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Cafe Arjun
Cafe Arjun


I’m Arjun, reachable at arjun [at] cafearjun [dot] com . I like writing about American politics, technology, general news and other interesting, eye catching stuff..

Grandma said – you’re lucky to be educated, well off… there are people suffering out there, seeking help, but with none at their hands.

This blog is thus, dedicated to poor children in Africa and India. All earnings go there (without any admin fee cuts). I do reviews on products and services as and when they come. You can always contact me if you want to write a guest article or two or get me to review a commercial product or service.

1 dollar donated by you is almost Rs 50 in India – 2 days’ food for a poor child. Think about it.


10 replies on “About Arjun”

Hi Arjun, good to come across your blog. I think our thinkinig styles match very much. Have found almost all your posts interesting, although I’m not as much into India as you are. All the best blogging and hope this comment makes you happy.

Hi,nice blog and a good initiative.Hope this blog will be useful to go along with your cause.Hope more youth like you would become sensitive towards the poverty striken poor people in India.Wish you all the best.

Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot.
Keep up the good work blogging!

– Kiran

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