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Who was better Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton?

I developed a website as a research project. It was called and on that site, I had a simple poll – Who do you think was better (meaning greater in terms of his achievements) – Albert Einstein or Isaac Nwewton.

The end result was Isaac Newton. People voted him 1170 to 973. Here are some comments that the site received:

Newton vs Einstein
Newton vs Einstein

message=Albert Einstein was retarted Isaac Newton was way better

message=My vote is to the GREAT SCIETIST-Albert Einstein. Everyone vote to him. he’s really amazing

name=vaibhav s karalgikar
message=”SIR ISSAC is god,he was the reason for today’s scientists…plzzz don’t compare god with anyone else”

message=Linus Pauling

message=people think albert rox just bcz he maid cool discoveries but he was there in the 19 th century and had so many great people before who discovered many things which included newton as well but newton did not have einstein before him.So people PLEASE VOTE FOR NEWTON BECAUSE HE ROX!!!!!!!

message=Isaac no.<br />Einstein, you really Rock!!

message=I dont really know much about Einstein but I’ve read a lot about Newton and even if I didnt admire him I’d give my vote to him because he discovered so many things in a time when there wasnt really much to work off.

message=My vote goes to Einstein whose phenomenal theory of relativity and the equation e=mc² changed the equations of the world we live in… for ever after. The fact that his image itself is an epitome of intelligence and scientific endeavour in modern world, is evidence enough to prove his greatness!

message=My vote goes for Ablert Einstein. His papers changed the way world and things around us are looked at. Had it not beed for the time-space research, we’d still be living in the modern dark ages.

name=Will Barrett
message=I’m for Newton. Without the calculus, discovery of gravity and action-reaction physis, many of post Newton advancements in electro-magnetism and statistic physics would never have gotten off the ground. If the poll was for the greatest deep thinker, I would give it to Einstein. He laid the foundation for relativity and quantum, even though he never liked quantum theory himself. 😉

message=I read a book called “Scientific Genius, 20 greatest minds of all time”. Who IS the greatest scientist who influenced Mankind the most and whose accomplishments you admire? Why???

Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) – Scientific Method
Archimedes (c. 287-212 BC) – Geometry and Mechanics
Galileo Galilei ( 1564-1642) – Astronomy & Physics
William Harvey ( 1578-1657) – Phsyiology
Rene Descartes (1596-1642) – Analytic Geometry
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) – Probability and Projective Geometry
Issac Newton (1642-1726) – Mechanics and Calculus
Karl Gauss (1777-1855) – Pure and Applied Mathmatics
Michael Faraday (1791-1867) – Electromagnetism
Charles Darwin (1809-1882) – Evolution
Evariste Galois (1811-1832) – Group theory
Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) – Genetics
Robert Koch (1843-1910) – Bacteriology
Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) – Nueropsychology
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) – Relativity theory
Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) – Quantum Mechanics
John Von Neumann (1903-1957) – Computer Science
Alan Turing (1912-1954) – Computer Science
Linus Pauling (1901-1994) – Chemistry
Stephen Hawking (1942- ) – Cosmology

There is no wrong answer,  Again, this list is from a book by Jim Glenn and he admits many names are excluded and some perhaps some wrongly included. But thankfully mankind has been BLESSED by such brilliant minds! I cast my ballot for Einstein and Newton together, can’t pin point one who’s better than the other.

message=Olly Isaac gets my vote, b’cause I reckon that he had the biggest influence to this day. But then, it can be said that he couldn’t have done what he did without being able to stand on the shoulders of all the greats before him. All the way back to the very first great scientist who did the very first life changing experiment. So, although it’s hard to say, Isaac Newton is my vote.

name=Grey Waldron
message=Newton’s discovery of gravity is the all time winner. Just like the wheel was the invention of the millennium. It is basic, but how many people thought about that before him? Everything else is an intelligent scientific conclusion.

message=Who was better? that is a general question…..both were excellent at observation and understanding they simplified very complex ideas.. but I admit, I have a weakness for the way that Einstein made his views so relatable- and he made space and time appear wonderous, and what a humanitarian!

message=”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton. was so fascinated with newton in school days. no wonder he’s leading the poll..

message=Thats right Jim, but Albert Einstein was a genius. Infact when his brain was studied in detail, very recently, they found it was a wee bit bigger than a normal human’s. Plus he was an allrounder, unlike many other scientists.

name=Jim Sheldon
message=Newton’s research came at a time when there was lesser scientific knowledge. Einstein commented on various theories of Newton. I would go for Newton.

