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What is the largest Chinese community in South America?

Wow! This one’s really a killer ain’t it? Marriott World of Rewards – Today’s destination is Lima, Peru and the question is:

What is the largest Chinese community in South America?

Answer (this will really surprise everyone)

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino is the China town in Lima, also called Barrio Chino de Lima.

Peru has the largest Chinese community in South America.

Gorgeous Peru - Largest Chinese population in South America
Gorgeous Peru - Largest Chinese population in South America

Here’s a bit about Chinese population overseas (people either born in China or of Chinese descent)

During the colonial 19th century, there was a strong demand for workers and labourers in South America, South-east Asia and other parts of the world. The Chinese, then under the Qing Dynasty, were forced to move with these colonial powers. Most Chinese preferred South east Asia (No wonder Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia have the highest Chinese populations) and the some moved to Peru, United States and Canada.

Except for China, Singapore is the only country with a majority Chinese population.

Chinese overseas population:

1. Singapore
2. Indonesia
3. Thailand
4. Malaysia
5. USA
6. Canada
7. Peru
8. Vietnam
9. Philippines
10. Burma

Much more at Wikipedia – here

All the best everyone! Winners please come back and share.

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What St. Kitts attraction has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site?

The Marriott World of Rewards question no. 21, released today, is:

What St. Kitts attraction has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site?

And the answer is:

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

St Kitts & Nevis

Brimstone Hill Fortress is in the country officially known as the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis, which have a population close to 45,000. These twin Carribean islands are a popular tourist destination, especially for romantic holidays such as honeymoons. The climate of the islands ispleasantly tropical, ranging between 17 and 33 centigrade.

The islands are volcanic in origin and between them cover an area of some 101 square miles. The volcanic origin lends itself to some mountainous terrain. The highest mountain in St Kitts is Mount Liamiuga at 3,972 feet and the highest mountain on Nevis Island is Mount Nevis at 3,232 feet high.

Brimstone Fortress National Park

Brimstone is one of the best known attractions on St. Kitts. On 2 dECEMBER 1999 UNESCO announced that is was designating Brimstone Fortress National Park with the status of a World Heritage site. Work was originally begun on Brimstone in 1690 and the fortress was created by the British military over the 104 years that followed; builot mainly by African slave labour. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of architecture by the British military.

Further information about Brimstone Fortress National Park is available at:

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What Thai Buddhist temple was featured in the CBS reality show Amazing Race 9?

Welcome back contestants. Marriott World of Rewards have given me a whole new reason to blog – Looking up answers and related information, but only when the answers are hard to find.

Today’s question is:

What Thai Buddhist Temple was featured in the CBS reality show Amazing Race 9?

And the answer is:

Marble Temple

(locally known as Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram)

Sideview - Marble Temple, Bangkok, Thailand
Sideview - Marble Temple, Bangkok, Thailand

It is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok (Capital city of Thailand) and was constructed by the 5th king in 1899.

What does Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram mean? Wat means a religious school or temple and Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram means fifth King. Thus – Temple of the 5th King.

Made of Italian marble, with a built in Museum and shrines of the King and his wife, Marble temple is also one of the most popular attractions in Bangkok Thailand.

Amazing race 9 featured this temple in 2006 as the 10th elimination.

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Buddha reincarnation Ram Bahadur Bamjan – 18 year old miracle boy!

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What is the primary language spoken in Montreal?

Today’s Marriott world of rewards question:

What is the primary language spoken in Montreal?

(0r What is the official language of Montreal?)

The answer is:


Montreal on a beautiful, sunny day
Montreal on a beautiful, sunny day

Some really interesting stuff (Good for your GK)

  • Montreal is second largest city in Canada and in the top 5 french speaking cities of the world.
  • Montreal is the 10th most clean city in the world according to a 2007 Forbes study.
  • Montreal is one of the 25 most livable places on earth.

So why French?

The three greatest colonial empires – Britain, Spain and France shaped the demographics of earth between 15th and 19th centuries. Whatever these powers controlled, still bears their influence. Have a look at the French colonial map and you’ll know why French is the dominant language in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

French colonial map and influence of French on Canada
French colonial map and influence of French on Canada

I’ve written this article for today’s quiz participants. Finger crossed! Hope you win! 🙂

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Which arrondissement in Paris holds the park named after the Campus Martius of Rome?

Welcome contestants! Today’s Marriott World of Rewards question is:

Which arrondissement in Paris holds the park named after the Campus Martius of Rome?

