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Bobby Jindal – President 2012? Indian Louisiana governor’s stage is set!

With America’s first ever black president, there’s hope for ethnic minorities in the US to step forward. Bobby Jindal is one such man – the present governor of Louisiana is the youngest in the country and won with 88% votes. Bobby Jindal was touted to be John McCain’s running mate, before the position was taken by Sarah Palin (was it his dark skin? or did he turn down Mccain’s propsal?). Anyway, that has changed.

The republicans are now desperate to prove to the people of America that they hated Obama because of his radical ideas, not because they’re racist. What better way to do that than by nominating a successful, qualified and educated dark-skinned Indian governor for 2012?

Jindal with wife and son
Jindal with wife and son

Advantage Jindal: With all the heat around muslims and the cloud of “Who’s the real Barack Hussein Obama” all through this election campaign, Jindal, originally a Hindu who converted into Catholicism in school, will avoid that.

Who is Bobby Jindal?

You can read the entire biography at wikipedia, I’ll jump to the interesting bits.

Piyush “Bobby” Jindal (pronounced “Jend All” in Louisiana) was born in the US to Indian parents, completed schooling at 17, was accepted by Harvard Medical School, but decided to go into politics and received a master’s degree in politics as a Rhodes scholar from New College, Oxford. Worked at Mckinsey and Company, advised fortune 500 companies. Got married in 1996 to present wife Supriya Jolly and has three children – Shaan Robert, Slade Ryan and Selia Elizabeth.

Jindal 2012?

Jindal or Palin, none have the charisma or the broad appeal of a Clinton, Bush or Obama. But hey, I thought the same way about Obama when he was fighting Hillary!

Will Bobby Jindal emerge with a ticket for 2012, or will he still be some governor vouching for a place in the senate?

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Obama cries on TV – Gets millions of sympathy votes. But is it fair?

Just hours before the country goes to vote, images of Barack Obama shedding tears while talking about his grandmother – Madelyn Dunham, who died peacefuly in her sleep, swept the Intenet.

Obama crying after his grandmother passed away. She was 86
Obama crying after his grandmother passed away. She was 86

Millions of sentimental people will vote for Barack Obama today because of that.
I felt bad for him myself. He was sad talking about his grandmother. It makes sense! She was featured and talked about on every major 2008 US election covering website. He had taken a break from his campaign and visited her earlier because she wasn’t well.

But should a future US president be seen CRYING tears on TV?

A person who cannot control his emotions, is he fit to lead the most powerful nation?

Will he think from his heart when it comes to punishing the guilty?

The next US president needs to be strong, should have the ability to leave his emotions aside when it comes to decision making and separating the wrong from the right. Most often for leaders, there is no middle path – it’s either right or wrong.

Does Barack Obama have it him to be the next president? From being a hardcore supporter of Obama, today I feel my reservations.

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Can I vote? Where to vote? Timings? 2008 presidential election polls and locations!

Voting - 2008 presidential elections - Please vote!
Voting – 2008 presidential elections – Please vote!

I bet many people like me have a hundred questions about the 2008 US presidential elections voting. Here’s help! I’ve put together answers and relevant links for most common questions. If you have any other poll related questions, a comment on this post will help me mail you the answer.

Presidential Election Day is tomorrow, 4th of November, 2008 (Tuesday) .

The voting will start in different states at different times. Find out more below:

Where to vote?

To find out where to vote, please go to: , select your state -> enter your address and a list of closest polling booths/places/stations will pop up.

Make sure you find out your voting times as polls open in different states in different hours. Read below for voting hours:

Am I registered to vote? How can I register to vote online? or

Where am I registered to vote?

To find out where you have registered to vote, please go to:

You will need to enter your exact address. The site will search the database to find whether you’ve registered to vote or not, and if yes, what is your nearest voting poll location/booth/station.

If you have not registered to vote in the 2008 election polls or don’t remember whether you have, you can register or cross check registration at: . Again, this is state dependent and you’ll need to enter your address and other details to register for voting.

You can also use Google Maps’ special voting station finder to find your closest voting location by entering your home address.

What are voting times in my state or region?

To find the exact voting times in your state, please go to: -> select your state -> on the next page you’ll find polling place hours in your region. If you have any questions or if you don’t see polling timings, then go to: -> select your state and region. You will be shown the local website and telephone numbers of your local county clerk’s office. Please call them and they’ll be able to answer all your questions.

What do I require to vote? (ID requirements or documents required)

Most often your driving license or other forms of ID are valid for you to vote. However, it is best to go to: -> click on “What kind of ID to bring” -> Select your state. You’ll be shown a document detailing which forms of identification are valid in your state and area.

