Buddha reincarnation Ram Bahadur Bamjan – 18 year old miracle boy!

Who is Ram Bahadur Bomjon?

(or Ram Bahadur Bomjan or Banjan or “Buddha Boy” or Palden Dorje?)

Ram Bahadur Bomjon - Reincarnation of Gautam Buddha?
Ram Bahadur Bomjon – Reincarnation of Gautam Buddha?

In brief:

Ram Bahadur Bamjan – now an 18 year old boy, was born in Nepal (a Himalayan nation that borders northern India) and gained massive popularity after he acquired what people believe is the ability to disappear and appear anywhere.  In May 2005, he started meditating (worshiping) at his home village Ratanapuri, then disappeared and appeared on two occasions for 10 and 4 months respectively.

In March last year (2007) he was found by the police, meditating in a 7 feet deep underground bunker.

In August 2007, he addressed a large gathering and said some things about international peace and spiritualism. <I’m pretty impressed with his speech, which you can read at wikipedia here>

2 days ago – On the 10th of November 2008, Bamjan appeared again. Since then, people are visiting in their tens of thousands, just to get a look at the “reincarnation of Gautam Buddha”, as he’s widely believed to be.

Ram Bahadur Bamjan after reappearing in Nov 08
Ram Bahadur Bamjan after reappearing in Nov 08

People need proof!

However, Nagarjuna Instt. of Exact Methods in Nepal has said that Ram Bahadur Bomjon needs to be assessed before he can claim to be the reincarnation of Gautam Buddha.

“Meditating without food does not prove that he is reincarnation of Buddha. There is much study needed to be done.”

<How can you scientifically determine if one is a reincarnation of someone?!!!>

Why is Bomjan being called a reincarnation of Buddha?

There are various similarites between Gautam Buddha’s and Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s lives.

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha meditating

Brief biography: Gautam Buddha was born a prince, somewhere around 500 B.C. When he was born, his father, the king ,was told  that should Gautam ever realise the true state of the world with its poverty and pain, he would renounce all worldly desires and become a sage. The king hid the outside world from Gautam Buddha, but one day Buddha saw everything that had been hidden from him. He left behind his wife and child, renounced the throne and spent many years meditating for months at a time. He practiced spirituality and with hard work and persistence converted himself from a normal human being to someone who could appear and disappear. He developed capabilities to read and control people’s minds, carried a weapon for self-defense. He was seen to perform miracles like standing in the air, making things appear in his hands etc.

His views were so powerful and motivating, that his teachings became widely respected and one of the oldest religions of the world, Buddhism,  was born.

Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s powers:

Ram Bahadur Bomjan, has things common to Gautam Buddha. Bomjan carries a sword for self-defense, can meditate for months without food or water, has appeared and disappeared on a few occasions and has views very similar to those of Buddha.

Only time will tell what Ram Bahadur Bomjon does for human kind, but as I write this, people are lining up to get a glimpse of who they believe is the reincarnation of Gautam Buddha. The Buddha Boy!


By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

32 replies on “Buddha reincarnation Ram Bahadur Bamjan – 18 year old miracle boy!”

Great post and surprisingly interesting 🙂

I am sure you will like to read my posts on reincarnation and ancestral problems too.

Do send me your comments after visiting my posts,

kind regards

Thanks for the data-gathering, weird story. I do´nt tend to believe such claims, though one can not prove it wrong. Did The boy ever say he was the reincarnation? He looks sympathetic.
What do you think about the story? cheers

Blissful – You didn’t leave your url as much as I’m interested in reading your reincarnation views, I can’t tried searching for related stuff on Google, but couldn’t find you.

Sebastian, I don’t think the boy has ever said that he’s a reincarnation.. it’s just people around him. I think there have been tens of stories like this one, all proved bogus in the end. Somewhere deep inside I want this to be true. 🙂

It’s impossible to be a reincarnation of somebody else so their

crazy if they think he is he is not the Buddha.

