The 10 Best Food Bloggers in London

1. Andrea

Andrea is a London-based food blogger who was born and raised in Italy. She has traveled worldwide from Europe to the Middle East and to Japan, where she discovered a remote restaurant in Kyoto. Interestingly, Andrea was a marketing manager before she became a food and travel blogger. She has also done a lot of PR work for cookbooks and food processors.

Andrea started the blog, The Petite Cook, to satisfy her adventurous food life. The Petite Cook has become a place where she shares her food experience as she attends events, has dinners, and travels around the world. She is also a self-taught chef and continues to experiment with her recipes. Because of her love for food and new recipes, The Petite Cook blog is now her full-time job.


2. Niamh

Niamh is an Irish-born London-based food and travel blogger. She was once a scientist before she became a food writer, thanks to a career in media. Niamh loves traveling, and that is where she learns new recipes and tries out different foods in restaurants. She also loves to spend most of her time in the kitchen whenever she has free time.

Niamh started her blog, Eat Like a Girl, back in 2007. The blog has a focus on new recipes, food-based travel stories, and restaurant recommendations. In addition, Niamh writes blogs about her very own recipes or those that she has picked up while on her travels. She also has a cookbook named Comfort & Spice, which has a record 157 recipes in it.


3. Katrin Nürnberger

Katrin was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. She then moved to the UK in her early 20s and has spent most of her life in London. She is a trained newspaper journalist and a former news correspondent.

Katrin was diagnosed with bladder pain syndrome, and her doctor recommended a sugar detox. This diagnosis informed her to start a Sugar-Free Londoner blog, where she shares her passion for a sugar-free lifestyle.

The blog focuses on tasty gluten-free and low carbohydrate recipes. These recipes have been tested in her kitchen and certified by Sugarwise, the international authority for sugar claims. Her blog is rich in interesting information about sugar, healthy eating, and well-being.


4. Tina Jui

Tina is a London-based food blogger. She was initially working as an attorney before she decided to work on her blog, The Worktop. She also makes and serves coffee at The Espresso Room in London. On other occasions, she has pop-up brunches at her home.

The Worktop contains several breakfast and brunch recipes. She also shares some of her favorite recipes that she has had to try out in her kitchen. Tina puts together her favorite cafes and coffee shops for breakfast and lunch in London. If you are looking for a nice place with delicious recipes for either breakfast or brunch, you should check out her blog.


5. Ella Mills

Ella’s food journey started way back in 2012 while she was still at the university. She had been diagnosed with a condition called postural tachycardia syndrome. She then began a search for diet and lifestyle changes that could help improve her condition. Ella then decided to incorporate whole foods and a plant-based diet into her lifestyle. She started a diary of her culinary experiments then went ahead to document it in her blog, Deliciously Ella.

Deliciously Ella celebrates various delicious, plant-based ingredients and wholemeal foods. It has several recipes ranging from vegetarian to wheat and refined sugar-free foods. The blog has grown, and now she has developed an app, several recipe books and a series of podcasts. Her blog could be a good place for you if you are looking for healthy plant-based foods.


6. Lucy Parisi

Lucy is a London-based food blogger and photographer behind her blog, Supergolden Bakes. She grew up in Athens, Greece, then moved to the UK, where she studied Graphic Design. At the age of 17, her culinary horizons opened up from trying out cuisines from around the world. She is a food enthusiast and enjoys preparing and sharing food with friends and relatives and sharing this in her blog.

Supergolden Bakes is all about unfussy food packed with flavor. Lucy takes inspiration from the traditional Greek recipes she grew up with and different cuisines from around the world. In her blog, you’ll find vegan recipes, slimming recipes, cocktails and desserts.


7. Helen Best-Shaw

Helen is a freelance food writer and recipe developer. She is currently based in West London, where she lives with her partner. She decided to start a blog in 2007 when people around her lacked confidence in their cooking. Hellen then thought of cheap and value bargain foods that led her to start her blog, Fuss Free Flavors. She wanted people to know about affordable meals that people can choose without compromising flavor.

Hellen has grown her blog to reflect her wider interests with food reviews and lifestyle elements. The recipes in the blog are categorized by cuisine, course, and main ingredient. If you are looking for quick dishes, desserts and puddings or even France or vegan recipes, you should check out her site.


8. Sandhya Hariharan

Sandhya is currently based in London, but his roots are from Mumbai in South India. She is an amateur food photographer, food stylist, writer, and art director. Over the years, she has collected several recipes, some traditional and others from family and friends. She has compiled them in her blog post, Sandhya’s Kitchen, where she shares her passion and love for different cuisines.

