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What is the primary language spoken in Montreal?

Today’s Marriott world of rewards question:

What is the primary language spoken in Montreal?

(0r What is the official language of Montreal?)

The answer is:


Montreal on a beautiful, sunny day
Montreal on a beautiful, sunny day

Some really interesting stuff (Good for your GK)

  • Montreal is second largest city in Canada and in the top 5 french speaking cities of the world.
  • Montreal is the 10th most clean city in the world according to a 2007 Forbes study.
  • Montreal is one of the 25 most livable places on earth.

So why French?

The three greatest colonial empires – Britain, Spain and France shaped the demographics of earth between 15th and 19th centuries. Whatever these powers controlled, still bears their influence. Have a look at the French colonial map and you’ll know why French is the dominant language in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

French colonial map and influence of French on Canada
French colonial map and influence of French on Canada

I’ve written this article for today’s quiz participants. Finger crossed! Hope you win! 🙂


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12 replies on “What is the primary language spoken in Montreal?”

Yes Montreal is beautiful and I am fortunate to live there.

I was surprised that it’s the 10th cleanest city in the World, because I find that this past decade Montreal has become dirtier!

P.S. Nice blog!

Maybe, I didn’t know French before this past August…. I was able to somewhat understand my way around… I advise taking a French to English dictionary with you or take someone that knows French and English.

As much as Montreal is home through and through (being born and raised in another continent), the city has become decidedly dirtier in the last couple of years; something our mayor has attempted to crack down upon. However, it is interesting to see one’s home from the perspective of others and to re-discover it, if you will.


Montreal fait parti de la province du Quebec, et le Quebec parle Francais.

Montreal is cosmopolite and belongs to the province of Quebec
the native language is French well spoken all over the province.
english is spoken in Montreal at the university of Mcguill and concordia and some english College too like Dawson

French is number one language in Montreal

70% of the perople in Montreal speak French. Is the primary language English in Montreal, because most of Canada speaks English?

Is English spoken in their school system in Montreal? Placing French as the answer seemed obvious, so I would like to know why my answer is wrong?!?

I visited Montreal not too many years ago. An absolutely beautiful city. You can see the French architectural influences particularly in the older section.

French is predominantly spoken and is the primary language although I found English is understood (and even poor attempts at French are tolerated…)

The entire province of Quebec primarily speaks French.

We are a bilingual city, folks.

While French is the predominant language you will be hard-pressed to not make yourself understood. Then again, I am not quite representative of all my denizens: some are completely bilingual, others are multilingual (like myself), but you will find unilingual francophones as well as anglophones. For the most part, people are hospitable and delighted to help tourists or so I hope! 🙂

English is significant in Montreal but French is without a doubt the language of Montreal. If i wanted to go to a bilinugal city Id go to Ottawa

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