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From my friend P – A guest article

A holiday to Australia
A holiday to Australia

We had been planning a trip to Australia for two years, but somehow things just never materialised. I convinced my boss that I needed a long trip (I certainly deserved it!) and we landed in Sydney. Now I’m not a very confident swimmer but somehow the wife coaxed me to muster up some courage and try windsurfing. Boy, did I goof up. Joanna had pretty much doubled up with laughter by my third dive face first into the water! We enjoyed Rump Steak and Tiramisu at Mancini’s. Spent the entire afternoon climbing the Harbour Bridge’s arch with some Japanese tourists, who clearly couldn’t speak English if their lives depended on it! But the views are truly unbelievable from the top, and worth all the effort. Pity we had so little time. Chinatown Nightmarket was full of people trying to sell all kinds of stuff but the cuisine was good. The Opera house looks great from the ferries and the short but insightful tour took us backstage in this world famous landmark.

We also visited Blue Mountains and saw Red hands cave and some other Aboriginal attractions. Even saw a body painting demo. If you ever visit Sydney, make sure you have a couple of days for Blue Mountains. Nice place, that!

We left for Canberra where we visited the Parliament house and other national monuments. National portrait gallery has great Aussie portraits of important folk. We even got to mint our own $1 coins at the Royal Mint! Namadgi National Park is still pristine and has crazy hopping Kangaroos and Wallabies.

Canberra to Melbourne by bus takes about 8 hrs and we were a bit sore when we got down. Melbourne has gothic laneways and great coffee. A few hours of sightseeing and we enjoyed some Spanish tapas. Melbourne is heavy on culture and time just rushed by.

Perth in Western Australia was next on our itinerary and a really pretty city. On Australia’s other side, it is four hours away by plane (we had earlier thought of going by train but the journey takes ages!). We had a relaxing day on Rottnest Island in waters that reminded me of the Caribbean. Visited the magical AQWA Aquarium and King’s Park and Botanic Garden. Margaret Valley to the south of the city is an awesome place and has great wine, chocolate and cheese factories. Went south to Pemberton and spent a day exploring Karri Forest with some of the tallest trees in the world.

It’s an incredible country and there’s so much to see, that we can only wonder what we missed on that short trip. We plan to go back whenever we can get the chance. Australia holdiays are well planned when booked via Zip holidays.


Cafe Arjun interviews that I like

Here’s an interview of my namesake that I quite like: Arjun Sandhu
Its about internet marketing and I especially like users’ views on this. Click on the link above to go to Youtube and watch it.


Eurovision song contest – My ratings out of 10

SN  Country       Song/singer name    Score out of 10    My notes (for later reference)

1. Lithuania –     Love                                                        8
hat guy – amazing singer – great song

2. Israel    –         There must be another way          4
2 girls – one arab, 1 jew singing for peace – doesn’t sound melodious.

3. France    –       If it had to be done                           5
Patricia Kaas – 16 million sold – low song, good singer, not too bad.

4. Sweden    –      Tell me what you’re thinking       5
Blond girl – english + swedish – opera style – very high pitch

5. Croatia   –       Beautiful Tena                                    7
Guy singing amazing arabish tune – white dress girl high pitch support

6. Portugal  –     All the streets of Love                     6
Fat girl, happy song – very average

7. Iceland   –      Yohanna – Is it true?                        9
B E A utiful singer blue dress, breakup song, nice rhythm, good singer.

8. Greece    –       This is our night                                 8
26 albums by this singer, ex gymnast, nice beat, good performance, not much singing.

9. Armenia   –     Jan jan                                                   7
Indian tune, 2 chinese looking girls, nice constumes

10. Russia   –       Anastasia – Mamo (Mother)         6
Stupid nurse type dress, out of tune at times, crazy singer, nice high pitch

11. Azerbaijan –  Arash – Always                                 7
Man (bald) + woman (miniskirt)

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Clear water              7
Nice male singer, raaga based song, white costumes, guitars etc.