Her blog post has easy-to-follow recipes that you can try out in your kitchen within minutes. She shows you how to make tasty vegetarian dishes to spice up your everyday meals. She commits to bringing out the best of what she learns. Besides, she is a full-time cook and juggles it with taking care of her kids.


9. Emily Leary

Emily is an award winning food, lifestyle and parenting writer, presenter and photographer. Her work includes everything from short how to guides to in depth articles. She also develops and tests recipes for media brands and works with selected brands to bring a food edge to their editorial websites. Besides, she hosts a YouTube channel where she holds chats and highlights some of her recipes.

Emily founded her blog, A Mummy Too, back in 2011. A Mummy Too is a food and lifestyle blog for busy parents. Emily was inspired to start the blog out of her love for family, food and photography. The site has daily recipes and features around 300 recipes in total. Her blog post won the Best Food Blog in 2015 at the MAD Blog Awards.


10. Jeanne Horak

Jeanne is a food, wine, and travel blogger. She is also a freelance recipe developer and has worked with several publications. She was born in South Africa before moving to London, where she has stayed for 14 years. Besides, she has a full-time job at a city law firm.

When she is not working, she enjoys writing food blogs and has spoken in conferences about recipe writing and editing. Her blog, cook sister, features many recipes and has some of the best restaurants that you can find in London. She has been writing about food and travel since 2004, and her blog is ranked 6th in the foodies’ top 100 UK food blogs.



IP University of Delhi

It is previously known as Guru Singh Indraprastha University(GGSIPU), it is located in New Delhi, India. The university was founded in 1998; it is accredited by NAAC, UGC, and under the help of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. The university has been placed 95th among Universities in India.

The university is a teaching university with the core objective of promoting education, extension work, and research in emanating higher education spheres interested in professional education and Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It strives to achieve academic excellence and matters connected to education.

To diligently serve its purpose, the university has a Mission statement, Vision, and Quality Policy.


“The university will kindle the minds and hearts of its scholars, commission them to contribute well being of the society, train them to adjust to the dynamic needs of the economy, a champion for cultural leadership and ensure harmony, peace, and prosperity for all.”


“IP University of Delhi shall strive to provide market-oriented education to the students of India, with a scope to serving higher education and meeting the needs of Indian professional industries.”


IP University of Delhi is devoted to providing professional education emphasizing innovation, creativity, steady change, and a stimulating environment for knowledge creation and dispersion through its powerful quality management system.

The university does not offer accommodation to its students. Students are required to seek alternative means of hostel facility during their period of study.

There is a collection of campus facilities available in the university. Among them are a well-equipped computer laboratory, a well-stocked library, Auditorium, Excellent medical Facilities, Enough lecture halls, Shuttle services, Sports activities, Power Backup, and Stable WiFi, and many more.

Program Accreditations

• Bar Council of India (BCI)
• National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
• Council of Architecture ( COA)
• National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE)

University Schools

University School of Environment Management

The University School of Management was founded in 1998 to address future environmental issues and naturally acquired resources through quality training, education, and research. The school’s vision is to fiercely pursue the objectives of imparting impeccable education and training to facilitate research in the environmental field, sustainable development, and natural resources management.

Programs offered

The School of Environmental Management offers a two-year Master’s program in:

• Natural Resource Management
• Biodiversity& Conservation
• Environment Management

University School of Management Studies

The University School of Management Studies is an on-campus school of IP University of Delhi. The school has an innovative teaching methodology and a distinct curriculum. The intellectually captivating environment of the school offers a nurturing zone for competent management professionals in the dynamic business world with the upcoming managerial requirements.

University School of Chemical Technology

Despite the broad spectrum of the chemical industry, the primary discipline of the school is chemical engineering. The first consideration of the school is to establish a strong program with a modern syllabus, at par laboratories, get useful software to facilitate learning and enhance meaningful links with industries. With the accessibility of many resources, there will be immense development of the school in due time.

University School of Information, Communication & Technology

The school was established with an insight to generate a workforce with the aptness to take challenges and forge ahead in information and communication technology. The curriculum is crafted to take care of the dynamic demands of information technology with vital inputs from the industry. The school highly stirs up research work in the various spheres of information and communication technology. The school seeks to produce individuals well versed to contribute to progress at the national and global levels.

University School of Education

The University School of Education seeks to facilitate studies in all upcoming areas of education like teacher education, inclusive education, educational technology, distance education, planning, and finance, etc., to develop educators with the best competencies, research, and teaching skills. The school fosters an environment of steadfast learning to equip teacher trainees to transform teacher education phases.