Can I vote online?

No, unfortunately you cannot vote online. This is obviously to prevent rigging, fraud and any sort of errors. You will need to go to a polling station and vote. For disabled people it can be a major problem, for which your county clerk should be referred to using the steps mentioned above. Most polling stations across the country will be disabled friendly (I hope).

More information/questions?

If you’re looking for more information on voting for the 2008 presidential elections, your best bet is to visit the following web sites. If you still can’t find answers to your questions, please post your question as a comment and I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible or will refer you to the right place.


Can I

State-wise information

Following are local web sites of every state where you can find up to the minute information on voting, timings, requirements, registration your local polling station.

California, San Diego County
California, San Mateo County
California, Almeda County
Connecticut, Southington County
Connecticut, Vernon County
District of Columbia
Illinois, Champaign County
Illinois, Chicago
Illinois, Cook County
Illinois, Lake County
Illinois, Madison County
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Carolina, Durham County
North Carolina, Gaston County
North Carolina, Johnston County
North Carolina, New Hanover County
North Dakota
Ohio, Franklin County
Ohio, Hamilton County
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Tennessee, Memphis
Texas, Collin County
Texas, Dallas County
Texas, Denton County
Texas, Fort Bend
Texas, Harris County
Texas, Midland County
Texas, Nueces County
Texas, Travis County
West Virginia

Most common questions

This article is specially posted for people looking for answers to the following questions: Am i registered to vote?, Can I vote?, Where do I go to vote?, Where am I registered to vote?, Where can I vote? Where do I vote? What time do the polls open? What time do the polls close? Polling times? What time can I vote? Am I registered to vote? Am I registered for polls? Voting hours? Vote hours? Poll hours? Poll times? Polling hours? Voting times? Voting time? Can I vote online? Voting locations? What time can I vote? Voting poll hours? Where do I vote in Florida? Where do I vote in Pennsylvania? Am I registered to vote in NY? Voting registration? Where can I go to vote? Where am I registered to vote? Whats the voting day? Voting sites? Election day?

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Barack Obama 30 minute TV ad worth $2 million. A Winner!

3 networks air Obama’s 30 minute commercial simultaneously before World Series baseball.

Barack Obama presidential election campaign short of 2 million dollars.

$2,000,000 well spent? You decide!

Barack Obama 30 minute advertisement
Barack Obama 30 minute advertisement

The infomercial started with soft music, pictures of farms, people waving the US flag and Barack Obama’s voice in the background talking about tough times the US economy has faced in recent times. “Despite the crisis, I still see optimism in American people”: Obama. Seemed like beginning of a classic patriotic movie.

We’ve seen over the last 8 years how decisions by an American president can have a profound effect on history and on American lives. I’ve traveled lengths of this country over the last 20 months. Michelle and I have met so many Americans who are looking for real and lasting change. These are American stories.. I’d like to introduce some of these people tonight.

This followed a case study on Rebecca Johnston – A woman dedicated to her family, with 4 children and a husband who couldn’t afford an operation, only to give their kids better education and cope with rising costs. How they manage within the limited resource, how they try to make ends meet, pay bills.. All this wasn’t a problem at one time, Rebecca Johnston recalls.. when mortgage rates were lower and perhaps also inflation. 

We measure the strength of our economy, not by the number of billionaires we have, or the profits of the fortune 500. Whether someone with a good idea can start a new business.. whether a waitress who sustains a living on tips can take a day off without the risk of losing her job. An economy the honours the dignity of work. 8 years of failed policy resulted in the worst state of ecomony since the great depression.

 Here’s what I’ll do as president (Part 1 – Economy plan):

  • Cut taxes for every family making less than $200,000.
  • Give businesses tax credit for every new employee they hire in the US over the next 2 years.
  • Eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. (Major impact on outsourcing)
  • Help home owners to pay their mortgages by freezing foreclosures for 90 days.
  • Provide low-cost loans to small businesses to hire more workers and keep their doors open.

Case Study 2: This again follows a clip where a gentleman who should’ve received 1500 dollars, ended up being paid just $379 per month when the company closed down. “Americans who are willing to work should be able to find a job that pays them enough to make a living, and retire respectfully with a decent pension” Barack Obama said.

Ohio governor Red Strickland, Kathleen Sebelius (Kansas governor), Deval Patrick (Massachussets governor) supported Barack’s tax cut, anti outsourcing policies.

