Gmail ignores dots in usernames, sets new standards. Thanks Priyaroop Singh

I was with a friend whose name is Priyaroop Singh (and let me add that because his name is Priyaroop Singh, brother of Hemdeep Singh, and he’s an IT geek, sooner or later he’ll find this article and post a message here). We were standing outside his place when as usual, technology was is discussion. We spoke about how it started with, followed with Hotmail and now except Gmail and Yahoo mail, we don’t even like talking about any other email service. So that’s the background.

Priyaroop Singh told me that Google assigns only one username per person irrespective of the dots. What this means is – and cannot be 2 different users. If I grab, then that’s it, I’ve ruled out anyone ever getting, etc. Also, if you were to send an email to, it will reach me because I have How cool is that? I didn’t believe him. I think I even owe him a 100 quid for this, but then I came home and checked. Man! This is correct.

So if you have or and I sent emails to, and – they’d all reach you!

Now add to that another exciting thing that I’ve found. If you have and I send an email to – it will still reach you. That’s your username followed by a “+” (plus) followed by a string without spaces will reach you too!

I hope you find this article as revealing and unbelievable as I first found this fact when Priyaroop Singh first told me. So here’s a big thank you to you Priyaroop Singh and if I ever forget that 100 quid, you can forward me a link to this blog post. Btw, our plan to re-live the movie “Hangover” is still alive and the first round in Vegas will be on me !

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Are Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook days over? Welcome Google Wave!

Google Talk days are over. For all you Gtalk addicts – You abandoned MSN messenger first, then you quit Yahoo chat. Now its time to welcome Google Wave. It is awesome and it’s here to give Twitter and Facebook a hard time, although it is very well integrated with Twitter.

I’m not really talking about Google Wave replacing Facebook or Twitter. The question I have is, with such dynamic integration with Twitter, Facebook and other API based services, will you even need to log into Twitter via ever again to access anything? Already, with Twitter applications, I hardly ever use’s web interface to update my Tweets, its always some application.

Although Google Wave is coming out in a browser-only version, it’s just a matter of time before we’ll have hundreds if not thousands of applications developed around Google Wave. With the failure (or what they call a failure at Google) of Orkut and Google Friend Connect, this is Google’s attempt to regain a slice of the communication market.

I am interested in how it will integrate with Google search and other search engines and how it will affect Internet Marketing and SEO for businesses in days to come. That will probably be the deciding factor whether Google Wave replaces Twitter for businesses.

In a nutshell – Google Wave is a multi-stream communication system that integrates with Twitter, Facebook and other applications for seemless communication, conferencing, emailing and media sharing.

Only Google Wave’s public launch will tell if I’ll ever need to log on to Twitter or Google Talk again.

Check out these videos to find out more about Google Wave and what makes it extra special..

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Twitter’s official help page on Blogspot is available to register! Yummy

How many of your friends use mobile texts (or SMS) to update their Tweets? When they do, you’ll see at little “mobile web” under their Tweets. Today, click on that and you’ll be taken to a deep URL at . Google Blogspot says:

Blog not found

Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name twitterhelp is available to register!

Wow!'s help page on Twitter available to register’s help page on Twitter available to register

On trying to “get it” you’re later informed that it’s not available afterall! And I thought this was my chance to get a few hundred thousand clicks before found out 😀 <joke>

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a man's struggle Achievement business idea Finance Money reviews UK’s Rishi Anand and Tim Lancaster made my day!

This is a little true incident that made my day and possibly, will help my business in a big way, going forward.

I have been planning to set up my own online business and have been inundated with ideas over a long time. Nothing seemed to strike the right balance until I decided to go full throttle with this idea I call Z.  Times are bad, and because of recession (especially in the UK), I have been struggling to find work for my company. I thought this was the best time to actually give my business idea Z a good shot.

One fine day, I decided to look for some help for my idea online so went on and Googled for “Entrepreneur support in London”. came up. I found a brilliant web site focused on finding investors for entrepreneurs – a unique platform where investors and entrepreneurs meet, entrepreneurs pitch with details of their business or business idea, investment required, return and other details like time required to break even, projections, industry etc and the facility to upload a video explaining the idea.