The offered programs include:

• B.Ed. ( offered by affiliated institutions)
• M.Ed. (Regular)
• Ph.D.
• Advanced Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

University School of Law and Legal Studies

The law school was established in 2001; the law school’s approach is to establish a positive in individuals and make them appreciate lawyers as an integral part in the determination of policies, system adjudication of various activities through proper institutions. It, therefore, gives them relevant placements in the judiciary, regulatory bodies, quasi-judicial bodies, voluntary organizations, commissions, and other relevant sectors.

University School of Humanities & Social Sciences.

The school boasts an outstanding status in the university’s whole academic scheme. Having a correctly laid out entity, it mounts across other schools in the university. The restless theoretical inputs empower the learners to logically comprehend and reflect on the economy’s cultural, social, and political structures, hence expanding their professional vision. The school devotes itself to offer an integrative and interdisciplinary instruction interface to the students to mold them into whole and competent human beings.

Programs Offered

• Master of philosophy & Ph.D. in English Literature
• Master of Arts in English
• Master of Arts Economics

University School of Basic & Applied Sciences

The school offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs.

Undergraduate Programs

• Undergraduate
• B.Tech(IT)
• B.Tech (CSE)
• B.Tech (BCE)
• B.Tech (CT)
• B.Tech (ECE)
• B.Tech (BT)

Post Graduate Programs

• M.Tech (Nanoscience and Technology)
• M.Tech (Engineering Physics)

Ph.D. Programs

• Physics (USBAS)
• Mathematics (USBAS)
• Chemistry (USBAS)

University School of Medicine and Para-Medical Health Sciences

Committed to the top-level ethical and philosophical values of deep understanding, humanity, care of human mind and body, and fostering curative and curative healthcare across all the medical systems. The University School of Medicine & Paramedical Health Sciences is a devoted confluence of various paths, paramedical and nursing sciences.

The school runs over seventy courses in medicine, nursing, and paramedical sciences, encouraging research for Ph.D scholars to satisfy their quest for knowledge in various areas.

M.Sc and B.Sc programs in nursing are conducted in five nursing colleges. In paramedical sciences, nine postgraduate courses, eight undergraduate courses, and three postgraduate diploma courses are offered in various medical colleges across Delhi.

University School of Architecture & Planning

The University School of Architecture and Planning grants an undergraduate degree program (B.Arch), which takes five years with a regular schedule to complete.

The school of architecture has aped the pedagogical method of “learning by doing,” where students are probed to critically reminisce on contemporary issues of the immensely developing technology regarding the society emphasizing on development of new typologies, conservation, heritage, the birth of new technology and challenging issues of environmental sustainability. The school’s primary goal is to nurture architects with a sharp sense of competence and responsibility to tackle the unending societal challenges in the most innovative manner.


1) New Delhi Institute of Management
2) Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology
3) JSS Academy of Technical Education
4) Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology
5) CBP Government Engineering College
6) Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
7) Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
8) Awadh Center of Education
9) Amity School of Engineering
10) Ambedkar School of Engineering and Technology


Different courses have different criteria for admission. The university offers undergraduate postgraduate and diploma courses. Access to each class maintains specific admission criteria. IPU CET is the mandatory official entrance exam conducted by the institution. Apart from IPU CET, the institution validates other National-level entrance exams for acceptance to its multiple courses. IPU reserves 85% intake for Delhi candidates and the residual 15% offered to candidates outside the Delhi region.

Memberships and Affiliations

• Distance Education Bureau (DEB)
• Association of Indian Universities (AIU)
• Medical Council of India (MCI)
• Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

IP University of New Delhi, India Ranking

IP University is the 74th ranked university of India, and various private and government colleges are under this university.

IP University of India affiliates 118 colleges, among which 83 of the colleges are self-financing institutions while the remaining thirty-five are government institutions. The university’s ranking will aid you in making a fair comparison among all the university’s affiliated colleges.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Netherands?

The COVID19 pandemic has had a horrible effect on people and businesses all over the world. With that said, there is one industry in particular that has seen explosive growth during the pandemic. That would be the online casino gambling industry.

With hundreds of millions if not billions of people hunkered down in their homes for extended periods of time, adults have been looking for things to keep them entertained. Not only is online gambling fun and exciting, but each player has a legitimate opportunity to win a little money. That would explain why online gambling grew by close to 50% in Europe over the last year.

What is very true about the world of online gambling is the rules and regulations from one country to the next can vary greatly. That is even true among neighboring countries.

For the remainder of this article, the discussion is going to focus on online gambling in The Netherlands. We will investigate the legalities surrounding retail and online gambling by the Dutch people as well as having a discussion about the Dutch Lottery.

