Buddha reincarnation Ram Bahadur Bamjan – 18 year old miracle boy!

Who is Ram Bahadur Bomjon?

(or Ram Bahadur Bomjan or Banjan or “Buddha Boy” or Palden Dorje?)

Ram Bahadur Bomjon - Reincarnation of Gautam Buddha?
Ram Bahadur Bomjon – Reincarnation of Gautam Buddha?

In brief:

Ram Bahadur Bamjan – now an 18 year old boy, was born in Nepal (a Himalayan nation that borders northern India) and gained massive popularity after he acquired what people believe is the ability to disappear and appear anywhere.  In May 2005, he started meditating (worshiping) at his home village Ratanapuri, then disappeared and appeared on two occasions for 10 and 4 months respectively.

In March last year (2007) he was found by the police, meditating in a 7 feet deep underground bunker.

In August 2007, he addressed a large gathering and said some things about international peace and spiritualism. <I’m pretty impressed with his speech, which you can read at wikipedia here>

2 days ago – On the 10th of November 2008, Bamjan appeared again. Since then, people are visiting in their tens of thousands, just to get a look at the “reincarnation of Gautam Buddha”, as he’s widely believed to be.

Ram Bahadur Bamjan after reappearing in Nov 08
Ram Bahadur Bamjan after reappearing in Nov 08

People need proof!

However, Nagarjuna Instt. of Exact Methods in Nepal has said that Ram Bahadur Bomjon needs to be assessed before he can claim to be the reincarnation of Gautam Buddha.

“Meditating without food does not prove that he is reincarnation of Buddha. There is much study needed to be done.”

<How can you scientifically determine if one is a reincarnation of someone?!!!>

Why is Bomjan being called a reincarnation of Buddha?

There are various similarites between Gautam Buddha’s and Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s lives.

Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha meditating

Brief biography: Gautam Buddha was born a prince, somewhere around 500 B.C. When he was born, his father, the king ,was told  that should Gautam ever realise the true state of the world with its poverty and pain, he would renounce all worldly desires and become a sage. The king hid the outside world from Gautam Buddha, but one day Buddha saw everything that had been hidden from him. He left behind his wife and child, renounced the throne and spent many years meditating for months at a time. He practiced spirituality and with hard work and persistence converted himself from a normal human being to someone who could appear and disappear. He developed capabilities to read and control people’s minds, carried a weapon for self-defense. He was seen to perform miracles like standing in the air, making things appear in his hands etc.

His views were so powerful and motivating, that his teachings became widely respected and one of the oldest religions of the world, Buddhism,  was born.

Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s powers:

Ram Bahadur Bomjan, has things common to Gautam Buddha. Bomjan carries a sword for self-defense, can meditate for months without food or water, has appeared and disappeared on a few occasions and has views very similar to those of Buddha.

Only time will tell what Ram Bahadur Bomjon does for human kind, but as I write this, people are lining up to get a glimpse of who they believe is the reincarnation of Gautam Buddha. The Buddha Boy!