What’s your vote?


By cafearjun

I'm Arjun, live in London, UK, and ever since I've left India, I miss it even more. I'm an entrepreneur, a creator, and strive for new ideas. Have been lucky to put a few in place and make them work. This is a blog about everything I love and think about!

94 replies on “Who was better Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton?”

Newton without doubt. Newton’s Principia layed the foundation for classical physics which kept growing and growing and eventually evolved into quantum mechanics and relativity. Newton layed the foundation for everything we see today, Einstein merely added to it (very nicely I may add). Newton founder of calculus and the laws of motion, he directly influenced Maxwell’s electromagnetism and Einstein’s relativity. Newton’s Principia is the most influential of all time, and he himself should be considered the most influential.

I think there is no competition. Einstein worked on principles established by Newton. I agree with Irving.

Even einstein can think by up to 13% of his brain i vote for sic issac newton because it is hardworking than einstein and have the most good book in the world THE PRINCIPIA and who ever vote to einstein because they study cosmology

Einstein is good but has no match 4 newton bcoz einstein hard mre resourcez 2 rely on, unlyk newton he cme up wit sumthng out of a apple tree nt sumbdy else idea. Newton rule da tru geniuz.

In way for quantifying the achivements that they accomplished, my vote is for newton but if you are in the field of cosmology or in universe or microscience your vote belongs to einstein thats for sure and if you belong to macroscience i bet your on the side of newton.Nonetheless theres no winner because the question is to broad and difficult to answer.

Here’s my vote in a way of logical thinking i’ll give it to sir isaac newton why? here are the reasons why he is.

1. By the time of newton’s work you can count a scientist that existed by that time so a little exchange of ideas.
2. Discoveries by that time is hard to admit or prove because of lack of knowledge and scientific principles thats why criticism is a major factor of how newton suffers in depression that could lead him to stop his work.
3. is there a scientist that at the early age of his career formulated a very powerfull tools that you can used in any field of science? I think you know what I mean too.
4. this the main reason why i choose newton because he came first in the world 153 years after his death before einstein. Can einstein formulated E=mc^2 without the theory of newton? or without calculus? or in short newton lived without einstein but Einstein i doubt about its easy for him witout newton.

Do you think einstien wouldnt have formulated the theory of relativity if he was before newton…. “A genius is a genius irrespective of time and generation “… einstein did not formulate the theory in an overnight.. he took more than a decade to prove newton`s relativity wrong… If newton was so genius as you consider then why did he formulate the relativity as did by einstein???… He was a genius right?

i comply with you….e=mc^2 can do wonders to humanity …..same as newtons laws of motion did ..
..unfortunately present day scientist are not sharp minded as yesteryear scientists…and few of his theories are still being studied if their correct meaning is discovered than we can advance upto200 years or more..
don’t forget that few of newton’s theories were waste unless einstein made them fruitful

People who say Einstein usually don’t understand much about physics. I know the media makes the general public feel like Einstein was some type of super-genius when he really wasn’t. The media makes people think all Newton did was see an apple and say gravity exists and paints Einstein as a super-genius with E=MC^2.
Einstein was more of a creative genius, kind of like Faraday (although Faraday was a better experimentalist and changed science and technology more than Einstein did with the electric motor, transformer, generator)

But Newton was a super-super-genius, Newton always beats Einstein in polls among physicists.

Newton is at the very top of the top ten mathematicians of all time and also at the very top of the top ten physicists of all time. He invented calculus, founded the law of gravity, laws of motion, figured out different colors came from white light, and was also an expert geometer. Newton solved the geometer brachistochrone problem, a problem puzzling the greatest mathematicians at the time within in a few hours without even trying.

There’s really no other genius like Newton in all of human history.