What do you mean impossible? This was one of the original teachings of yashua (Jesus) and there have been many reincarnations of saints and sages that return to help teach humanity Heaven’s truths

Hey Danielle, as it is not possible to prove the non-existence of sth, one just can not make a claim about it. Claiming to know sth. you can not know would be religious mythology.

time will tell, while you are meditating you might look like you are resting or sleeping but the inner mind u are not.. I have seen many respectful monks meditating in the jungle and did’t needs food or water or after retreating they don’t eat much food at all…please follow up this event and let us know.

thank you

Try to understand.Budda cannot reincarnate.because budda attained nibbana.
those who attained nibbana cannot reincarnate.

Ram Bahadur Bamjan is not reincarnate of siddhartha buddha.

he will be Bodhisatva…….who will be take birth after Metraya Buddha.

1) Everyone can become a buddha. That includes me and U.
2) A buddha is an enlighten one. Meaning he sees and knows the truth. The end result is he will not reincarnate which is also the buddhist ultimate goal. Thus to say that Bamjan is the reincarnation of a Buddha is a false.
3) Bamjan said don’t call him Buddha because he is NOT a buddha. He is a Rinpoche. By definition, a Rinpoche is “one who reincarnate”. That means we are all rinpoche. In Tibetan tradition, rinpoche is one who reincarnated and can recall the details of their past life.
4) The philosophy of a bodhisatva is only a part of the school of Mahayana buddhism. It is not a part of the origin of buddhism. The bodhisatva does reincarnate because the bodhisatva has not achieve enlightenment.

Will he become “a buddha”, a bodhisatva, or will he remains at “our” human level? Only time and action will tell. To prove or to disprove his level of attainment is wasted effort because it does not benefit you nor me. The dharma existed before him, and will exist after him. It’s up to each individual to find the right path.

This could very well be the Lord Maithreya and I am hoping and wishing that this is his lordship Maitreya and am rejoicing that we are extremely lucky to even hear about his existence –

Who ever this wonderful person may be – it is important that we absorb his message and try to make this world a better place for everyone…

Could we please have the details of where and how we could take a glimpse of this devine being?


I just saw his story on Discovery Channel 2day 18th April 2009,and in the end the commentator said that he had dissappered or was kidnapped.I was very sad i really wanted to find out if he is ok so i searched on Google iam glad to read that he is alive and well.I believe that we all have been blessed with special gifts from the Lord Almighty Jesus Christ and this kid has found his gift and is embracing it.I admire the fact that he has devoted his life to being spritual.

My hope is that this whole sceptre is not turned into a MONEY MAKING SCHEME because if it is then he will be defeating his purpose.GLORY BE TO THE ONE TRUE GOD -THE FATHER,THE SON AND THE HOLYSPIRIT.

Well, since no one mention how the south east buddha goes, here is how it is in our religion. The script say every thousand of years the new Buddha would be born, not reincarnated but a new enlighten one. In our history have shown there have been 3 or 4 buddha to be existed already in past thousand of years. I am actually excited to heard about this one that is happening. He also never mention that he is Buddha which he shouldn’t because to because the enlighten one, you must earn it which the boy by so far have been doing. My Opinion, I think he might be someone worth respecting and research about. Who known, he might be the real thing

Surely he can’t be the Buddha reincarnated. The Buddha was supposed to have achieved Enligtment thereby escaping the cycle of birth and rebirth (samsara) and reaching Nirvana,

When this world becomes a place of violence we need someone to show us a way. i will not say that he is buddha, but god will or a individual like buddha will emerg to show us the path and save us from this material world

I agree with comments above that Ram Bomjon is not the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha but a Rinpoche who can become an emerging Buddha through inner reflection (or meditation as others refer to it). Just as Gautama Buddha became the enlightened one in his time through outer observation and inner reflection.

