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Still hate Sarah Palin? More Anti Sarah Palin T Shirts. Please choose yours!

On the 13th of October, while going through cafepress, I was so delighted seeing those anti Sarah Palin merchandise, that I decided to write a post.

Orignial post: Anti Sarah Palin T shirts

After that, Sarah Palin tried to improve her image – you know, the $150,000 makeover and appearance on Saturday Night Live? That did it for some and they started loving her very much, just like those idiotic racists in the wild west. Somehow it didn’t crack it for me and a few of my readers, so I went out hunting again.. and this time I found some more anti Sarah Palin t shirts, bermudas, shorts, CDs and other merchandise. Not everything satiated my hatred for her, so here’s a selection of stuff I recommend for you.

Go on, take you pick!


Hate Sarah Palin? Check out these anti Sarah Palin T shirts

John McCain, on the 29yth of August this year (2008) declared Sarah Palin his running mate for U.S. elections for the president (hahaha – ignore my laughter). This happened at the national convention at St. Pauls,  in  the area of Minnesota. Sarah Palin is teh first woman ever to run on the US presidental ticket and the first nominee from Alaska ever.

Why does Sarah Palin attract so much attention? (or should i say hatret)

If John Mccain wins, Sarah Palin will be the vice president. This happened after all the feared rumours turned true after Sarah Palin visited Mccains residence on teh 24th of August, 2008. Sarah Palin’s extensive knowledge of foreign affairs (pun intended) and her special meeting with dozens of international leaders in New York has made her pretty infamous and recently released a series of anti-Sarah Palin T-Shirts.

Here are a few designs. Choose your favourite please!