Einstein on the other hand would never ever be a top ten mathematician, he had to get mathematicians like David Hilbert to help him with the mathematics of general relativity. But he was a creative genius because of his ideas like general relativity.

sir isaac newton is regarded greater coz his theories have been understood by later scientists …
on the other hand few of the einstein’s discoveries have not been totally understood yet, by present scientists as they lack that kind of intellect (not including stephen hawking)…..
there are few of einstein’s theory that can advance the world upto 200 years or more ,if unraveled….and are still being studied…this is a clear evidence of his genius..

without doubt sir Isaac Newton is the great scientist of all the time, he was a true genius as you can see he appeared in many subject include Theology. What he discover is the foundation of the technology of today eg gravitational law of motion is used in cars, aeroplane also calculus is used in deliverly of many formular..

Newton is the best scientist than any one, but also Eistein is the genius as he discovered many things which are very important in our technology today like E=mc^2.

But Sir Isaac Newton is the one who get my vote.

i think isaac newton is the best becos of the great theories he came up with is not comparfable to the ones discovered by albert.
newton discovered newton laws of motion, electromagnetic induction, gravitational attraction, while Albert only discovered binding energy which is E=Mc2, the summary is that isaac is the best.

do you that.. this e=mc^2 can do wonders to humanity …..same as newtons laws of motion did ..
..unfortunately present day scientist are not sharp minded as yesteryear scientists…and few of his theories are still being studied if their correct meaning is discovered than we can advance upto200 years or more..
don’t forget that few of newton’s theories were waste unless einstein made them fruitful

Sir isaac newton is the greatest because his principia gave mordan science a good foundation including einsteins famous relativity. He also created version of mathmatics calld calculus. Newton is an extraordinary genius better than einstein.

sir isaac newton is regarded greater coz his theories have been understood by later scientists …
on the other hand few of the einstein’s discoveries have not been totally understood yet, by present scientists as they lack that kind of intellect (not including stephen hawking)…..
there are few of einstein’s theory that can advance the world upto 200 years or more ,if unraveled….and are still being studied…this is a clear evidence of his genius..

I give it to sir Isaac Newton. It is not always easy to start from the scratch-he probably didn’t have access to any reference material. Thing were a bit easier at eistein’s time becuase he could easily refer to previous works including that of newton. Eistein, however was also a super genius but he had something to leverage on.

Both the scientist einstein and newton are genious…..but in my point of view…newton was better than einstein…because eintsein gave his theories only in quantum physics but newton gave all type of theories….so newton was better….

albert einstein is the most intelligent man to be born on earth as he made nearly 7% usage of his brain the most by any human and his brain is preserved ….to unravel the genes or anything that made him genius…..
sir isaac newton is regarded greater coz his theories have been understood by later scientists …
on the other hand few of the einstein’s discoveries have not been totally understood yet, by present scientists as they lack that kind of intellect (not including stephen hawking)…..
Some of einstein’s theory that can advance the world upto 200 years or more ,if unraveled….and are still being studied…this is a clear evidence of his genius..
when the theories of einstein are understood fully than only we can compare these two geniuses….till then we should maintain the sanctity of the science…..
therefore we cannot quote that einstein was not as genius as newton ….

i think both are great…….newton’s equations are valid for objects having low velocity……..& we are not considering E=MC2.

Newton may have been more than just a legend of a Scientist, more than the Father of Physics, Newton could very well be a legitimate prophet. Newton believed in God and calculated that the rapture would not happen before 2060. The man was incredible and greats like Einstein stood on his shoulders.

well, you are a bit mistaken. E=mc^2 was around before Einstein. Poincare formulated it before. There’s quite a few others that knew about it before Einstein. It was all implicit from Maxwell’s equations. As for special relativity, Lorentz and Poincare did the leg work on it while Einstein in reality simply realized the implications. Einstein’s true achievement may have been general relativity, but even then he was beat to the finish line by David Hilbert.

they are both absolutely called genius because they are both help our world improved and they invent that useful to us. in my opinion they are our inspiration to study well and to get immune our IQ and to discover another invention
because education is our wealth

many said albert because he are expert in pyisicist and etc…………. but when i read book the rank 1 is sir isaac so that iconsidered they are both genius and winner and many scientist that help our world by inventing ………