Case Study 3: Larry Store and his wife Onida from Sardinia, Ohio, a couple with 6 children who owned their own house, looked forward to retirement, but Onida’s growing medical costs forced them to get a loan against their house. Larry, 72, despite retirement, had to start working again.

Here’s what I’ll do as president (part 2 – Energy Plan):

  • Invest 15 Billion dollars a year on energy efficiency, renewable sources of energy.
  • Create 5 million clean energy jobs in the next decade.
  • Create fuel efficient cars in America.
  • Give tax credit to buy fuel efficient cars.
  • Expand production of gas, coal and oil in the US to reduce dependence on Middle East.

Eric Schmidt (CEO – Google), Tim Kaine (Governor of Virginia) started off by endorsing Obama’s ideas as teh best for America.

Case Study 4: Juliana Sanchez is a widow with 2 children and a mortgage who has dedicated her life to giving good education to her children. With a day that starts very early, Juliana works 2 jobs and undergoes teacher training. All, just to provide good education to her 2 kids.

Every parent in America wants the same thing – Good education for their child. Responsibility for our children’s success doesn’t start in Washington, it starts in our homes. No education policy can replace a parent who’s involved in his child’s education from day 1, who makes sure children reach on time, helps with the child’s homework and attends the parent-teacher conferences. No government program can turn off the TV set, put away the video games or read to your children.

To show he personally understood and has faced similar hardships, there was a clip where Barack Obama said “I had met my father only once when I was 10. My mother used work fulltime, she used to wake me up 4:30am and we used to go through my lessons”. 

Here’s what I’ll do as president (part 3 – Education & Healthcare):

  • Tax credit to cover tuition at public colleges and universities in exchange for serving their community or country.
  • Improve Information technology for use in healthcare.
  • Provide coverage for preventive care and pre-existing conditions.
  • Lower healthcare costs for families at just $2500 a year.

Talking of healthcare, he talked about how his mother died of cancer so suddenly and how big a shock that was. Add to that video clips showed Obama with his two daughters and how he read all Harry Potters with them.

Dick Burbin (Senator Illinois), Claire McCaskill (senator Missouri), Joe Biden (senator Delaware) talked about Obama’s leadership skills.

Barack Obama then moved on to talking about Joe Biden. He has the best foreign policy experience, father lost his job, we share the sense of where the country needs to go. (Things we’ve heard before.)

Case Study 5: Mark and Melinda, who were both sacked from their jobs due to the economic crisis are struggling to make ends meet..

“I learnt from a very early age from my grand parents how important it is to defend liberty. ” Obama

Here’s what I’ll do as president (part 4 – Military and Defence):

  • Rebuild military to meet 21st century challenges.
  • Implement tough direct diplomacy to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, curb Russian aggression.
  • Focus on finishing the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afganistan.

John Adams, retired Brig. Gen. US Army supported Barack Obama’s presidency saying he has the capability to be tough and sensitive to the constitution and people at the same time.

Watch the entire 30 minutes of infomercial here :

(Cannot download on this site online. This can be downloaded only using Realplayer and going to Youtube at

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


In the 30 minute informercial, almost all case studies revolved around education, mortgages, retirement pension, and the war. As much as I liked and enjoyed those 30 minutes, I’ll have to say that the commercial could have covered much more. Rather than tax rebates to people for cars, small businesses, recruitment in the US, clean energy, I think what we need is tax free “private” education, which is expensive and the root cause of every modern middle class person’s financial struggle.

Overall, a very well planned and executed 30 minute infomercial that will have a big impact on his campiagn. Without naming Mccain, Palin or any opposition (to the contrary, there was a statement where Obama was quoted saying “We’re not republicans or democrats, we’re Americans”), Barack Obama has thrown a winner just days before the D day!

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Still hate Sarah Palin? More Anti Sarah Palin T Shirts. Please choose yours!

On the 13th of October, while going through cafepress, I was so delighted seeing those anti Sarah Palin merchandise, that I decided to write a post.

Orignial post: Anti Sarah Palin T shirts

After that, Sarah Palin tried to improve her image – you know, the $150,000 makeover and appearance on Saturday Night Live? That did it for some and they started loving her very much, just like those idiotic racists in the wild west. Somehow it didn’t crack it for me and a few of my readers, so I went out hunting again.. and this time I found some more anti Sarah Palin t shirts, bermudas, shorts, CDs and other merchandise. Not everything satiated my hatred for her, so here’s a selection of stuff I recommend for you.

Go on, take you pick!

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Pittsburgh news: Mccain volunteer Ashley Todd mutilated after attack! Shame!