How is Gambling Regulated in the Netherlands?

Before we get into the heart of these issues, we want readers to know that almost every country in the world with the exception of many countries in the Middle East allow some form of legal gambling. In many countries, lotteries are very popular among country residents.

Since almost all countries permit some form of gambling, the government of each country will typically provide a government regulator to oversee such activities. These regulators are typically responsible for overseeing gambling providers to make sure gamblers have some form of protection against rogue gambling providers.

In The Netherlands, the governing regulator is the Kansspelautoriteit – KSA (Netherlands Gambling Authority), which was established in 2012. The KSA is responsible for controlling all retail and online gambling that takes place in The Netherlands.

Is Retail Gambling Legal in the Netherlands

The term retail gambling covers a wide range of gambling activities. Under this umbrella, we would expect to see horse racing, brick and mortar casino gambling, sports betting, poker, and Lotteries.

Currently, retail casino gambling and poker are legal as set forth by the Betting and Gaming Act of 1964. However, all retail gambling activities are controlled by the government-owned Holland Casino. That means the industry is controlled by a state monopoly. There are approximately 14 land-based casinos in operation in the Netherlands.

As for retail sports betting and lotteries, they too are legal. However, these activities are controlled by the Dutch Lotto under the direction of the KSA.

Is Online Gambling Legal in the Netherlands?

Currently, online casinos, poker, and sports gambling are illegal gambling activities in The Netherlands. Online lotteries are permitted by law. However, there was legislation put forth in 2019 that would legalize such activities. If all goes according to plan, the legislation could be passed in 2021.

At this point, we would be remiss to not mention that tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands gamble online. You are probably wondering how that is possible?

While online gambling is technically illegal in The Netherlands, the government has decided to take a practical approach to the online gambling issue. Instead of trying to police the population to make sure they aren’t playing online games of chance for real cash, the government has decided to simply not prosecute anyone from doing so.

In lieu of not enforcing the ban on internet gambling, the KSA has shifted its focus to international online gambling operators. The KSA has determined they will allow Dutch online gambling enthusiasts to access offshore or out-of-country online gambling sites as long as the operator has received the proper licensing from the KSA specifically designed or online gambling operators. Once an international operator has secured proper licensing from the KSA, they can operate freely for the benefit of Dutch residents.

If there is any doubt about whether or not the KSA will enforce their licensing rules, those doubts were removed in August of 2019. That is when the Kindred Group was hit with a whopping fine of €470,000 fine for illegally accepting online wagers from Dutch players without having a license to do so. Who is the Kindred Group? Only one of the largest gambling conglomerates in the world.

For what it is worth, online operators that accept wagers from the Dutch people are subject to a tax rate of approximately 30% on all gambling revenues the operators receive directly from Dutch gamblers.

Should the Draft Bill on Remote Gambling get passed this year or in the future, it would change the online gambling landscape in The Netherlands. Operators would be permitted to actually based their online operations in The Netherlands with the proper licensing from the KSA. At that point, the government would likely seek to take more control over sports betting and poker as well.

The Dutch Lottery

For a country with such strict rules related to gambling, it is surprising to find out that The Netherlands is home to one of the oldest lotteries in the world, the Staatsloterij, which originated sometime in the early 1700s. Today, the Dutch Lottery draws as many as 5.0 million players with every drawing.

While the Dutch Lottery was first organized in 1957, the first drawing was not held until the mid-1970s. Since that time, the Dutch Lottery has turned thousands of Dutch people into instant millionaires. Both lotteries combine to offer a wide selection of daily, weekly, and monthly lottery games. Scratch cards are also very popular among the Dutch people.

Where Can I Gamble in the Netherlands

If you are visiting The Netherlands and are looking for something to do while out seeing the sites, you might get the urge to visit one of the country’s 14 land-based casinos. While the available casinos are scattered throughout the countryside, visitors can visit casinos in major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Breda, and Utrecht. Poker players and sports bettors can get access to those forms of retail gambling through the very same casinos.

Under the direction of the government through the KSA, persons must be at least 18 years old to gamble in The Netherlands. Furthermore, the Betting and Gaming Act of 1964 sets forth very strict guidelines related to wagering limits on slots, table games, and sports betting. Also, the government obligates operators to look out for problem gambling issues under the threat of fines for not refusing service to gamblers who show signs of a problem gambling issue.


QUIZ – Can You Guess Which 10 Product Sales Are Breaking The Internet During COVID 19 Pandemic?

