Which New York City sculpture is not located in Central Park?

Welcome everyone to the 25th and last day of Marriott World of Rewards quiz. Today’s question is:

Which New York City sculpture is not located in Central Park?


Charging Bull

(suggested by Eric – thanks Eric)

Charging Bull by Arturo Di Modica at Bowling Green in New York City.
Charging Bull by Arturo Di Modica at Bowling Green in New York City.

The Charging Bull was sculpted by Arturo Di Modica, weighs 3200 Kgs (7000 pounds) and is made from Bronze. The Bull represents financial stability in America. There’s a very interesting story about how the $300,000 Charging Bull ended up near Wall Street. Read at Wikipedia.

I have to admit – I don’t really understand the question. There are tens of other sculptures located in different parts of New York. Can the answer be Statue of Liberty? Do they want to ask “not located on mainland” or something? or is it multiple choice?

Please help me with this one guys. First 24 questions made sense. This one doesn’t.

Eric’s suggestion – Charging Bull.

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Yeah, this one’s tricky. I’m trying to look for an answer. Will come back and post here if and when I find something 🙂 Thanks for all your help Arjun, through the quiz. You’ve been great and this blog is in my RSS

It’s multiple choice.

Which New York City sculpture is not located in Central Park?

a. Cleopatra’s Needle
b. Charging Bull
c. Balto

Answer: Charging Bull — The 7,000 pound, bronze sculpture entitled “Charging Bull” is also known as the “Wall Street Bull” for its location in Bowling Green park near Wall Street in New York City.

Since this is multiple choice (as Wayne Michele said), there’s an implied “of the following” at the beginning of the question. In other words, two of the sculptures are in Central Park and one isn’t.

Perhaps better phrasing would be:

“Which of the following three NYC sculptures is not in Central Park?”

P.S. Thanks for posting these.

I went to school with Arturo di Modica, and that was in Florence long time ago, in the 60th. Arturo went to the Accademia and I did something else….then I lost him.
I met him again in 1990 in New York.
I recognized him by the size of his moustaches.
I have lost him again
Does anyone know where is he?
Does anyone know if he was ever paid for the bull?

Thanks for blogging about the bull. I put him on my blog about Il Porcellino.


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