Ashley Todd - Mccain supporter - Assaulted
Ashley Todd – Mccain supporter – Assaulted

Ashley Todd, 20 was attacked at Bloomfield, Pittsburgh. This happened when she was getting some cash from an ATM, the police said. A mirror image of the alphabet “B” was carved into her face in a ruthless way. Ashley Todd, who’s a republican supporter, volunteering for John Mccain in this 2008 election was robbed and mutilated.

Channel 4 reported in the Action news program that Todd was robbed near Liberty Avenue (pearl street) just before 9pm after being threatened to be stabbed by a person carrying a knife. Diane Richard, reporting for Channel 4 confirmed that she was robbed of 60 dollars.

The robber, it’s claimed, saw the Mccain supporting label on Ashley Todd’s car and used a tool to write B (mirror image) on her face. The “B”, as is obvious is being widely believed by a Barack Obama supporter. Ashley Todd was also punched and kicked (the image makes the dark circles around her eyes very clear).

Surprisingly, Ashley Todd refused to be treated for her wounds when asked by the police. Hopefully, the entire incident has been record on CCTV cameras and the guilty will be punished. The culprit, reported a male, was a black man, very tall (about 6 feet 4 inches) weighing about 100 kgs and with brown eyes. He was wearing a black undershirt, shoes and perhaps a dark colored jeans.


Ashley made this story up – Read comments for more.

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$150k on clothes, makeup, hair – That’s Sarah “hockey mom” Palin for you!

You’re a Hockey Mom if: “Your life is about Hockey, and also about being a Mom, partner, and woman.” Yes, that’s what Sarah Palin was before this election campaign.

Ever after being chosen as John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin has experienced the following changes in her life:

1. A taste of limelight – Sarah Palin has literally become an overnight celebrity (I personally think that’s all credit to her extremely intelligent (pun intended) ideas and point of views)

2. The campaign jet!

3. A safe future – She won’t really have to worry about finding another job once Obama is elected. There will be many TV channels willing to use her as THE judge with stupid comments (out of many) on a TV show. Just like you have Simon Cowell being mean to to contestants on X factor for example.


3. A $90,000 wardrobe including a $2500 Valentino outfit, $3000 Louis Vuitton hand bag and $3000 for hair styles and makeup.

A dream for most hockey moms, Sarah Palin’s red jackets don’t come from her home in Alaska, plush hair dos and fancy makeup doesn’t come from her pocket. It’s all coming from the Republican National Committee – The account you republican supporters fill up! Add to this Sarah Palin’s recent shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue worth US Dollars 75 thousand and 50 thousand respectively. Whoooho!! Who remembers the embarrassment John Edwards faced after his 250 dollar haircut? Sorry John, we were wrong, we didn’t know Sarah Palin then!

Guess how much Ms Sarah Palin is provided per week to spend on her wardrobe, makeup and hair dos?

A whopping 37 thousand 5 hundred dollars per week.

Yes, Mr McCain, that’s more than an average plumber’s yearly salary!

If you’re as annoyed as me on this utterly useless spending, then there’s some relief – John Mccain’s spokesperson Tracey Schmitt said:

With all of the important issues facing the country right now, it is remarkable that we are spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses. It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign.

Hope that makes all of us feel better.

And if you thought that’s all, here’s some rule breaking. Sarah Palin has been exposed on various occasions spending campaign money on her son Trig’s baby ware. This amount totals many thousand pounds.

Campaign rules #1 – Use of campaign funds NOT ALLOWED for personal use!

Are we just going to stand here and do nothing about it? Are we still going to vote Mccain despite all this law breaking and utter waste of our money? (haha).. well, who cares.. When it’s Sarah Palin in question, there’s bound to be stupidity!

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TV Host Terry Anderson’s 39 points degrading Barack Obama. What the hell!

After Mccain has said a lot about Obama, and so have a hundred other people, all making news, the last thing you’d expect a country to need is a talk show host jotting down a 39 point list (note 39.. how precise) and then making news. Happens only in the US.

