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Sexiest babe Sandra Taylor in a wet t-shirt on Howard Stern show! Pics

I’ve always loved the Howard Stern show, to the extend that everytime I log on to DailyMotion, that is my first search. The guy’s a lucky basta**!! Look at the girls he’s got on to his show and what he has made them do..

Well, I guess all previous records are now broken. My fav Sandra Taylor (Sandi Taylor or Sandy Taylor or Sandi Korn with love) was on his show and this is what she got up to – Getting all soaked in a wet T shirt with her friend Alana (not sure is its the right spelling). I guess she wanted to promote something and Howard Stern make it sound like she was one of the usual guests. Sandra, as usual was very sporty and down to earth. Will post the video as soon as I get my hands on it!

There are 100s of blogs out there with photos of Sandra Taylor, but I guess few have the ones from Howard Stern this morning:

Here are some exclusives that I almost died searching:


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