I immediately signed up and uploaded details of Z – my business idea that I knew will do amazingly well. I uploaded cash projections, investment required and other details that I thought were important to attract angel investors.

A couple of days later, I got my first enquiry from an Investor. But this was where I was stuck. demanded I pay 100GBP to view investor details and to be able to contact the investor. At this stage I wrote an email to explaining my cash situation. With hardly any money in the account, it was impossible to shell out that 100 quid for a “possible” enquiry.

Mr Tim Lancaster, Business Development Manager from replied back with a supportive email. I explained the scenario and proposed to pay if I find a suitable investor. The call to action was forwarded by Tim to Managing Director Mr Rishi Anand. Tim emailed me back saying “Mr Rishi Anand” will pay for you. “Wow! ” I thought, these guys are serious about finding me an investor.

I was quite surprised to be honest. Most of the other websites are hardly useful, and are aimed at making money, but is one site that actually believes in and tries hard to connect Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Although that particular enquiry didn’t convert into an investor, there was incredible knowledge gained.

I am very impressed with the team at – Mr Rishi Anand, Mr Tim Lancaster and others who are working to make the two ends meet. I wish them good luck with their venture. Thanks again guys, if you ever come to read this..

Venture Giant - Rishi Anand and Tim Lancaster - Helping investors meet entrepreneurs – People like Rishi Anand (MD) and Tim Lancaster (Business Development Manager) at Venture Giant are working hard to help investors meet entrepreneurs

Have a business idea that you think Rocks?
Is the only thing holding you back money or investment?
Are you willing to share a pie of your business in return for cash to start or run your business?

All Yes’ ?
Go to from UK/US or from India.All the best!

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Who was better Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton?

I developed a website as a research project. It was called and on that site, I had a simple poll – Who do you think was better (meaning greater in terms of his achievements) – Albert Einstein or Isaac Nwewton.

The end result was Isaac Newton. People voted him 1170 to 973. Here are some comments that the site received:

Newton vs Einstein
Newton vs Einstein

message=Albert Einstein was retarted Isaac Newton was way better

message=My vote is to the GREAT SCIETIST-Albert Einstein. Everyone vote to him. he’s really amazing

name=vaibhav s karalgikar
message=”SIR ISSAC is god,he was the reason for today’s scientists…plzzz don’t compare god with anyone else”

message=Linus Pauling

message=people think albert rox just bcz he maid cool discoveries but he was there in the 19 th century and had so many great people before who discovered many things which included newton as well but newton did not have einstein before him.So people PLEASE VOTE FOR NEWTON BECAUSE HE ROX!!!!!!!

message=Isaac no.<br />Einstein, you really Rock!!

message=I dont really know much about Einstein but I’ve read a lot about Newton and even if I didnt admire him I’d give my vote to him because he discovered so many things in a time when there wasnt really much to work off.

message=My vote goes to Einstein whose phenomenal theory of relativity and the equation e=mc² changed the equations of the world we live in… for ever after. The fact that his image itself is an epitome of intelligence and scientific endeavour in modern world, is evidence enough to prove his greatness!

message=My vote goes for Ablert Einstein. His papers changed the way world and things around us are looked at. Had it not beed for the time-space research, we’d still be living in the modern dark ages.

name=Will Barrett
message=I’m for Newton. Without the calculus, discovery of gravity and action-reaction physis, many of post Newton advancements in electro-magnetism and statistic physics would never have gotten off the ground. If the poll was for the greatest deep thinker, I would give it to Einstein. He laid the foundation for relativity and quantum, even though he never liked quantum theory himself. 😉

message=I read a book called “Scientific Genius, 20 greatest minds of all time”. Who IS the greatest scientist who influenced Mankind the most and whose accomplishments you admire? Why???

Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) – Scientific Method
Archimedes (c. 287-212 BC) – Geometry and Mechanics
Galileo Galilei ( 1564-1642) – Astronomy & Physics
William Harvey ( 1578-1657) – Phsyiology
Rene Descartes (1596-1642) – Analytic Geometry
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) – Probability and Projective Geometry
Issac Newton (1642-1726) – Mechanics and Calculus
Karl Gauss (1777-1855) – Pure and Applied Mathmatics
Michael Faraday (1791-1867) – Electromagnetism
Charles Darwin (1809-1882) – Evolution
Evariste Galois (1811-1832) – Group theory
Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) – Genetics
Robert Koch (1843-1910) – Bacteriology
Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) – Nueropsychology
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) – Relativity theory
Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) – Quantum Mechanics
John Von Neumann (1903-1957) – Computer Science
Alan Turing (1912-1954) – Computer Science
Linus Pauling (1901-1994) – Chemistry
Stephen Hawking (1942- ) – Cosmology

There is no wrong answer,  Again, this list is from a book by Jim Glenn and he admits many names are excluded and some perhaps some wrongly included. But thankfully mankind has been BLESSED by such brilliant minds! I cast my ballot for Einstein and Newton together, can’t pin point one who’s better than the other.

message=Olly Isaac gets my vote, b’cause I reckon that he had the biggest influence to this day. But then, it can be said that he couldn’t have done what he did without being able to stand on the shoulders of all the greats before him. All the way back to the very first great scientist who did the very first life changing experiment. So, although it’s hard to say, Isaac Newton is my vote.

name=Grey Waldron
message=Newton’s discovery of gravity is the all time winner. Just like the wheel was the invention of the millennium. It is basic, but how many people thought about that before him? Everything else is an intelligent scientific conclusion.

message=Who was better? that is a general question…..both were excellent at observation and understanding they simplified very complex ideas.. but I admit, I have a weakness for the way that Einstein made his views so relatable- and he made space and time appear wonderous, and what a humanitarian!

message=”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton. was so fascinated with newton in school days. no wonder he’s leading the poll..

message=Thats right Jim, but Albert Einstein was a genius. Infact when his brain was studied in detail, very recently, they found it was a wee bit bigger than a normal human’s. Plus he was an allrounder, unlike many other scientists.

name=Jim Sheldon
message=Newton’s research came at a time when there was lesser scientific knowledge. Einstein commented on various theories of Newton. I would go for Newton.

What’s your vote?

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Dance classes Delhi – Any good dance schools in New Delhi?

On my short trip to New Delhi, I met an old, close friend. She was studying in Essex Univ, in UK and then went back to Delhi looking for a job. Strangely enough, we saw each other driving. She recognised me and contacted me on Facebook. Small world eh?

Anyway, we met and were discussing what kind of businesses can be started in Delhi – businesses that’ll involve providing a service, not a product. She told me about research she had done on things like Aerobics classes, starting a Gym or may be Yoga and Pilates classes. Since in her surveys of her area she didn’t get a very positive response, she was looking for more ideas. I suggested looking into the Spa market as some new Spas opened in Greater Kailash and Vasant Vihar are doing business of upto 1.5 lakh rupees a day (thats about 3000 US Dollars a day). Was a good lunch meeting, she went off with the idea and guess what? She has indeed decided to start a Gym in Gurgaon. Way to go!

Dance classes Delhi
Dance classes Delhi

So anyway, since I was in Delhi and was actively looking to acquire new skills, I thought maybe yoga or dancing would be interesting to learn. Especially with Slumdog Millionaire doing so well, there’s more Indian music and the need to know Indian dance. I started my little research for dance classes in Delhi, dance schools in Delhi and dancing in Delhi in general. I found a couple of good chains like Shiamak Dawar and Ashley Lobo but none close to where I live. Actually there was one dance class close to where I live, but it for for 16 to 18 year olds – in other words “dance classes” not good for me.

I also wanted to know what kinds of dances are taught in Delhi. On asking some neighbourhood ladies I found hip-hop dance classes, salsa dance classes, western dance classes (duh!), belly dance classes, bollywood dance classes etc among the ones people are interested in. Not too keen to learn hip-hop or salsa, but more inclines toward bhangra or modern Indian dance, I kept searching. That’s when I came across Delhi dance academy. You won’t believe this – they give hopping, locking (with nunchucks, sticks), hip-hop, Indian classical, salsa lessons – you name it. But locking, popping with nunchucks? I was thrilled. I went ahead and met these young guys who’ve participated in a local Indian TV program called “Boogie Woogie” 🙂 Was fun to meet them and I went ahead for some trial classes.