Ram Bomjon has himself stated asking people not to refer to him as Buddha.

There is little point of Gautama Buddha reincarnating into this world only to re-experience and relearn what he has already once discovered on his path to enlightenment. Just as it is impossible to step into the same river twice.

Gautama passed on his discoveries originally through oral tradition until about 400 years later when it was committed to writing. Allowing all others to learn and follow the noble path. Once the state of Buddha is reached there is no returning! To return and be a re-incarnation of Gautama Buddha is nonsensical. It would be akin to returning to learn from a current teacher who had learned from a line of previous teachers that eventually would lead back to yourself (Gautama Buddha). You would in essence be hearing yourself or reading your own original oral teachings now committed in writing.
Like walking in your own footsteps that you once left behind, only to reach the same point which you reached at that point of enlightenment – long long ago.

Will Ram Bomjon reach the state of Buddha, or a bodhisatva? This can not be foretold! There are many already above the ordinary state of human level in our current world (as Bomjon himself is, for example).

Each of us are on different levels of attainment, regardless of the religious domain we were born into. It is not the starting gate that is important but what we learn on our respective journeys through life, through our own self-discovery and inner self-reflection until we have each reached that time to leave, or nirvanna and not return.

It’s up to each individual to walk that noble path and discover what we need to find and learn along that journey to reach full enlightenment.

Blessed journey to all…

why though…. I believe we are so focused on the negative of our world ..we are trying to find answers…maybe if we all luv and respect this world of earth and humans ..we wont need to find the answers


Gone through the Reincarnation details of Buddha, I think people need to know more and more about him to strengthen their belief and spread the news about him.

what a crap it is??? I can’t just stop laughing!!!!, first thing’s that buddha never carried any dagger or something for his protection!, you can read in any book if you wish to, the other, that, only appearing, sometimes, and the getting disappeared for the most is not be a shit proof that he is an incarnation of buddha, its a freak that’s it.

omg it would be reincarnation in 21st century,but he is from Nepal and Buddha was also from Nepal,he didn’t eat anything for many years but they don;t have exact prove that he is reincarnation of Gautama Buddha

i just beileve this guys.And i don`t think so he need to give a proof to be a reincarnation of gautam buddha.god is god.i some body wants to say it`s just a freak before u say just try to stay without food and water.not even month only one week.

Prathana garchu mo ram b. b. g lai
jaba mo ram b..b.. g lai darsan garna jada bharkhar waha ko tabasy 6 montths pura bhai saknu bhayeko thiyo ram b. b.g lai najik bata herna pauda ra darsan garna pauda sarai khusi lageu molai mo hal malaysia ma chu mo ppardesma bhaye pani waha lai mo prathana gariraheko chu mero malaysia ko gandhabya pura bhayera nepal farkepaci waha ko darsan garne aasama chu garne

According to Buddhist doctrine, Buddhahood is the stage that is completely liberated from taking rebirth. Hence there is no question of reincarnation of any Buddha including Sakyamuni. If we accept Bamjon as incarnation of Sakyamuni Buddha, by default we are ignoring that Siddhartha became a Buddha, because no Buddha incarnate as Buddha is out of chain of birth and rebirth. Possessing any divine power like surviving without food and water for several days and performing some miracle does not mean becoming Buddha or incarnation of Buddha.

He is lost in performing psychic ‘miracles’ that are not spiritual. building a statue of Maitreya is idolatry. told his family to pray to a snake god to stop a drought. so, to his devotees, need I say more? He is psychotic and psychical, but not spiritual! You are truly ignorant to think this guy is going to enlighten you, when in fact he is very ignorant and therefore very dangerous to himself and all others who follow him. mark my words: I have warned you.

according to Buddhist philosophy, Buddha is free from rebirth, because he achieved the stage of nirvana. There is no recarnation of buddha. The normal person can became buddha if he efforts to do so, but it takes so much time to get that stage.

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