I think Newton was perhaps the greatest scientist in history with regards to his overall contributions to almost single-handedly fathering the schools of physics and applied math. Most undergraduate degrees in physics and applied math, to this day, barely extend much beyond Newton’s contributions. However, Einstein was perhaps an equally great analytical thinker – perhaps even greater – and no doubt the greatest of theoretical physicists. In a “battle” of which one is greater I have to say Newton, though. Yes, Einstein seems to have “disproven” some of Newton’s fundamental assertions, but in the 1600’s Newton had ABSOLTUELY no knowledge of, or access to, data that could have been used to arrive at any conclusions other than that which he did. Comparing what Newton had at his disposal in 1680 to what Einstein did in the early 1900s, and that Newton discovered laws and relations that form the backbone of the entire schools of physics and applied mathematics makes him, without question, the greatest scientist who ever lived.

without any doubt Newton is better than Albert.Without any experiment
Newton easily conveyed his three laws of it is helped in development of mechanical schemes which is important to man in his daily life.

Please, Don’t compare newton with Einstein One True fact ” You don’t want to be a Newton to become an Einstein”. Newton just applied simple laws. If Einstein wasn’t born, we would be still thinking only of our solar system other than the total Universe. E=MC^2 is the formula for the birth of our universe. INDIAN PEOPLE mostly admire Newton because we were not taught about Einstein and his equations. I learned about him after a break my studies. Here, the parents and the Teachers just want a good grade, by means of anything. In fact, they mostly prefer to rote learning. Einstein’s field equation’s are so tough and so they are not using it in their syllabus. I got a 12 th standard book and I hardly found the name Einstein. Einstein is the Greatest of all time. The second place
can be given to LEONARDO DA VINCI. Newton is also good but he is truly not the best.”Thinking of bending space time” is not so easy.

Einstein is the very best.

Einstein’s work was based on previous scientist’s works ( including newton) , His theory of relativity now is rejected . According to me if newton didn’t have born,someone other would find those principles and formulas but current science would be i think 3 to 5 yrs behind , For the case of Einstein , i don’t think too much loss to current science as many many scientists were working on the same thing and with Einstein , there were many scientists working as his supporters or assistants. We have to take care of the face that at the time of newton , no resources was available. My vote to Newton.
pardon me for my bad English.

Who said you that theory of relativity is rejected?????Theory of Relativity and quantum mechanics are the basic pillars of mordern physics.

sir isaac newton was the greatest(still is) the greatest scientist on earth.
he was the one who brought up science after aristotle.
einstein couldn’t have possibly done anything if newton wouldn’t have made his historical entry in science.


That’s a pure lie. If Einstein had been born before Newton, he probably would have done more and even better than what Newton did. A man who believed that education is a hindrance to knowledge definitely would have done a lot without the education that others like Newton brought forward

No he is a just a person who started but didn’t think more so he gave up studied other things while Einstein expanded on the points and your saying that Einstein couldn’t of found what Newton found that’s not true

Isaac netwon he was clevr and went to very special universitys he is the one because hes clever albert einstein was a bit less clever than isaac newton well thats my opinioon

Albert was genius so he did wht he did without fear and yet he was sorrounded with various scientist unlike Newton who was less challenged….I vote for Einstein

Isaac sucks. Einstien found E=Mc2, and Newton only found gravity. Also, Einstien found the speed of light, and he got the Nobel Prize in Phisics. Did Newton get the Nobel Prize in Phisics?

In Newton’s time there wasn’t any Nobel prize.And you said Newton only discovered gravity but that’s not true.He invented infinite series,calculus,laws of motion,binomial theorem,laws of viscosity,law of cooling in thermodynamics other than law of gravity.

I only want to participate because I have the need to say something but I’m really unable to say who was better because if I did that It would mean that I’m better that them wich is obviously false however let me say that for me It has been more difficult to understand the Relativity theory (even now I don’t understand it a whole) that some of the Newton’s Laws.

Einstein is better because he is the one who found E=MC2 and it is the most famous formula and plus he also made it clear that light is the fastest thing ever and nobody can say any better than that because nothing is the faster than the speed of light.

I vote for Sir Newton… No one can match his special talent …He is indeed the God of science who laid the foundation for the Physics and Mathematics by discovering Calculus as well as the basic laws of Physics…

Sir Issac Newton did not discover calculus it was already discovered in India long ago he was the 1st person to use it in a published paper….