Since my stay in India wasn’t long enough, I couldn’t really complete a lesson, but had great fun learning these cool dance moves. Still can’t dance like Michael Jackson, but I’m sure I have improved.

If  dance classes Delhi is what you’re looking for, then go have a look at their website and enroll yourself for some trial classes in their South Delhi dance classes centre. Happy Dancing !!

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Dubai holidays

Rotating floors - Dubai holidays - Visit the world's firsts
Rotating floors – Dubai holidays – Visit the world’s firsts

Dubai holidays remind you of Las Vegas, that’s the kind of effect it has on you, no doubt about it. This classiest of Middle East’s cities is a great place to visit on your holidays.  The big downside is that it’s an expensive city to stay and shop in. We went to several malls and did a lot of shopping (most of it was window shopping), but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The desert is impressive with unbelievable sand dunes that extend as far as the eye can see. Our full day desert tour was a novel experience, and something I’ve since recommended to many friends. Our Camel ride was different from the elephant ride we experienced in India, but was pretty good nonetheless. This is perhaps the most authentic insight into Dubai’s traditional culture one could hope for. Our city tour was quite organized and travelling through Dubai in double-decker buses was fun.

The boat ride across creek side was a good experience and worth it for the city views. The city has plenty of buses and taxi fares are reasonable. Taxis are tough to hire on Thursdays and Fridays so ensure that your hotel calls one in advance. I’m not much of a skiing person but my wife did try her hands at skiing in the enormous Mall of Emirates.

Anyone going for holidays in Dubai should know – Attire – Swimsuits are o.k. on the beach but make sure you’re wearing casual/smart wear in the city. Never, repeat never roam bare-chested, let’s just say it could create problems for you. Women must dress conservatively. January was surprisingly pleasant for a place that’s in the desert. Dubai laws prohibit sale of liquor outside hotel bars and restaurants. Don’t Ever Drink and drive, you may regret it, their laws are super-strict and you have been warned. Food is quite palatable, even in the more reasonable places, and I personally liked the Shawarma, made from chicken. Remember to be courteous and don’t chew with your mouth open. The only time we visited a fancy restaurant, the food was lip smacking. Shisha Bars are quite popular and apparently great places for socialising.

No description of the city can be complete without mentioning Dubai’s legendary shopping. We quite liked Deira Gold Souk, and even bought some pretty gold jewellery.
The malls were incredible, and make sure you’re carrying extra cash, because the variety is incredible and the temptation to spend money strong. We had a great time and next time we plan to go in March when the Dubai Shopping Festival is in full force. Booked using Zip holidays .

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Australia holidays

From my friend P – A guest article

A holiday to Australia
A holiday to Australia

We had been planning a trip to Australia for two years, but somehow things just never materialised. I convinced my boss that I needed a long trip (I certainly deserved it!) and we landed in Sydney. Now I’m not a very confident swimmer but somehow the wife coaxed me to muster up some courage and try windsurfing. Boy, did I goof up. Joanna had pretty much doubled up with laughter by my third dive face first into the water! We enjoyed Rump Steak and Tiramisu at Mancini’s. Spent the entire afternoon climbing the Harbour Bridge’s arch with some Japanese tourists, who clearly couldn’t speak English if their lives depended on it! But the views are truly unbelievable from the top, and worth all the effort. Pity we had so little time. Chinatown Nightmarket was full of people trying to sell all kinds of stuff but the cuisine was good. The Opera house looks great from the ferries and the short but insightful tour took us backstage in this world famous landmark.

We also visited Blue Mountains and saw Red hands cave and some other Aboriginal attractions. Even saw a body painting demo. If you ever visit Sydney, make sure you have a couple of days for Blue Mountains. Nice place, that!

We left for Canberra where we visited the Parliament house and other national monuments. National portrait gallery has great Aussie portraits of important folk. We even got to mint our own $1 coins at the Royal Mint! Namadgi National Park is still pristine and has crazy hopping Kangaroos and Wallabies.