While some industries like hospitality, restaurants, taxis, travel and flights are struggling during the pandemic, these 10 products are seeing unprecedented sales online. Americans are ordering online more than ever! Most products that are breaking the internet have some or the other direct co-relation with us staying at home. We are cooking more, exercising more at home, watching more TV and improving our homes more than ever. Here’s a list of the top 10 products that have broken all past records in terms of online sales. Can you guess them all?

If you haven’t yet bought them, statistically chances are that you will buy at least 7 of the 10 before the pandemic ends. So here goes our list of the products that are breaking the Internet during Coronavirus. 

Product 1

  • Sales Up 32000% From Same Time Last Year

  • President Trump has repeatedly insisted on not using this product.

  • This product reduces your chances of catching the virus by 42%

This product has constantly been out of stock and according to estimates, it is selling over 200,000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 2

  • Sales Up 1700% From Same Time Last Year

  • It’s a male grooming product, but females can use it too

  • With this product, you don’t need to go to the barber anymore.

It is selling over 10,000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 3

  • Sales Up 1900% From Same Time Last Year

  • You can stream Apple TV, Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Google Play, Hulu, Live TV and PlayStation Vue with this product.

  • This product and a TV is all you need for a lifetime of entertainment

It is selling over 8000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 4

  • Sales Up 1200% From Same Time Last Year

  • Statistically it is the most un-used product in a household.

  • 30 minute’s usage of this product everyday reduces your chances of obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol by 70%

It is selling over 19,000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 5

  • Sales Up 2000% From Same Time Last Year

  • Every restaurant has this product

  • 12% of Americans have used this product for the first time this year

It is selling over 13,500 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 6

  • Sales Up 900% From Same Time Last Year

  • Particularly useful if you have a back garden

  • Perfect gift for young parents during school closures

It is selling over 6000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 7

  • Sales Up 400% From Same Time Last Year

  • Sells better in hotter states

  • Your best friend if you like throwing parties and love drinking. Not useful for beer drinkers.

It is selling over 5500 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 8

  • Sales Up 700% From Same Time Last Year

  • Popular with those starting their Youtube channels

  • Useful for girls to makeup without a mirror

It is selling over 2,000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 9

  • Sales Up 21000% From Same Time Last Year

  • You’ve seen this product used in Airports recently

  • Works remotely, doesn’t need touching

It is selling over 17000 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

Product 10

  • Sales Up 1000% From Same Time Last Year

  • Useful for vehicle owners

  • If you’ve been at home and haven’t started your car in a while, you will probably need it

It is selling over 880 units a day in the United States.

Can You Guess This Product?

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(I Fixed It!) Gsuite Email Receiving But Not Sending – Or Going to SPAM

This article is for you if you have a Gsuite email address (Gmail backend, your domain frontend) and you’re able to receive emails, but can’t send them. This article is also applicable for those who can send but their emails go to spam.

These following steps will not only get you to restart sending emails but also prevent your legitimate emails from going into spam in client accounts.

Congratulations (NOT) – Your IP has been labeled as a SPAM generating IP by Google (and possibly by other services too). That’s okay, we’ll fix it.

Yes, even if it’s a Google Apps/ Google Domains/ G Suite / Google hosted mail / Gmail on your own Domain name IP. This can happen for 3 reasons:

  1. You’re actually a spammer – Hi, how are you?
  2. A malicious script is using that IP to send spam mail.
  3. Your email is being used as the “sender” of various auto-generated spam emails.

In this article I’ll tell you in the most to-the-point way to tell Google you are not spamming and start sending emails.

The Error Messages (for which this article is appropriate):

Message not delivered
There was a problem delivering your message to See the technical details below or try resending in a few minutes.

Followed by an error message that says ” The response was:

421 4.7.28 [ 15] Our system has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your IP address. To protect our users from spam, mail sent from your IP address has been temporarily rate limited. Please visit to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines. k8sor25509159pgm.33 – gsmtp ”

The Solution

Then After 2 F**king Hours of Forum Scouting, I Have a 2 Step Solution for You.

You will need the following to fix this:

  1. Access to our domain’s hosting panel to change the DNS settings. You literally have to just add 2 TXT entries, nothing else.
  2. Access to your GSuite Admin Panel at

If you don’t have either of these as of this moment, pause, get those details and come back to this (you might want to bookmark this).