The answer is:

7th Arrondissement

This one wasn’t very easy to find, but didn’t take too long either.

What is an Arrondissement? Just like we have districts, boroughs or other regions that divide administrative block in a city, Paris has 20 arrondisements that define 20 different administrative blocks. Arrondisement literally means administrative block.

Which park in Paris is named after Campus Martius of Rome, Italy? Answer is Champ de Mars. For those who’ve been to Paris, this is the part that extends beautifully from the south-east of Eiffle Tower to Ecole Militaire. If you’ve been on the Eiffel tower, you couldn’t have missed it! Here’s a pic reminder:

Champ de Marsor or field of Mars (in English)
Champ de Mars or field of Mars (in English)

Well, after I found that it was Champ de Mars – the park named after Campus Martius of Rome, all I needed to do was search that on Google, and voila! Wikipedia said it’s the 7th arrondissement!

Best of luck people! Haven’t won anything yet.. but I hope someone benefits.

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Las Vegas is the brightest city in the world as seen from?

These Marriott World of Rewards questions are becoming simpler and simpler and I’m losing the whole “what’s the next challenge” feeling. Yesterday they asked where Mozart was born, the day before what are people from Beunos Aires called. I mean c’mon, an online quiz has gotta be ridiculously tough to look up. Dunno what you guys feel. Anyway,

Today’s Question:

Las Vegas is the brightest city in the world as seen from?



It had to be either space or moon. It can’t be moon, because it’s too far away and the only man made structure seen from the moon is Great wall of China. Wikipedia confirms this. For those who thought about airplanes, there’s a rating of brightest cities as seen from airplanes and even in that listing, Las Vegas closely follows London.

Because Las Vegas is situated in the middle of nowhere, when aircrafts fly over Las Vegas, the pilots see a big blob of light in the middle of darkness. It’s not the same from space. Generally infrared or other technology is used to find which is the brightest city.

Las Vegas has heavy external lighting all through the strip and this Sin City is thus the brightest city in the World, when seen from space!

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I’m a WordPress top blogger! again! Thanks for the hawt post wordpress!

When I first blogged about becoming a WordPress top blogger, I was excited as a child at getting into the top blogs, top posts and growing blogs category on WordPress. After that day, it became a pretty regular thing. There have been 7 more days, including today when appeared in the top bloggers page and my posts on top posts and a couple of them as “Hawt posts” (ones that appear as the main post on on the homepage (max honor for any blogger).

Here are some trophies in form of images, of which, thanks to WordPress (I’m in love with you WordPress !! 🙂 ), I’m very proud of:

My top blogging stats -
My top blogging stats -
Hawt post on
Hawt post on

There are various other screen shots with different posts on the homepage, but really can’t be bothered to upload all.


Top Blog number 71 – 4th of November 2008

Top Blog number 54 – 5th of November 2008

Top Post number 93 – 5th of November 2008 – Did Katt Williams die in a plane crash?

Top post number 79 – 6th November 2008 – Bobby Jindal 2012

Top blog number 73 – 6th of November 2008

Top blog #53 on 7th Nov 2008

Top post #91 on 7th November 2008 – Bobby Jindal – President 2012

Top blog #41 on 8th November 2008

Top post #12 on 8th Nov 08 – Compaq review

Top blog #34 on 9th of November 2008

Top post #50 on 9th Nov 2008 for HP Compaq review

Top blog #58 on the 10th of Nov 2008

Top post #64 – 11th of November 2008 = Bobby Jindal

Top blog number 54 on the 11th of November 2008

Just want to thank WordPress for giving me a great platform to blog and super solid, robust interface, hosting and services. I have blogged with Blogspot, Blogger, Hubpages, Live pages and many more (as I work in the SEO industry), but have never come across something as brilliant as WordPress. Plus, with the brand new WordPress 2.7, this is just going to improve.

I’ll soon write an article about external tools I use when I blog. A post called “How to blog successfully”. Hopefully real soon.

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In what other Austrian city was Mozart born?

This is today’s question on Marriott world of rewards, and for those like me, looking for the answer to the question:

In what other Austrian city was Mozart born?

The answer is:


Beautiful Salzburg in Austria, where Mozart was born.
Beautiful Salzburg in Austria, where Mozart was born.