13. Moldova – Hora (traditional dance)                  9
Great song, tradition, arabic song, nelly – great singer

14. Malta – Chiara – What if we                                     9
Great song, greater singer (fat) – my winner – no dance/performace (only drawback)

15. Estonia – urban symphony- Travellers            8
Looks like silvia, great singer, nostalgic song – to download

16. Denmark – Break – Believe again                         8
Keating clone, nice english song

17. Germany – Mis kiss kiss Bang                               7.5
Cool, happy song, handsome singer, 70s style, fast, peppy

18. Turkey – Dum tek tek                                               7
Red dress, shakira clone, nice peppy song, not a winner

19. Albania – Carry me in your dreams                   6.5
Sounded ok, just didn’t like it, inge clone, good start, blue man

20. Norway – bookies’ fav – Fairy tale                      8.5
Young singer cum violen player, nice storytelling song, very nice

21. Ukraine – Swetlana – Be my valentine               8
Very raunchy, but an entertaining song, my sexy sexy BOM . Whats BOM!

22. Romania – The balkan girls – Elena                    7
Nice song, but a cheap attempt to get votes. mmm…

23. UK – Jade – Its my time                                          9
A very good looking girl dressed badly, no act, great singing

24. Finland – I don’t want to lose control              8
Good group, very catchy song, well sung, rap included

25. Spain – The night is for me                                    7
Good singers, average song.

Finally, I voted for Moldova.

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Wolfram Alpha Screenshots and My Test Reviews

I have been intrigued with the whole Wolfram Alpha hype for a long time and when finally I got to lay my hands on this engine, I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say, this is way beyond my expectations (I mean better) and the extent to which they’ve researched before launching it is really mind boggling.

Microsoft tried for ages to solve Integral and Derivative mathematical problems. I remember coming across a set of software to solve some complex Integration problems during A levels – never found anything good.

Wolf Ram Alpha is an answer engine that doesn’t return results like Google. It returns answers straight to the point. I have a few screenshots of what Wolfram Alpha can do. Get ready for an eyebrow raising experience.

What do you think about Wolfram Alpha? It’s 4pm CST and Wolfram Alpha launches at 7pm CST. 3 hours to go. Can’t wait.

For all those still talking about “hype”, just imagine the detail of the algorithm that runs this engine. It is remarkable. All the best to Mr Stephen Wolfram and Wolfram Alpha!


Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel to feature FV Katmai sinking. I can’t wait!

Fishing Vessel Katmai
Fishing Vessel Katmai

Tragedy struck fishing vessel Katmai in October 2008

FV (for Fishing Vessel) Katmai Ship was a fishing boat that operated commercially. Last year, in October it sank a few miles west of the Adak Island in the Aleutians.  During its sinking, the Katmai was playing host to a film shooting and tragically 7 of the 11 crewmen onboard were killed.  It wasn’t the first to face disaster. 4 other fishing vessels like the Katmai have sunk in Alaskan waters in the last 10 years, one being Artic Rose, where all 15 crew members will killed.

What’s so special about Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Season 5?

Team Discovery Channel have been there during the search and rescue operation and they’ve got amazing, raw footage to show me. It’s season 5 of “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery and I ain’t missing it.

I am still not sure if they actually found the live sinking footage, but it is definitely worth watching and waiting for. Any other questions, lemmi know.

Have a look at the following blogs for more on Katmai sinking and Discovery’s Deadliest Catch.

Discovery uncovers exclusive footage on Katmai sinking

Katmai sinking – Watch it live!


No Man in the World can Resist our Apple Strudel. Who said this?

Harold Lloyd's Apple Strudel
Harold Lloyd's Apple Strudel

Google trends is kindda strange. You never know what people may come up searching for and why. For example, people are profusely searching for:

1. No Man in the World can Resist our Apple Strudel

2. A Snack so Good, People Even Eat the Wrapper

Who is searching for that, and what is making people search for this? Since you’re on this page searching for it, perhaps you can share some knowledge?

Our research

1. You’re searching for “No Man in the World can Resist our Apple Strudel” or Harold Lloyd’s Apple Strudel poem because you really love Apple strudels.

2. You were very moved by Chicago businessman Harold Lloyd’s story, where Rogue magazine was helping him. You want to know more about him and want to read about how small businesses are affected by the recession.

What made you come here? Share

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Susan Boyle talks of boyfriend, virginity on TV. Why? It was a gimmick!