Canberra to Melbourne by bus takes about 8 hrs and we were a bit sore when we got down. Melbourne has gothic laneways and great coffee. A few hours of sightseeing and we enjoyed some Spanish tapas. Melbourne is heavy on culture and time just rushed by.

Perth in Western Australia was next on our itinerary and a really pretty city. On Australia’s other side, it is four hours away by plane (we had earlier thought of going by train but the journey takes ages!). We had a relaxing day on Rottnest Island in waters that reminded me of the Caribbean. Visited the magical AQWA Aquarium and King’s Park and Botanic Garden. Margaret Valley to the south of the city is an awesome place and has great wine, chocolate and cheese factories. Went south to Pemberton and spent a day exploring Karri Forest with some of the tallest trees in the world.

It’s an incredible country and there’s so much to see, that we can only wonder what we missed on that short trip. We plan to go back whenever we can get the chance. Australia holdiays are well planned when booked via Zip holidays.


Cafe Arjun interviews that I like

Here’s an interview of my namesake that I quite like: Arjun Sandhu
Its about internet marketing and I especially like users’ views on this. Click on the link above to go to Youtube and watch it.


Eurovision song contest – My ratings out of 10

SN  Country       Song/singer name    Score out of 10    My notes (for later reference)

1. Lithuania –     Love                                                        8
hat guy – amazing singer – great song

2. Israel    –         There must be another way          4
2 girls – one arab, 1 jew singing for peace – doesn’t sound melodious.

3. France    –       If it had to be done                           5
Patricia Kaas – 16 million sold – low song, good singer, not too bad.

4. Sweden    –      Tell me what you’re thinking       5
Blond girl – english + swedish – opera style – very high pitch

5. Croatia   –       Beautiful Tena                                    7
Guy singing amazing arabish tune – white dress girl high pitch support

6. Portugal  –     All the streets of Love                     6
Fat girl, happy song – very average

7. Iceland   –      Yohanna – Is it true?                        9
B E A utiful singer blue dress, breakup song, nice rhythm, good singer.

8. Greece    –       This is our night                                 8
26 albums by this singer, ex gymnast, nice beat, good performance, not much singing.

9. Armenia   –     Jan jan                                                   7
Indian tune, 2 chinese looking girls, nice constumes

10. Russia   –       Anastasia – Mamo (Mother)         6
Stupid nurse type dress, out of tune at times, crazy singer, nice high pitch

11. Azerbaijan –  Arash – Always                                 7
Man (bald) + woman (miniskirt)

12. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Clear water              7
Nice male singer, raaga based song, white costumes, guitars etc.

13. Moldova – Hora (traditional dance)                  9
Great song, tradition, arabic song, nelly – great singer

14. Malta – Chiara – What if we                                     9
Great song, greater singer (fat) – my winner – no dance/performace (only drawback)

15. Estonia – urban symphony- Travellers            8
Looks like silvia, great singer, nostalgic song – to download

16. Denmark – Break – Believe again                         8
Keating clone, nice english song

17. Germany – Mis kiss kiss Bang                               7.5
Cool, happy song, handsome singer, 70s style, fast, peppy

18. Turkey – Dum tek tek                                               7
Red dress, shakira clone, nice peppy song, not a winner

19. Albania – Carry me in your dreams                   6.5
Sounded ok, just didn’t like it, inge clone, good start, blue man

20. Norway – bookies’ fav – Fairy tale                      8.5
Young singer cum violen player, nice storytelling song, very nice

21. Ukraine – Swetlana – Be my valentine               8
Very raunchy, but an entertaining song, my sexy sexy BOM . Whats BOM!

22. Romania – The balkan girls – Elena                    7
Nice song, but a cheap attempt to get votes. mmm…

23. UK – Jade – Its my time                                          9
A very good looking girl dressed badly, no act, great singing

24. Finland – I don’t want to lose control              8
Good group, very catchy song, well sung, rap included

25. Spain – The night is for me                                    7
Good singers, average song.

Finally, I voted for Moldova.