Well, here’s what terry Anderson had to say about Barack Obama anyway. in what Anderson calls the “not exactly” list:
(My very brief, to the point list):

  1. Obama: ” Selma March Got Me Born”
    Anderson: not exactly, Selma came into your life in 1965.
  2. Barack Obama: “My father was a goat herder”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, he was well off and worked with the Kenyan government.
  3. Barack Obama: “My father was freedom fighter”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, because he worked with the government of Kenya, he was involved in one of the most corrupt governments.
  4. Barack Obama: “My family has ties with the freedom movement”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Raila Odinga, your cousin has attempted corruption and disrupting fair elections in 2007, he contended for the post of president, and tried to enforce Sharia law, destroyed Christian homes, churches and killed people. Worst all, Obama support him.
  5. Barack Obama: “My grandmother was born a christian, and always has been”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, shes one of 14 wives of a man, which is against Christianity and she performs ger Salat prayers at 5am everyday.
  6. Barack Obama: “My name’s origin is Swahili (African)”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Barak means blessed in Arabic, Hussein is Arabic and so is Obama.
  7. Barack Obama: “I don’t practice Islam, nor have I ever”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you practiced Islam at school, and you were enrolled a Muslim for 31 years .
  8. Barack Obama: “My Indonesian school was Chistian”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you were registered as a Muslim. ( So??? )
  9. Barack Obama: “I was fluent in Indonesian”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, none of your teachers confirm that.
  10. Barack Obama: “Because of Indonesia, I have relevant foreing expereince”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you stayed there for 4 years between the ages of 6 and 10 and learnt nothing but Koran and cartoons.
  11. Barack Obama: “I’m strong on foreign affairs”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, no, you’re not because you’ve only been to middle east, indonesian and Africa. (how lame is that ? )
  12. Barack Obama: “My ethnic confusion can be blamed on elderly drug use”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you never brought up Kenya when in high school.
  13. Barack Obama: “An Ebony artcle made me run for the office”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, the article doesn’t exist.
  14. Barack Obama: “An article in the life magazine changed my life”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, this article doesn’t exist either.
  15. Barack Obama: “I won’t run in 2008, on a national ticket”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you are running now.
  16. Barack Obama: “Its common to vote president in illinois”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, only for you, not everyone has 130 “present votes”.
  17. Barack Obama: “Oops I misvoted”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, only when caught by Democrats and Christians, did you bother to change.
  18. Barack Obama: “I was a law professor”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you were a senior lecturer on leave.
  19. Barack Obama: “I was a constitutional lawyer”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, as mentioned above, you were just a senior lecturer on leave.
  20. Barack Obama: “There wouldn’t be an ethics bill if not for me”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you didn’t introduce, write or create it.
  21. Barack Obama: “It was hard to pass the ethics bill”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it took only fourteen days.
  22. Barack Obama: “I also wrote a tough nuclear bill”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was rejected by your own party because of its negligence.
  23. Barack Obama: “my state records are released”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, state bills still haven’t been released.
  24. Barack Obama: “I handled the mess at Asbestos Altgeld Gardens”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was a large number of people, but you’ve mentioned just yourself.
  25. Barack Obama: “The economics bill by me will help America”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, your bill, which was a collective of your 111 economic policies lost 99 to 0 and you voted against it too.
  26. Barack Obama: “I’ve been a bold leader”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, your supporters don’t believe that.
  27. Barack Obama: “I passed 26 of my bills in 1 year”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, they weren’t your bills, just the ones handed to you.
  28. Barack Obama: “We didn’t contact Canada about NAFTA”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, The Canadian govt has released names and the conversation your campaign had.
  29. Barack Obama: “I’m against terrorism and tough on it”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Your friend Ali Abunimah supports Israel’s destruction and you missed the Iran resolution.
  30. Barack Obama: “I want all votes to count”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, earlier you had asked the delegates to decide?.
  31. Barack Obama: “I want the Americans to take decisions”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you prefer small time periods, confuse voters and force a public vote.
  32. Barack Obama: “In state Senate, i passed 900 bills”
    erry Anderson: not exactly, only 26.
  33. Barack Obama: “I don’t believe in tactics, only fairness”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, Alice palmer was removed because of your tactics.
  34. Barack Obama: “My father was a goat herder”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, he was well off and worked with the Kenyan government.
  35. Barack Obama: “I don’t take money for PAC”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you do, loads of it.
  36. Barack Obama: “1984 advertisement has nothing to do with my election”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was made by your campaign worked on his Apple, Mac.
  37. Barack Obama: “I am and have been against Iraq’s policies”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you’ve been voting to fund Iraq and weren’t in office to to vote against.
  38. Barack Obama: “I support Universal Health Care”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, you plan leaves Americans to pay 15 million, people who don’t have money to buy.
  39. Barack Obama: “Auschwitz concentration camp was freed by my uncle”
    Terry Anderson: not exactly, it was done by the Russian army and your mother had no brothers.

What do you think? Its not only very surprising, and not only do I not believe a word Terry Anderson says anyway, but a real shame for Mccains campaign, which despite millions spent on degrading Obama, was never able to confirm these facts. I’ll be looking out to get more news on this, and possibly a comment from Barack Obama’s campaign.