Newton was the best of all time. He single handedly bominate the fields of physics, mathematics,astronomy etc. While as Einstien worked on the research of noewton,plancks and maxwell.There is no comparison between nwton and einstien because newton is far more better than einstien.

Newton was the best of all time. He single handedly dominate the fields of physics, mathematics,astronomy etc. While as Einstien worked on the research of newton,plancks and maxwell.There is no comparison between newton and einstien because newton is far more better than einstien.

the fact tht Isaac came before Einstein does not give him the win to be better. had been tha other way round, Isaac wud have less to do since modern physics holds the world at the moment. if Einstein dissagrees with some elements from Newton it shows he would have done much better than Isaac if he came first n all tha same he still rocks ma world bravo Einstein.

Isaac Newton was clever as he proclaimed different discoveries in different fields,as to Albert Einstein with speed of light was too very clever without comparision his IQ proved that he is brilliant.

newton laws of motion are always valid anywhere in the universe even if we discover particle(s) having speed greater than light.And if it happens,most of the physics will go upright-down,that is all theories of einstien will be proved wrong..!!

I think that’s a very good point. Yes, Newton’s assumptions about the nature of space seem to have been “wrong” and Einstein’s curved space-time a more complete, though still not truly correct, description. But Newton’s model still works for almost every practical application on Earth and are the go-to equations for almost all Earthly mechanics to this day. Newton could not possibly attempt to explain theoretical celestial mechanics in a time when it was barely accepted that those lights in the night sky were something called “planets” and the Earth rotated around the sun. The fact that his gravity model is so close, even at the galaxy level, is astounding.

But outside the gravity thing, on which Newton’s model is still the most practically usable, his laws of mechanics, force, momentum, etc, are universal and stand to this day and probably forever… and then there’s that little math thing called calculus that Newton developed to formulate his physics theories – math without which Einstein wouldn’t have been able to even begin to develop his ideas.

Einstein was a giant of theoretical physics, no question, but Newton practically single-handedly fathered physics and advanced math as with know them.

both albert and issac nwton are great on their various theories but issac gave a start and albert finished it from were issac started anyway albert i great

I think sir albert was more greater than newton
because newton made the world to think
but albert changed the way the world think

the people who voted for Einstein have made so many grammatical errors which tells a lot about those people and by the way Sir Issac Newton was the 1st person to use calculus….

Although Einstein is my role model,Newton was better:he made laws in mechanics,heat energy,optics,gravitation…and he proposed the law of linear momentum which is applied today for airplane,jets etc constructions,but Einstein was only in atomic physics i.e nuclear physics and photoelectricity…Newton is better

my vote goes to sir albert einstein………. because Newton just reviewed the ideas of Galilieo, Galileo’s principle coudn’t be reached to the common people, Newton,at that time was clever enough to simplify galileo’s ideas and put forwarded in front of public…..Galileo’s ideas was the main pioneer of newton’s theories……….and the story of apple being hit to newton is completely a stphen hawking tells in his book”theory of everything’……………without galileo.Newton could have been completely helpless…………einstein on the other hand had revolutionised mordern physics………

Newton was simply amazing, out of dis world,lyke a mini god, a great thinker whose theorems attract numerous applications which cut across all sciences

both r the best in their duty…………..but newton is really a special gift of god…………..just think how much he gave and how much he lost his research papers due to his dog.really newton is the’ sir’ of ‘sirs’

if we switch the two and put einsten in the place and time of newton, and vice versa, I think newton would have made more interesting discoveries in the 20th century not least general relativity. General relativity would also have been much simply explained…

at the time of Sir Issac newton no one know about why things moving but at the time of Albert Einstein every one know about our world so many people like Sir Issac Newton I cannot compare these two scientists because both are great in there own field

It seems that at the speed of light, THE FACTOR GAMMA is just equal to saquare root(2). So NEWTON is the greatest BECAUSE WHEN GAMMA BIGGER THAN SQUARE OF 2, THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT IS OVERCOME.

in einsteins photoelectric efffect is ussing the equation 1\2mv2 for kineticenergy…which isderived from newtonian mechanics…..but the very same einstein tallled itis not appplicable if v….>>>>>C

Newton is the TRUE hero.he used 100percent of his brain.he dedicated his entire life to god and science.he is a man of god and man of science,a physicist,mathematician, alchemist,theologist and so on.

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