Susan Boyle - Unbrushed hair, lonely, virgin - Best suited to publicity!
Susan Boyle - Unbrushed hair, lonely, virgin - Best suited to publicity!

I am probably the latest Susan Boyle fan but I just can’t understand why they made all the hype before her performance on Britain’s Got Talent! Why would anyone talk of their own virginity, lonely life, not having been kissed ever and present themself with un-brushed hair? I’m forced to believe it was all a planned show!

Hair raising stuff – Her performance and the way the whole performance on Britian’s Got Talent was picturised, planned and recorded.

I, like any other Susan Boyle fan was searching to find more about her.  My obvious curiosity lied in knowing more about her  family, boyfriend, husband etc! Hence the topic “Susan Boyle Boyfriend”.

Came across this blog that claims it’s all a gimmick! You know what? I believe this guy! Check it out – Susan Boyle’s boyfriend

Breaking News – “Susan Boyle has been kissed” reports – She lied on TV?!

Contrary to how she describes her life (on Britain’s Got Talent), Susan Boyle’s neighbour claimed that she has been kissed. reported this yesterday. Angel or Crazy for publicity? You decide.

Some not so pretty exposure - Susan boyle
"Not so pretty" exposure - Susan Boyle
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Free Medical Advice for your Medical Questions. Great start, what’s next?

I have been following the “Free Advice”, “Free help”, “Free this”, “Free that” news pretty actively on the Internet. When everyone in the world was crazy for domain names, a company came out of nowhere offering free “.com” domain names (it ultimately went bust, but that’s beside the point 😉 ). When information was expensive and you had to subscribe to encyclopedias like Encarta or Britannica, Wikipedia came and made it all free. Then it was the paid news era – Online news subscription! Who would’ve thought, those same Newspapers will be competing with each other to provide more and more for free online! Thank you Google.

Talking of services that are still “paid for” on the Internet – there’s web hosting, all physical products that need to be delivered to you, leisure stuff like hotel stays, airlines, holidays etc and that’s probably about it (leaving the teeny weeny video, audio downloads, tickets, services etc.)

There’s one industry that has evolved at a fairly slow pace online – Medicine, Medical advice and stuff related to doctors and hospitals. Some time ago, Google came up with Google health, which at one point, was believed, had a bright future and was destined to take medical services to levels similar to other fields, but that wasn’t to happen.

While searching for a solution to my friend’s insomnia related problem, I came through to this new web site – Free Medical Helpline – Started by a few Doctors from India. They emphasize on giving medical guidance, and not prescriptions.

A new Free in Medical field
A new “Free” in Medical Advice

I have posted a question on this site about my friend’s medical issues. On going through some questions posted by others, I can see how the team was enthusiastic at first and has gradually come down to miniature answers. Probably the site can evolve into a wider encyclopedic source as and when questions come in. I will keep at eye out for my answer and update this post once I get an answer to my question.

Time will tell if this “Free Medical Advice Service” will pass the test of time and join Newspapers and Social Media!


Ruslana Korshunova

Here’s a beautiful profile I found about Ruslana Korshunova.

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Mayank Sharma? Are you Mayank Sharma from MSM?

Here goes – With my blog breaking records (turning up rank 1 for almost all Google searches) and my search for people I’ve lost touch with, returning futile results, I thought this may be a good way to find my good old friend that I lost somewhere in this “not so small world”.

Mayank Sharma


Education: Mount St Mary’s School, New Delhi
Batch: 1999

That’s literally all I know about my lost friend.

If you are the Mayank Sharma that fulfils the above criteria, then you must know me – remember Arjun? Your partner in 11th and 12th?

One incident that I clearly remember about you is SHOUTING “OYE” when Principal Bosco was passing by our classroom when we were in 11th or 12th. He re-entered and asked in a firm voice – “Who was it?”. Obviously no one replied. I guess he even asked a couple of “most targetted” boys to stand up. You were the last one to be targetted with your “good boy” image. So after a little try, Bosco left.

As soon as he left, you shouted again “OYE”.. the rest is history. 🙂

Mayank Sharma, this is an attempt to get in touch with you.

Comment on this blog with your email. However, knowing you, it’s possible that you’ll read this but not bother replying.  Mote aalsi!