A little about Mozart: Mozart (Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – full name) was born in the fourth largest Austrian city of Salzburg. He’s most popular for his symphonic classical music compositions. Born into a professional music loving family, Mozart was a child prodigy and could read and write music at the age of 5. In his middle years, he moved to Vienna (called the City of music) where he found mass acclaim and popularity. The musical genius died at a young age of 35.

Beethoven, who later went on to become a historical musician, initially wrote much of Mozart’s music, but all under Mozart’s name.

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Glitz by Louise Bagshawe (my book review)

My review: 7 out of 10 (worth a read)

I’ve kind of got into reading “chicklits” lately. I think that it’s because they provide an escape into a happier, hip world where everything always turns out great in the end and you join the characters in their happy moments and the things you learn as they get through their woes.

Glitz - Book cover
Glitz - Book cover
Louise Bagshawe
Louise Bagshawe

This was the first book I had read by Louise Bagshaw, having just finished the two books by Lauren Weisberger that she wrote after The Devil Wears Prada. First Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston.

Glitz had me interested in the story all the way through – the actual plot that is and how it would end was what kept me reading really. It’s a thick book at 535 pages and I was not that impressed by the way it was written. I found it bitty, the story jumped through the time line in an unsatisfactory manner. One bit that confused me was that the girls went to the Seychelles to see Uncle Clement a couple of weeks after having returned from there after Christmas. I haven’t read back through but it read like they came back and a number of weeks had passed but then Bai Ling came at the beginning of February. On the time between Bai Ling arriving and the end of the book I felt the reader was forced to delve in and out of key moments in a way that an experienced writer would not make them do – the story did not flow through.

The beginning of the book was quite long but when it got to the juicy bits, there could have been more detail. For example – other than the first dinner party there was no description of what Bai-Ling was up to for much of the book until there were a couple of sentences towards the end about how the Chambers girls had been taking it in turns to entertain her. It sounds a little implausible that Bai-Ling spent months of the rest of teh time sitting in her hotel suite when the purpose of her visit to England was to coach her to join society. Then there was the detail of the girls’ careers. I would have loved to read about how they developed in more detail but they seemed to get off to a flying start and become e successful with no problems at all  – may be that is how it is when you are rich.

I loved the rich descriptions in the book. For every scene you knew exactly what the girls were wearing and from which designer: Chanel, Choo, LK Bennett, Dior – it was all there. the dresses, suits and shoes described in beautiful details. here was a lot of suit wearing going on though, which seemed quite old-fashioned to me. Although, the girls did turn out to be past their mid-thirties, which came as a surprise to me.

I loved the lifestyles that were portrayed – the beautiful homes and the way the girls moved around them and used them. You were right there with them looking at the rooms and the clothes. That’s the real reason I read these things = the escapism in these girly novels.

I think I’ll try another one of her books. They all have quite enticing titles. I think may be Career Girls is next.  I don’t tend to read chicklits about married life and the such – I guess I am not at that stage of life. Am on the look out for another writer who offers engrossing novels without the tribulations of juggling babies in it. Any ideas?

<Many thanks to Guest author Citywannabe>

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Duchess of Birmingshire or Dutchess of Birminghamshire? Patricia Place passes away.

Searching for Duchess of Birmingshire and Duchess of Birminghamshire played by Patricia Place?

Patricia Place - The Duchess of Birmingshire died on 20th September 2008.
Patricia Place – The Duchess of Birmingshire actress died on 20th September 2008. RIP.

There is sad news – Patricia Place – The actress who played Duchess of Birmingshire passed away in September, it was announced at the end of the program. Patricia Place was 83 when she died of Pneumonia. She was secretly fighting cancer without her family’s knowledge. Place was most known for her role in “Emma Smith – My story” as Emma Smith Bidamon. She had also acted in several other TV shows and movies.

A thread on VH1 says that the actress Patricia Place unfortunately passed away on the 20th of September. She worked till one day before her death. An article on Herald Extra is mentioned there.

My condolences to her family. May she rest in peace.

Old news

Is there actually a “Duchess of Birmingshire”? I think the Duchess of Birmingshire title is just made up, something like Judge Julie, and she’s just an actress. Why else would an actual duchess be on a TV show, and a low budget one at that. A CS preview is available of the show where I wonder if Lacey and Brandi C are being challenged by Inna to get them up on the chopping block?

To me, I think I’ve seen the woman somewhere, so most probably it is an actress. Love Sharon’s pretty laugh on the previews 😉

We need Info

There so less info about this on the Internet. If you know anything about this for sure, please do everyone a favor and drop in a comment. PLEASE!!!