ACT Scores out today!! ACT Students click here!

ACT Scores are out Today!!!!

ACT scores were published today for the national and international ACT tests conducted on 25 October 2008.

If your result is not out today , do not panic. The results are released in batches and you should check back every few days at the following website:

or and navigate from there.

You will need to sign up in order to check your score on this site.

All the best!! What’s your score eh?

What is ACT?

The ACT is the college entrance examination taken by high school students in America. The ACT tests Science, Maths, English and reading.

The ACT score can be any number between 1 (which is the lowest) to 36 (which is the highest) for each of the four subjects tested. A “Composite” score is also given, which is the average of the scores in the four individual tests.