If You Have Credentials for Your Hosting and Gsuite, Read on:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Gsuite domain name
  3. See the list of errors. Ignore the rest (if email was working fine earlier) and just fix the following error: “DKIM is not set up”. To fix this, you will need to login to your Gsuite.
  4. Once logged into Gsuite, go to Apps -> Gsuite -> Settings for Gmail -> Authenticate Email . There, generate new record, enter that as a TXT field in your domain’s DNS, wait for it to propagate, then click on “Start Authentication” on that page.
    Be patient with the DNS records propagation. Use a tool like to check when the TXT record has propagated. Once you see that the DNS has propagated, log out of your Gsuite account, log back in and click “start authentication”. Then you should see something like:
  5. Done! You’re good to go.

If this didn’t work for you, comment below where you’re stuck and let’s try to get this sorted for you.




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Smart TV vs Normal TV – Are Smart TVs Dumb?

What is a Smart TV?

Originally known as “connected TVs”, Smart TVs are types that can connect to the internet for social networking, normal browsing activity, streaming on-demand rental services, as well as playing internet music and TV stations, in addition to streaming ordinary cable or satellite TV content. The best Smart TVs offer entertainment, social networking and functional features that normal TVs don’t and in 2016 there’s a range of Smart TVs available under £500. This was definitely not the case in 2014 or 2015 in Britain.

How different are smart TVs from normal TVs?

Unlike the normal UK TV models that are based on mere integrated circuits, smart TVs run on operating system software that has pre-installed apps, although there is no standard operating system across the board. Popular UK brands Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony – they all have their custom built operating systems with their different layouts and usability. While traditional TV sets have a few standard inputs and output ports, the top reviewed smart TVs tend to offer more options to connect to devices. Thus almost every smart TV in UK incorporates a variety of input options including multiple HDMI and USB ports, and allows networking with a number of home devices and smartphones.

Something about smart TVs that is not found on other normal TVs in the UK is the ability to stream on-demand video services such as Hulu and Netflix. In late 2015 and early 2016, there has been popularity of these services and the debate about how people can actually reduce the cost of watching content in Britain by incorporating on-demand content into their day-to-day life.

Besides, users can browse social sites such as Facebook and Twitter through apps, thus these devices compete in that way, with the best smartphones and most powerful computers.

How do smart TVs work? Technology

  • Juggling of graphics/video processing
  • video streaming
  • managing internet connectivity
  • managing multiple screens
  • memory management

Smart TVs do all this using an integrated computer-like framework. These TVs use processors in order to handle a volume of tasks. Some Smart TVs also come with extended internal memory and external memory slots in the UK.

They also use software to allow reception and processing of complex and multiple instructions, as well as relaying back of useful feedback. The world has experienced the Full HD (1080x1920p), and Ultra HD 4K (about 4000p) screens that deliver sharper and more detailed screen images and is anticipating the 4K Blue-ray discs that are expected to deliver extra quality – more details and sharpness, but cost more.

Applications are either preinstalled or can be installed just like smartphones and computers. These applications allow watching on-demand video services and using social networking services like Twitter and Facebook. Many of these TVs come with in-built WiFi for internet connectivity, others connect to the internet using an ethernet cable. In 2016, you’ll hardly find any without WiFi capabilities.

Are they worth it? Let’s discuss pricing and features

According to, you can buy a 50 inch Smart TV in less than 500 pounds, which was definitely not possible in the UK earlier this year. Smart TVs offer much more content than the traditional normal TVs and are slowly becoming an integral part of modern home entertainment. However, some argue that they’re overpriced although this is changing in 2016. Smart TVs can be worth the cost especially when you consider the price of separate internet connectivity gadgets, set top boxes etc which are not required with Smart TVs. The fact that smart TVs offer more features make them acceptable at their higher costs and are better options to cable TV if your family is used to watching movies, online streaming services, occasional series and live sports.

Thank you for visiting this page!

With all the information above, you can clearly understand why smart TVs have become so popular over the years. Their evolution has marked a turning point in the way we view tv.

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10 Reasons Why France and ISIS Are Fighting

France has faced tragedy before and it struck again yesterday on the 13th of November 2015. There are various reasons why the Islamic State is targeting France. The fight has caused a lot of destruction and has shocked the world over and over again. Here are the top 10 reasons why France is the primary target of Islamic terrorists.

  1. France joined the US in attacking Syria in September 2015.

    France has been a lead taker and probably the most active country in tackling Islamic terrorism in Syria.

  2. France has been a leading force opposing Islamic terrorist activity around the world.

    Other places where France has actively attacked jihadis are Mali (since 2013), Libya and Iraq. In the attack yesterday, one of the attackers shouted “This is for Syria” before hurling bullets and grenades on unarmed civilians.

