in the university. Among them are a well-equipped computer laboratory, a well-stocked library, Auditorium, Excellent medical Facilities, Enough lecture halls, Shuttle services, Sports activities, Power Backup, and Stable WiFi, and many more.

Program Accreditations

• Bar Council of India (BCI)
• National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
• Council of Architecture ( COA)
• National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE)

University Schools

University School of Environment Management

The University School of Management was founded in 1998 to address future environmental issues and naturally acquired resources through quality training, education, and research. The school’s vision is to fiercely pursue the objectives of imparting impeccable education and training to facilitate research in the environmental field, sustainable development, and natural resources management.

Programs offered

The School of Environmental Management offers a two-year Master’s program in:

• Natural Resource Management
• Biodiversity& Conservation
• Environment Management

University School of Management Studies

The University School of Management Studies is an on-campus school of IP University of Delhi. The school has an innovative teaching methodology and a distinct curriculum. The intellectually captivating environment of the school offers a nurturing zone for competent management professionals in the dynamic business world with the upcoming managerial requirements.

University School of Chemical Technology

Despite the broad spectrum of the chemical industry, the primary discipline of the school is chemical engineering. The first consideration of the school is to establish a strong program with a modern syllabus, at par laboratories, get useful software to facilitate learning and enhance meaningful links with industries. With the accessibility of many resources, there will be immense development of the school in due time.

University School of Information, Communication & Technology

The school was established with an insight to generate a workforce with the aptness to take challenges and forge ahead in information and communication technology. The curriculum is crafted to take care of the dynamic demands of information technology with vital inputs from the industry. The school highly stirs up research work in the various spheres of information and communication technology. The school seeks to produce individuals well versed to contribute to progress at the national and global levels.

University School of Education

The University School of Education seeks to facilitate studies in all upcoming areas of education like teacher education, inclusive education, educational technology, distance education, planning, and finance, etc., to develop educators with the best competencies, research, and teaching skills. The school fosters an environment of steadfast learning to equip teacher trainees to transform teacher education phases.

The offered programs include:

• B.Ed. ( offered by affiliated institutions)
• M.Ed. (Regular)
• Ph.D.
• Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

University School of Law and Legal Studies

The law school was established in 2001; the law school’s approach is to establish a positive in individuals and make them appreciate lawyers as an integral part in the determination of policies, system adjudication of various activities through proper institutions. It, therefore, gives them relevant placements in the judiciary, regulatory bodies, quasi-judicial bodies, voluntary organizations, commissions, and other relevant sectors.

University School of Humanities & Social Sciences.

The school boasts an outstanding status in the university’s whole academic scheme. Having a correctly laid out entity, it mounts across other schools in the university. The restless theoretical inputs empower the learners to logically comprehend and reflect on the economy’s cultural, social, and political structures, hence expanding their professional vision. The school devotes itself to offer an integrative and interdisciplinary instruction interface to the students to mold them into whole and competent human beings.

Programs Offered

• Master of philosophy & Ph.D. in English Literature
• Master of Arts in English
• Master of Arts Economics

University School of Basic & Applied Sciences

The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs.

Undergraduate Programs

• Undergraduate
• B.Tech(IT)
• B.Tech (CSE)
• B.Tech (BCE)
• B.Tech (CT)
• B.Tech (ECE)
• B.Tech (BT)

Post Graduate Programs

• M.Tech (Nanoscience and Technology)
• M.Tech (Engineering Physics)

Ph.D. Programs

• Physics (USBAS)
• Mathematics (USBAS)
• Chemistry (USBAS)

University School of Medicine and Para-Medical Health Sciences

Committed to the top-level ethical and philosophical values of deep understanding, humanity, care of human mind and body, and fostering curative and curative healthcare across all the medical systems. The University School of Medicine & Paramedical Health Sciences is a devoted confluence of various paths, paramedical and nursing sciences.

The school runs over seventy courses in medicine, nursing, and paramedical sciences, encouraging research for Ph.D scholars to satisfy their quest for knowledge in various areas.

M.Sc and B.Sc programs in nursing are conducted in five nursing colleges. In paramedical sciences, nine postgraduate courses, eight undergraduate courses, and three postgraduate diploma courses are offered in various medical colleges across Delhi.

University School of Architecture & Planning

The University School of Architecture and Planning grants an undergraduate degree program (B.Arch), which takes five years with a regular schedule to complete.

The school of architecture has aped the pedagogical method of “learning by doing,” where students are probed to critically reminisce on contemporary issues of the immensely developing technology regarding the society emphasizing on development of new typologies, conservation, heritage, the birth of new technology and challenging issues of environmental sustainability. The school’s primary goal is to nurture architects with a sharp sense of competence and responsibility to tackle the unending societal challenges in the most innovative manner.


1) New Delhi Institute of Management
2) Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology
3) JSS Academy of Technical Education
4) Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology
5) CBP Government Engineering College
6) Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
7) Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
8) Awadh Center of Education
9) Amity School of Engineering
10) Ambedkar School of Engineering and Technology


Different courses have different criteria for admission. The university offers undergraduate postgraduate and diploma courses. Access to each class maintains specific admission criteria. IPU CET is the mandatory official entrance exam conducted by the institution. Apart from IPU CET, the institution validates other National-level entrance exams for acceptance to its multiple courses. IPU reserves 85% intake for Delhi candidates and the residual 15% offered to candidates outside the Delhi region.

Memberships and Affiliations

• Distance Education Bureau (DEB)
• Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
• Medical Council of India (MCI)
• Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

IP University of New Delhi, India Ranking

IP University is the 74th ranked university of India, and various private and government colleges are under this university.

IP University of India affiliates 118 colleges, among which 83 of the colleges are self-financing institutions while the remaining thirty-five are government institutions. The university’s ranking will aid you in making a fair comparison among all the university’s affiliated colleges.


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