  3. France has a huge Islamic/Muslim community in Europe which makes it easier for IS to find recruits.

    Various French army men have defected to the Islamic State even ones from the First Marine Infantry Parachute regiment which is known worldwide for the finest commando training.
    Up to ten former French soldiers  have defected to Islamic State    Telegraph

  4. There’s a huge inflow of arms into France from other European countries.

  5. The French have killed various top al-Queda commanders which has made them enemies throughout the Islamic world.

    Over 9000 French troupes are placed around the world to curtail Islamic Jihadi terrorist activities. There is french presence in various parts of Africa and in Iraq. The French have paid the price with the terrorists kidnapping dozens of French nationals and killing many including the 2013 killing of Frenchman Philippe Verdon.

  6. France is further escalating the war on Islamic Terrorists

    Last week France made the announcement to deploy an aircraft carrier in the Gulf sea to further it’s fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

  7. Inside France, the gap between the Islamic and Christian community has grown over the years.

    France took the lead in banning of the burqas and French prisons are known for radicalising innocent Muslim men into hardened jehadis.

  8. Over 65% of inmates inside French jails are Muslims.

    There is belief in the Islamic community in France that they’re targeted against and prisons act as madarasas or schools to convert these young Muslim men into hardened fundamentalists.
    In France Prisons Filled With Muslims

    What is going wrong in France s prisons Telegraph

  9. French neighbour Belgium is an arms haven

    In the previous Charlie Hebdo attack, all weapons were sourced from Belgium. The unprotected borders don’t help and anyone can easily drive into France from Belgium.

  10. Proximity to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

    France, out of France, UK and USA is the closest to the affected African and Middle East areas making it an obvious target.

Any thoughts – comment below. Messages with hatred will be removed.

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WordAds vs Adsense – How to Maximise Revenue from Your Blog?

wordads vs adsense

Wordads by Automattic (the creators of WordPress) is an advertising system like Google Adsense to monetise your blog or website. If you’re confused about the two and wondering which one to use for your website, get this right:

  1. You CANNOT run WordAds on a non website! Not even on self hosted WordPress websites.
  2. You CANNOT run Google Adsense on a hosted website – whether it’s free, premium or business.

So may I request everyone who does not have a hosted site to stop worrying about Wordads and focus on getting more traffic and optimising Adsense ads please? If you have a hosted website, you have 10 seconds to close this page and stop worrying about all this Wordads hype.


Okay and now for the 0.01% of you left, who have a hosted blog/website, please note the following:

  1. Even if you have a hosted blog, you can’t run Wordads on the classic type URL.
  2. Your blog must be upgraded to one of the three plans to qualify for WordAds.
  3. You do not auto-qualify to run WordAds. Your website must have a certain minimum traffic threshold.
  4. You need to have a certain level of user engagement, no thin content, no auto-generated traffic!
  5. You need to apply and wait for them to approve you for Wordads.

Now, for the 0.01% of the 0.01%  that tick all the points above: you can apply for Wordads here. Many news sites and reputable blogs have claimed that with Wordads you can make more money than Google Adsense but to be honest I don’t believe that. An honest comparision can’t be made between Google Adsense and Automattic WordAds because a lot depends on your Adsense ad placements and how good you are with it. With Wordads you don’t have control over where to display ads, they have their fixed pre-decided areas where they’ll place ads (mostly flash based good quality ads).

This is also a hosted website and I’ve applied for Wordads today. Since there is no mention of the minimum traffic requirements, I’m not sure if will qualify. If it does, I’ll update this post with the kind of earnings you can expect with WordAds.

Until then, keep well.

Update – 6 hours after applying for WordAds – Got Approved! 🙂

Awesomeness happened and I got an email saying that has been approved for WordAds! I’ll share some stats on the traffic on this blog to give you an idea of what you are looking at in terms of traffic.

Traffic in the Last few Days site Traffic in the last few days

Traffic in the Last few Months site Traffic in the last few months

Traffic History (This blog used to be a superhit a few years ago)

Historic Traffic

How Much Can You Expect to Earn From WordAds?

I’ve been reading about this on the web for sometime now and it seems you can forget about making any decent money unless your users come primarily from the US or Europe.

  • Mark Madrona report from the Filipino Tribe reports his earnings to $104 from apprx 75000 impressions. That is a CPM of 0.13 USD or 1/10th of a cent per impression. His audience is primarily from the Philippines. And if you’re a blogger, you’ll know how hard it is to generate 75000 impressions. I see of lot of other ads on Mark’s site now, he’s probably moved to WordPress self hosted now. Would be interesting to know how he is doing now in terms of revenue.
  • Prannay Jha who writes mostly for an Indian audience on his blog Subtle Words has reported figures that would even disappoint Not for Profits. I love his writing style and probably because of the Indian target, he can’t rely on Blogging for a livelihood for sure.
  • Dennis who writes about technology and is a really positive guy reports in his post an earning of 133 USD for 67000 ad impressions. This is way better than Mark and Prannay’s earnings possibly because Dennis gets US traffic.

I get 70% US traffic and 20% Indian traffic, let me complete a month and I’ll update how much I earn 🙂 exciting times! Thank you WordAds!

Update 26th December 2015

Earnings are $4.55 for this month. That’ll just about buy me a Starbucks coffee.

Considering that in the period between 20th November and 20th December the blog got just under 7000 unique users, I don’t understand why the impressions are just 4427 – maybe because I run the ad only at the bottom of the page and not everyone scrolls right to the bottom of the post.

My earnings in terms of impressions vs dollars made are on the lines that other bloggers are making.

I’ll try changing the layout to something that allows ads at the start and end and see how that impacts the earnings.

Will keep you all  posted, see you next month.


What Happens if a Treadmill Stops Suddenly – Power Outage or Broken

Treadmill Sudden Halts and Understanding Relative Velocity

Treadmills may Halt All of a Sudden

Imagine you’re running on the road at 10 Km/h or 6 M/h speed and suddenly a pole appears 1 foot ahead of you. There’s no way you can stop in time to avoid collision. That’s because your body has momentum and relative to the earth you are going at 10 kilometers per hour; the momentum would make your body slow down gradually and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to come to a complete stand-still the moment you decide to stop. You will use your body and leg muscles in the opposite direction but the pole being 1 foot away means your body will continue to surge ahead despite your efforts to stop.

A pole 1 foot away - hypothetical result

However, if you’re running with the same speed on a treadmill and the treadmill stops suddenly because it’s broken or because of a power outage, you will stop right there at that very moment. That’s because your speed with respect to the earth on the treadmill is 0 Km/h. Your brain will take a few milliseconds to identify that the treadmill belt has stopped and you may place the next step but you won’t collide with great force with the treadmill’s panel because your body’s momentum doesn’t exist in one particular direction. Yes you can have a knee injury because of the jerk though. many treadmills come with a big STOP button, pushing which the machine comes to a sudden stop – this is provided in case there is an emergency – like a piece of your clothing is stuck or if you’ve stepped at the wrong place and are about to fall.

This is why understanding relative velocity (velocity and not speed because velocity is directional) is important for treadmill users. So if you’re wondering what happens in case of a power cut or in case the treadmill breaks, don’t worry, you’ll not run into the cross-panel and hurt yourself badly. On a treadmill what really happens is that your legs are moving in running-like motion but you’re not really running, it’s more like hopping at a stationary point. Regular treadmill users must also have noticed that unless the treadmill training is done on an incline, you can cover larger distances on the treadmill as compared to actual running.

The Bus Example:

When you’re on a moving bus, your body’s velocity relative to the earth is that of the bus. That’s why you may have noticed that when you try to exit a moving bus, because of your body’s momentum, you body continues traveling in the direction of the bus. That’s why most people run in the direction of the moving bus while getting off a moving bus. Also, if you toss a ball in the air in a moving bus, you will notice that the ball lands back in your hand and the speed of the bus becomes irrelevant because the velocity of the ball thrown in the air is 0Km/h with respect to the bus. If you’re traveling in a bus at 50km/h and a car passes you by at 60km/h then the car’s “”relative velocity” is 10Km/h with the bus as a reference point.

My Gym, My City and Electricity Cuts

Whenever on the treadmill, I always worry about what would happen if the belt stops suddenly especially being in a country where power outages are normal. I hope you found this article useful. Any questions, please write a comment below.

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Url Profiler – Problem Connecting To Data Source

If you use the Url Profiler and have had the application running for sometime, there’s a chance that you’ll see all 0s in your url_profile_results xlsx file on executing the Majestic report that comes free with the Urlprofiler. In the xlsx file generated, the 8th column will say “Problem connecting to data source” (see image).

Problem connecting to data source

At that point you will immediately hop on to Google and search this text. 😉


Restart the Url Profiler and don’t let it wait too long before executing your query. I have seen this happening with and without the Majestic API, so you thinking “Maybe the free Majestic version is not working and maybe I should buy a subscription” is not true. The only major difference between the free and paid Majestic data fetching on the UrlProfiler is the speed – the speed is lightening fast with the API.

majestic urlprofiler working

You will probably have a hard time locating the API key on Majestic – so let me tell you that you do have access to the API on the Silver plan also (you don’t need the Platinum plan) and it can be obtained here. Good luck.